Bridging Trades – Safe Section Changeover: Roofing Technology – Vegetation Technology

Cover of "Bridging Trades"Even the best laid Green Roof plans can go wrong if the underlying roof is not prepared to meet demands. Therefore, the International Green Roof Association (IGRA) has developed a new guideline, "Bridging Trades – Safe Section Changeover: Roofing Technology – Vegetation Technology". The content of the IGRA Guidelines is made up of two main modules:

The guideline is not only designed for Green Roof installers and roofers. It is also designed for architects, planners and developers who can take advantage of the practical and legal references.

The online version of the brochure is available as free download.


Green Roofs – Bringing Nature Back to Town

Cover of IGRA Congress ProceedingsThe present publication contains contributions of 33 experts from 10 countries giving an overview of the present state of green roofs and pointing out perspectives of using green roofs in respect of balancing building energy, rainwater management, environment and climate protection, and green building concepts.

Architects, engineers, landscape contractors and gardeners will offer practical expertise on how to successfully plan and create a green roof – from a simple garage landscaping to a 30,000 m² landscaped park. The chapter "An International Comparison of Funding and Support Programmes for Green Roofs" provides an overview of political incentives in Germany and on an international level. For the first time the vast knowledge and experiences of German landscape architects, engineers, researchers, landscape contractors and urban planners are made accessible to an English speaking readership.

The elaborately designed book (190 pages, coloured) is available in English or German language and can be ordered for 39,80 Euro + shipping. The website contains an order form as well as the list of authors and some extracts.

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