15 Amazing Apartment Patio Ideas on Budget

Are you looking for a space outside your house to receive sunlight and for recreation? An apartment patio in your home is a great place to relax and enjoy that early morning, where you can sip your cup of coffee or gently puff your cigars in the evening.

Decorating these patios and styling it to fit your needs can be daunting, especially when you’re on a budget. Because of its typically small size compared to detached patios, you need to properly manage this space so you can fully utilize your patio.

I’ll be showing you 15 ideas on how to convert your balcony into a comfortable patio without burning a hole in your pocket.

Apartment Patio Ideas

1. Use Stylish Rectangular Plant Boxes

Rectangular Plant Boxes

Are you looking for more privacy in your patio because of your nosy neighbours? Then these rectangular galvanised charcoal planters will give you the privacy you desire while also giving your patio a modern but elegant look. You can try out different colours of these planters to get the perfect one for you.

2. Use a Small Table

a Small Table
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If your patio area is small, you should use a small table to maximise the space. Getting a hanging table can help utilise the space in the patio. You can decide to make a little table yourself to save cost. Place the table in one corner of your patio area with two comfy chairs and small plants in pots. This will create a minimalist patio area but with still a wonderful feeling.

3. Use Retractable Covers

Retractable Covers
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If you’re looking to protect yourself from sunlight, a protective cover will work best for you. Get a retractable cover you can use whenever you want shade or privacy. These covers can be gotten at reasonable prices from stores near you. This cover will also help your furniture to last longer as direct sunlight on it will be reduced.

4. Full and brightly colored patio

Full and brightly coloured patio
Source: apartmenttherapy.com

With minimalist patios the order of the day, you can stand out while still enjoying a beautiful patio by using colorful sittings while cramming in the chairs, tables and plant boxes. This idea allows you to put more things in your patio without sacrificing quality.

5. Relax and Grow Your Plants

Grow Your Plants
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Are you a budding horticulturist?  You could turn your patio into a pet project workspace. Use as few chairs as possible while placing plant boxes in different areas in the patio. Naturally, an area with plants is more conducive for relaxation, and this will make your patio even more soothing.

6. Use a Curtain

If you’re looking for privacy, you can make use of curtains to cover your patio whenever you feel like. You can open the curtain when you want to enjoy the breeze and close it up from nosy neighbours when you need privacy. This is an inexpensive patio idea as old curtains can be used, you can also get decent curtains from local stores near you.

7. Beautify your Patio With Hanging Objects

Beautify your Patio With Hanging Objects

Make your patio more beautiful by hanging plant boxes, paintings or designs on the wall. You can make use of pictures from your home to save cost. These hanging objects create a homely feeling, even though your patio is outside, you’ll feel comfortable.

8. Make Use of Rugs

Make Use of Rugs

Using matching beautiful rugs will increase the appeal of your patio. Rugs also make the place seem more prominent as it creates a uniform floor design. Use designs and colors that match the house painting, chairs and or pillows. After placing your rug, place your chairs, table as you normally would. Remember to use minimal furniture, so there is room for movement in your patio.

9. Use Weather Friendly Furniture

Weather Friendly Furniture

Remember, your furniture will be outside and will be subject to harsh weather conditions. You must keep that in mind when selecting furniture for your patio. Chairs and tables made of wood, metal and plastic are encouraged as they’re able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

10. Grow Rising Plants

Rising Plants


Not only will this increase the appeal of your apartment patio, but it’ll also provide you with the necessary cover from nosy neighbours and ensures your privacy. It is an alternative to having curtains in your patio. Growing rising plants is still a budget-friendly patio idea. 

11. Use Suitable Lighting 

Your patio area needs suitable lighting, especially at night. Now, there are different means to lighten up your patio; one of the most budget-friendly is the use of LED bulbs. These bulbs are energy-saving bulbs which will not add too much on your electricity bills. You can also make use of candles for a more romantic patio area.

12. Make an Interior Extension Patio

an Interior Extension Patio

This design aims to create a semblance of the interior of your home. Here, you get to enjoy your patio while having a feeling of being inside your house because of the comfort and beautiful designs around. Make use of a beautiful rug, matching chairs and table.

13. Use Even Less Furniture 

Do you have a tiny balcony? There’s still a design that you can use. You can use even less furniture when designing a small balcony. Cover the floor with a beautiful soft rug, having pillows at the edges you can use to relax your head and back, and have shallow tables to keep your drinks or books. You can simply lie or sit on your rug using the pillow for comfort while enjoying the scenery from your apartment patio. No space, no problem.

14. Make a Pallet Sofa

a Pallet Sofa

Making a pallet sofa yourself is an inexpensive option for full patio comfort.  You make use of any DIY pallet instructions to create a pallet and place pillows or sofa gotten from a local store. Line plants in their boxes around the patio area, then use low lighting bulbs to create magical scenery, that’ll be visible at night.

15. Multipurpose DIY Furniture 

Source: shape and explore

This is a multipurpose furniture set that you can easily make using simple DIY guides. This furniture provides a sitting area alongside a storage space below it, which can also be used as more seats. There are also plant shelves at the top and fake grass turf to beautify the patio.

Using any of these patio ideas will take your balcony and turn it into a beautiful patio you can enjoy with family and friends. You can try out more than one idea to see which will best suit you.

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