20 Amazing Arizona Backyard Ideas to Choose From

Truth be told, we can’t all have state-of-the-art gardens-but an amazing Arizona backyard is very achievable. What’s more, the size rarely mater. Achieving colorful, fun, and the ‘dream’ Arizona backyard ideas usually depend on your design skills and your DIY prowess. If your know-how wants, seek help from a landscape professional to help make your outdoor space achieve its potential. However, we recommend that as a last resort, especially if you are on a budget.

A backyard is one of the most vital spaces around your home; having the right design is guaranteed to make it extra enjoyable. The modern Arizona backyards are synthetic grass that resembles pave a patio, bright pergola, and desert plants. That can still be redecorated to get the kick-ass results you desire. With a little creativity, there’s so much you can do without digging holes into your pockets. Here are 20 amazing Arizona backyard ideas to prove it. Hopefully, they’ll help you get the most out of your backyard.

1. Rock and Stones

Rock and Stones

The beauty of this Arizona backyard idea is its low-maintenance costs. In fact, you can do it without coughing up any penny. Anyway, with rocks and stones naturally available in varied shapes, sizes, and colors, what would you expect? Gather some rocks and arrange them in a pretty way. Within no time and depending on your creativity, your ‘dull’ backyard will be transformed into a relaxing, amazing Arizona backyard. If collecting rocks and stones isn’t your thing, buy them online.

2. Wood’s Edge Patio

Wood’s Edge Patio

This vast Arizona backyard idea is a perfect description of a traditional patio. It has a broad lawn, pavers, and stepping stones that lead to another outdoor seating area. The Wood’s Edge Patio provides a brilliant vantage for enjoying your large yard as it transitions into woods.

3. Floating Bench

Floating Bench

If you love economizing space, you ought to love this backyard idea. It enhances optimal use of your yard, allowing for vertical gardens. Plants such as African lilies, large alluviums, and Japanese maples are best for this setup. For extra fun at night, think of a zigzag floating bench with some hidden illumination. To avoid any crush, let the planting beds take after the shape of the bench.

4. Construct a Sauna

Construct a Sauna

How do you fancy this Arizona backyard idea? Well, a single or two-person sauna can greatly turn a lackluster backyard into a visually interesting landscape. Having a free-standing sauna will eliminate the need for frequent ventilation of your interiors. If you’re a DIY enthusiast with upfront skills, you can use your prowess to construct a unique structure that adds untold beauty to your garden. Your creativity and imagination is your only limitation.

5. California Modernist

California Modernist

This exquisite backyard idea clearly proves that accentuating color palette with a tone of a tree at the middle can make your backyard space memorable. Start by choosing an outdoor fabric of a peculiar color, offbeat, and then spotlighting chic materials. Match the exterior with the interior of this Arizona backyard idea. 

6. Make It Multipurpose 

Make It Multipurpose

In case of space limitations, consider designing your backyard in a way that makes multi-usage possible. For instance, this design has a romantic chilling spot, dining space, and a gorgeous garden all in one. It’s evidently cozy. Hopefully, this will inspire you to design your backyard to become accommodating of your many ‘wishes.’ A well-designed multipurpose Arizona backyard is all you need to make your dream backyard a reality.

7. Pergola and Privacy

Pergola and Privacy

Occasionally, we all need some privacy. This Arizona backyard idea is guaranteed to offer that if and when needed. If you wish to put up an outdoor kitchen or living room, stay assured that it will provide the needed privacy and shelter. Don’t you think that his set would also feel intimate while you’re spending with your significant other! You may need to accentuate it with succulents and your preferred plants for an extra heavenly touch.

8. Water Feature or Fountain

Water Feature or Fountain

Who doesn’t love the sound of water trickling down a fountain? What about the soothing splashes, especially during the summer! Nothing beats a fountain in bringing forth a sense of relaxation to your backyard. What’s more, it’s a focal point for your design to dress up a section of your patio. Be keen to add to its untold beauty by adding your favorite plants around its vicinity. Also, you can use the water feature to design a sitting and relaxation area. ‘Good life’ is made of this.

9. Outdoor BBQ and Kitchen

Outdoor BBQ and Kitchen

We can’t talk of Arizona backyard ideas without mentioning this. Undoubtedly, this idea will transform and lead to an impressive backyard that your neighbors will envy. Install a customized BBQ, complete it with fridge, counter space, drawers for utensils, trash areas, you name it. If possible, extend the indoors outside from your house towards your garden. Put up a gazebo and patio for an unrivaled backyard that will be an awesome place for outdoor entertainment.

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10. Paver Patio

Paver Patio

An extended patio is a hot trend in Arizona backyard ideas. It has proved to be the long-awaited solution to typical concrete. This idea is actualized by creating a patio from pavers with walk paths from your house. Needless to say, you can creatively come up with intimate locations to enjoy your backyard more. Additionally, you can always expand your patio for a great entertainment area; this depends on your space. Paver Patios are guaranteed to please everyone, thanks to their variety of colors. What’s more, they are durable, and the fact that pavers are priceless means the project won’t cost you the earth.

11. Add Statement of Greenery

Statement of Greenery

If your patio is small, a daybed helps it to play its cool. Have smart furniture that’s cozy and can allow for several people. Add your favorite greenery and a few outdoor throw pillows for impact and color. Apart from making your Arizona backyard amazingly gorgeous, this also creates an illusion of a larger backyard.

12. Be Resourceful

Be Resourceful

This goes to the space-constrained backyard die-hards. Yes, a balcony can also be a great Arizona backyard idea. Don’t let your dream of owning a backyard be killed by your lack of humongous space. Turn your balcony into a small garden and then grow varied plants. Be keen to leave a space for a coffee table and a stool with pillows and throws for more warmth and comfort. Haven’t you called it a day!

13. Don’t Overdo Things

Don’t Overdo Things

What’s your take on the backyard idea of a sleek yard bench under a tree? Isn’t that sufficient to complete the look? With a comfy shady spot, a bench, and a couple of colorful throw pillows, you’re good to go. 

14. Fire Pit

Fire Pit

This Arizona backyard idea can be as small or big as you wish. It can be customized for gas or wood-burning and be molded into any shape. If you cherish a traditional touch, use varied materials for the top and sides and then accentuate it with cultured stones for a more ancient look.

15. Hang String Lights

Hang String Lights

Nothing makes an Arizona backyard feel magical than romantic string lights. They add loads of functional value. Incorporating this idea will make even the rustic wooden furniture extra cozy, especially when layered with throws and set beside a fire pit. String lights will prove to be a real highlight for your backyard. 

16. Install a Misting System

Install a Misting System

If you are a summer resident, this Arizona backyard idea will be one of the best investments you can make. Having a professional misting system around the patio or the pool will accrue you with untold comfort and cooling all year round. 

17. Pool Area Paradise

Pool Area Paradise

This Arizona backyard idea depicts a backyard space that shows the flair of its location. It’s made in non-skid textured tiles and customized with concrete to resemble a swimming pool. The wall is made of teak that has pops of glass tile to help take advantage of the local scenery. Who wouldn’t cherish such a pool in the backyard! Having such in your backyard is a guarantee to ever enjoyable summers.

18. Arizona Backyard Vegetable Garden

Arizona Backyard Vegetable Garden

Mark you, never leave your backyard empty. Creating a veggies garden from it will not only enhance its design but also serve practical needs. Think of growing your vegetables in raised boxes; you’ll thank us for it.

19. Opt for Gravel

Opt for Gravel

This minimizes the maintenance costs. Unlike grass, gravel doesn’t require frequent upkeep. Also, you can save your precious time in doing other things instead of always thinking of cutting the grass. What’s more, gravel results in a rustic yet relaxed look that impresses all.

20. Modern Highlands

Modern Highlands

This idea is a perfect way to rethink your layout. The point here is simple and consistent with its adage ‘old is gold.’ Its geometry and wide layout will prove handy for loves of midcentury modern aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

Backyards ought to be a cozy retreat where everyone can unwind after tormenting chores. Hopefully, the above Arizona backyard ideas will come in handy and help you make your vision of having an amazing Arizona backyard a reality. 

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