12 Fabulous Backyard Pavilion Ideas in 2023

Sometimes you just get tired of being indoors and crave an outdoor feeling that is still comfortable. Long periods in the summer can make staying indoors hellish. You just need to get out to feel the air. Enters the pavilion. Aesthetically pleasing and soothing for hot weather, these Backyard Pavilion Ideas would give your backyard a whole new meaning.

A pavilion is an outdoor structure made with wood, metal, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, or stone. It is mostly open at the sides to let in enough air.

This can be a standalone or attached to a building, whichever way, you’re sure to get a fantastic view while enjoying the cool breeze outdoors. The pavilion is very similar to the gazebo and pergola; the significant difference is that it has a covered roof, unlike the pergola, and it is usually larger than the gazebo.

If you’re wondering why you should get a pavilion, its uses are numerous. A pavilion can serve as an extension to your kitchen. A good spot for parties, lounges, and get together with friends or just a place to cool off in your garden after the day’s job.

Backyard Pavilion design

Your backyard can even have more than one pavilion depending on its size. You can have a small one for your patio or deck and a larger one in your garden.

A pavilion will protect you from the elements, and if appropriately designed with your home and garden structure in mind, your yard will be a sight to behold. You will need to add a fire pit or a heating system to keep you warm during cold periods.

I’m going to be showing you exciting Backyard Pavilion Ideas that range from DIY to professionals-only concepts. These ideas will cover the different materials you can use to set up your pavilion.

1. Pavilion And Pergola Combination

Pavilion And Pergola Combination

Instead of having a pergola or a pavilion, why not have both. If space is not a problem in your backyard, then you should consider this pavilion-pergola combination that uses wooden stands and a metal roof for the pavilion and wood for the pergola.

All of them sitting pretty on a base made with blocks. Add a 10-seated dining table, a fireplace, and comfortable cushion to the mix and you have a delightful area.

2. Minimalist Pavilion Idea

12 Fabulous Backyard Pavilion Ideas in 2020

Who said a pavilion has to be big? Minimalistic lovers know the value of simplicity and size. That is why ideas like this incorporate bold yet straightforward design ideas.

This small Minimalistic Pavilion Idea matches the minimalistic nature of the building at the side.Wood, metal, and poly-carbonate roofing set this pavilion apart from the rest. A bold sitting area made with wood is put at the corner of the structure.

3. Tropical Pavilion

Tropical Pavilion

If you have a tropical garden and want a matching pavilion, then this Asian themed Backyard Pavilion Idea will serve you well.

It is positioned right in the thick of your garden and sits on an elevated concrete floor with a wooden frame and a thatched roof.

A wooden chair frame and pillows alongside the wooden table gracing the end of the pavilion complete this tropical idea. If you like some more privacy, you can add a white curtain to the pavilion.

4. Modern Backyard Pavilion

Modern Backyard Pavilion

The need to have a matching pavilion and home structure cannot be overemphasized. This idea perfectly mirrors that point by using a modern design and like materials with the home by the side.

This architectural beauty is my style!

Warm lights make the pavilion irresistible at night and a perfect night party location. A deck below the pavilion matches its ceiling and the home’s design.

5. Wooden Backyard Pavilion With Grey Fittings

Wooden Backyard Pavilion With Grey Fittings

Wood is easy to install and also inexpensive, that is why a wooden pavilion is a massive draw for homeowners seeking an outdoor space without having to break the bank.

This Backyard Pavilion Idea is set overlooking an outdoor dining table with a grey finishing that creates a natural feeling. The outside of the pavilion is painted grey while the indoors carries a soothing white color. Comfortable cushion and tables line the inside of the pavilion.

6. Pavilion-Kitchen Combination

6. Pavilion-Kitchen Combination

Do you have a large backyard space and are looking to bring class into it? This pavilion-kitchen combination adds both functionality and style to your yard—an extension of your kitchen and a cozy structure to relax with friends.

The kitchen and pavilion are both designed with beautiful stone slabs.

The pavilion is made with metal and a tiered metal roof: a low concrete flooring, a white curtain, and brightly colored cushion complete this pavilion.

7. Streamlined Concrete Pavilion

Streamlined Concrete Pavilion

This is another minimalist design that uses just concrete to create the full pavilion area. Eight concrete pillars hold the concrete roof in place over a tiled base.

Potted succulents kept at the edges make the space lively, while the warm light makes the ambiance more beautiful. A low hanging bulb over the dining table further enhances the magical nature of this simple design.

8. Standard Pavilion

Standard Pavilion

This is a standard Backyard Pavilion Idea made of simple concrete frames and matching roofing with your home sitting on a low concrete floor.

This Backyard Pavilion Ideas matches most home designs and doesn’t need much to set up. It is a popular choice among homeowners because of its pure nature, and its ability to blend into the backyard without stealing the shine off your home or garden design.

9. Hex Bell Roof Pavilion

Hex Bell Roof Pavilion

This is the direct opposite of the standard pavilion. It’ll be the center of attraction in your garden, and it’s no surprise, as its hex bell roof, and classic pillars makes it a unique structure to have in your garden.

The finishing makes the look more of royalty than anything else.

White painting, warm lights overlooking some simple furniture and beautiful roses highlighting the entrance, this pavilion idea has it all.

10. DIY Terra Cotta Pavilion

DIY Terra Cotta Pavilion

If you’re looking for a DIY weekend project, then you’re at the right place. This pavilion idea is less complicated than the others and can be completed by someone with very little carpentry expertise.

The terra cotta roof makes it sophisticated while the bare wooden stand keeps it simple. Its blend of simplicity and beauty makes it a go-to design for DIY lovers. It is made with a high base that carries a mattress for your comfort.

11. Small Wooden Pavilion

Small Wooden Pavilion

Homes with very little backyard space might find it challenging to add a pavilion. But this Backyard Pavilion Idea makes it a lot easier to have your pavilion, no matter your yard space.

This simple wooden pavilion is small enough to fit into most small yard spaces and is made with wooden chairs attached to its stand to remove the need to add a large cushion to the already small area.

12. Portable Metal Pavilion

Portable Metal Pavilion

Metal sheets are also an excellent choice for making pavilions due to their durability. This is a portable pavilion idea that can take any position in your garden while being big enough to accommodate a decent number of furniture. Sheer drapes are added as both sunshades and privacy tools.

These Backyard Pavilion Ideas will match different home designs and structures. You can handle some of the ideas on your own with little design knowledge, but most of them require the help of experts. Pavilion may be expensive to construct, but they’re both functional in the home and pleasing to the eyes.

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