30 Charming Backyard Pond Ideas

Sometimes growing only greens would not be enough to make your backyard landscape pop. A water feature and or pond may be the difference between a dull and uninspiring backyard and enchanting scenery. In this feed we have Compiled a list of Enchanting Backyard Pond Ideas that you will love.

Some years ago, getting a backyard pond idea that will exactly suit your needs would be almost impossible due to the limited number of design ideas available. Right now, the story is different.

There are hundreds of different water garden ideas to cater to your particular situation, whether you have a small backyard or you’re looking for an inexpensive DIY idea you can do with the family.

The benefits of having a pond in your backyard are numerous, from encouraging wildlife to a soothing relaxation spot for you and your family. So, without a due lets begin.

30 Backyard Pond Ideas  that you will Love:

backyard pond ideas

1. Oval-Shaped Clinical Pond

Oval-Shaped backyard Pond ideas

This pond fits nicely in a large backyard, and its vantage position right in the center of your garden will surely attract visitors’ attention.

This pond has a reliable center designed with gravel and empty vases; this solid center creates the idea the water is moving in a circular motion.

2. Stone-Paved Bridged Pond

Stone-Paved Bridged Pond

This backyard pond ideas involves a unique bridge over a small area of your pond. This bridge gives you access to the other part of your garden while also increasing the area’s aesthetics.

The bridge here is the center of attraction, and it is made of stones paved nicely and painted in catchy color.

3. Layered Container Garden

Layered Container Garden

Now, this is quite different from the regular backyard pond. It makes use of containers in different layered structures in such a way the water is trickling down. The trickling water sound creates a calming presence in your garden.

This water feature does not have any aquatic life. It is perfect for people that do not want the struggles of catering for animals but still want to enjoy the looks.

4. Stone-Lined Pond

Stone Lined backyard Pond ideas

This small pond takes a corner in your backyard and is lined by stones and boulders. If you have a rock garden, this idea will fit in nicely.

The stones lining the pond form both a barrier and border for the pond.

5. Backyard Corner Pond

Backyard Corner Pond

No garden? No problem!

Many homes do not even have space for a garden, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a fish pond in your backyard.

This water garden idea uses just a tiny corner of your backyard for an elevated fish pond. The pond is made with bricks that match the flooring of this backyard.

6. Sloppy Land Pond

Sloppy Land Pond

Do you have an even or sloppy landscape? Why not use this water feature to beautify and utilize the topography?

Because of the land’s nature, the part of the pond in the elevated land would be in the ground. In contrast, the other part would be elevated above the ground, creating a unique pond structure in your backyard.

7. Zen Backyard Pond Ideas

Zen Pond

Gray materials and green plants characterize this shallow pond. The naturally cut rocks in the pond copy the Japanese pond style and symbolizes peace and tranquility. 

The whole area carries a Zen-like aura around it and can be a place to relax while reading a book.

8. Bespoke Garden Pond

Bespoke Garden Pond

This pond with sharp corners and straight lines moves away from the traditional curved garden ponds. The edges are lined with paved concrete, and the pond serves as a barrier or border to the other garden.

The greens around it and in the water blend it into the surroundings.

9. Waterfall Koi Pond

Waterfall Koi Pond

This mini waterfall enters a large koi pond and is kept clean and flowing with the help of a hidden pump. This keeps it ideal for your koi fishes to thrive.

The borders of the pond are lined with large boulders, which enhances the appeal of the pond.

10. Hexagonal Water Garden

Hexagonal Water Garden ideas

This hexagonal water feature is home to not home to fishes but lilies and other plants. The water feature sits between a decked wooden floor and a rich green lawn.

If you’re looking for a simple yet outspoken design, you should consider having this water garden.

11. Traditional Brick Pond

Brick backyard Pond designs

Sometimes you may be looking for a more traditional design to grace your garden. This brick pond idea is home to both water lilies and fishes.

The brick border extends on the floor as pathways while a bronze statue is sitting pretty on the brick border side.

12. Flagstones Backyard Pond Ideas

Flagstones backyard Pond designs

Flagstones and polished stones make the boundary of this pond with a small waterfall. Clean and clear water makes the living things in the water, especially the beautiful koi fishes pop.

There is a seamless blend of the pond and the surrounding due to the polished stones surrounding it.

13. Multilevel Trailing Stones Pond

Multilevel Trailing Stones Pond

This backyard pool ideas has small ponds on different levels, all overflowing into a larger pond at the base. The idea uses a large area typical in a country home and involves large rocks.

The landscaped garden growing on either side of this waterfall is another strong pull.

14. Deck Pond

Deck backyard pool ideas

Do you know you can install a pond in your deck garden? It involves cutting your deck and installing a pond. Depending on the type of pond, this idea may be a little expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment as it brings your pond close to you.

15. Swimming Pond

Swimming backyard Pond ideas

The term swimming pond may even be odd for some people, but it is a real thing. You can get both worlds; a swimming area and a pool. This idea involves a 3-foot-deep regeneration area with plants and aquatic life and a 6-foot-deep swimming area.

You can also sit on the deck with your feet in the water while enjoying the cool evening breeze.

16. Stock Tank Pond

Stock Tank Pond

If you’re looking for a less permanent and more flexible solution, this backyard pond idea will fulfill your heart desires.

Here, a stock tank is filled with water and plants in containers placed in the water. You can add the fishes you like while having the luxury of changing the pond’s location whenever you want.

17. DIY Fish Pond

DIY Fish Pond

This is for all you DIY lovers out there.

A DIY pond idea right in your backyard will not only reduce the cost of setting up the pond but also provide a bonding activity with the kids. Map out a small space, and dig the shape of the pond you would want. Plaster the inside of the hole and allow it to set.

18. Large Water Garden with Water Friendly Plants

Large Water Garden with Water Friendly Plants

This is a large human-made flowing water garden with lots of water plants to soften the space and appear more natural.

The heaps of rocks in different places along the path of this water body are unintentional sitting areas. Plants like lilies, cardinal flower, water mint, taro, and iris will thrive in the water garden.

19. Stone Wall Pond

Stone Wall backyard Pond ideas

Stones with warm tones are used to design this backyard pond. The pond has a series of waterfalls made with large stone slabs.

The plants around the waterfall complement the stones and help to make the pond look natural.

20. Hillside Waterfall

Hillside Waterfall

This elaborate waterfall flows from the hill over and beside several rocks and finally pouring into a small pond at the base. 

The rocks used in making the pond matches those used in the retaining wall, while the top of the pond provides a sitting area.

21. Corner Garden Pond

Corner Garden backyard Pond

Do you have a small area with only a corner garden? No problem, you can still enjoy a pond in your yard. 

This pond sits at the corner of your yard and uses the small garden by the side to blend its look.

22. Lily Pad

Lily Pad

Small garden pond with waterfall and water plants covering the area. This pond is designed with rocks arranged, so they fit. The lily pads on the surface of the water make for a more natural look.

23. Elaborate Stone Wall Waterfall

Elaborate Stone Wall Waterfall

This multilevel landscape is magnified with the waterfall lined with warm-colored stones.

It is quite an elaborate water garden design that will likely cost you a lot to set up. Carefully placed plants around the water garden make it even more enchanting.

24. West Coast Rock and Waterfall

West Coast Rock and Waterfall

This natural-looking waterfall and pond are beautified with the flat stones used around and water trickling down the large boulder by the side.

25. Illuminated Backyard Pond Ideas

Illuminated Backyard Pond ideas

This pond idea is fitted with several lights of different hues and is a beauty to behold at night. This area will make a great night party spot with the beautiful fishes further captivating the pond.

26. Simple Minimalistic Pond

Simple Minimalistic Pond

This is a minimalistic backyard pond idea with minimal features. This design is perfect for minimalistic homes and structures.

A simple deck area and stone wall covering the area with a cabana pool by the side.

27. Curved Shallow Pond

Curved Shallow Pond designs

This shallow pond sports the traditional pond design with curved edges. The pond is the center of attraction in the neat garden with a carefully made lawn.

The water plants in the water try to blend the pond to its surrounding.

28. Green Backyard Pond Ideas

Green backyard Pond

This, like the previous backyard pond ideas, is a pond located in the middle of your lawn area. The green color of the water blends into the green lawn area.

One part of the pond is decked while the other part is lined with stones of different sizes.

29. Terracotta Colored Pond

Terracotta Colored Pond

Your pond is supposed to match or be in perfect contrast to your surroundings. This design is no different. It matches the terracotta hue around it with terracotta-colored stones in the water.

30. Mosaic Pond

Mosaic Backyard Pond ideas

This backyard pond ideas is shaped like a coffee bean and is designed with a mosaic border on one side and a rocky border on the other side.

The pond is shallow, with a few green plants in it.


Your garden will take a new dimension with any of these backyard pond ideas or water gardens.

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