15 BBQ Party Games Ideas For Adults

There’s nothing better than playing outdoor party games with your friends or family on your garden. Getting all sweaty from clean bbq party games is very refreshing. Looking for bbq games for adults? Fret not. We’ve compiled a collection of 15 BBQ Party Games Ideas For Adults. These fun barbeque party games are made for everyone to enjoy. There are a combination of outdoor party games you’ve probably played and others you may never have heard about. All will make your bbq party the party to remember.

1. Giant Jenga

If you think Jenga is fun, you should play Giant Jenga. This is the ultimate party game for adults. The timber blocks are its main attraction. When the blocks are crashing down, ensure you shout out timber since the massive stack is no joke. What’s more, you can DIY this garden game. You just need cut the blocks into your preferred Jenga-sized pieces, do sanding and put on a finished coat. This may take some time to finish but it’s worth it. 

2. Connect Four Yard Game

This game idea is FUN! Who didn’t play Connect Four as a kid? Whenever I play it I get nostalgic memories and start feeling a kid again. Not a bad thing, isn’t it? It’s made for all ages and is often forgotten until you have the huge board for yourself. You can DIY this barbecue game in four hours. However, you need intermediate tool skills to be ready for some fun. The most challenging bit is normally the laying out of the holes, but with a hole saw and a drill bit you should be good to go.

3. Four Legged Team Races

This bbq party game idea provides loads of fun and it’s great for large gatherings in your garden. It is played by four people in each team at a time. However, you can bend that rule. It is so much fun and provides a great chance for teamwork. Undoubtedly, you’ll enjoy racing towards the finish line.

4. Toppling Tug-of-War 

Put a bbq party worth remembrance by elevating this outdoor bbq game. It’s played by players standing on upended cartons located 6 to 12 feet apart. The players then attempt to force the other side off their crate by pulling or relaxing a rope.

5. Human Pinata Chase

Human Pinata Chase

For this barbecue party games, you simply need some old t-shirts, snack sized candy and a glue gun. That’s not too much to ask, right? Prior to the start of the party, make the shirts using the glue gun then attach the snack-sized candy. Have some people in the bbq party put on the shirts. Those become the human piñatas. The others start to chase the human piñatas and try to grab the candy. The reward of candy motivates everyone and makes the game overly hilarious. 

6. Human Ring Toss

Human Ring Toss

This is an absolutely fun barbecue party game that’s very friendly for your garden. It’s one of the awesome BBQ party games ideas for adults. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can DIY it for outdoor party or even indoors. Many view it as an engaging version of the classic ring toss game, only that its rings are giant and are normally tossed on to the partiers. Simply get about ten 36 inch inflatable pool tubes and decide on the most appropriate distance to toss from. Find out who possesses the best tossing skills in the bbq party while enjoying your garden.

7. Keep It Up Balloon Game

Truth be told, it’s not an indoor or outdoor party without balloons. This BBQ party game Idea for adults offers untold fun. Despite being part of party decorations, balloons provides extra fun through the keep it up balloon game. The one who manages to maintain the balloon up for the longest time emerges the winner. You’ll love seeing your partiers get caught up in the game as they try to win it.

8. Cornhole

Evidently, this is the bbq game invented for the garden. There is no barbecue, casual get-together or camping trip that can be complete without it. The players alternate in while throwing the corn kernel bags at a hole of a raised platform. 

As fun at it may look, constructing your own is not a walk in the park. If possible, have the lumber cut at the store as that will simplify your work. You’ll need power tools, blueprint and some intermediate craftsmanship. The outcome will be worth your efforts. There are also bragging rights for constructing one and it’s also a great gift for your friends who don’t have a set.

9. Glow-In-the-Dark Bowling

Glow-In-the-Dark Bowling

Wants a fun barbeque party game to play with friends in your garden? The Glow-In-the-Dark Bowling will be great game idea to give a try. This is probably the only outdoor party game made for the after-block-party moments. It’s provides hours of electronic-free nightmare for partiers as they run through the garden. What’s more, it’s easy to set up. All you need is eight empty water bottles, kid’s pet hamster ball and a couple of glow sticks. Once set, toss in the glow sticks to light things up and you’ll be ready to bowl. 

10. Ladder Golf

This game idea is fun for all ages. Also, it’s easy to make. In fact, the DIY Ladder Golf is sturdier than most of the plastic ones at the store. To make one, you need 2x4s or 4x4s, washers, bolts, plywood, dowels, and some screws. Within no time, you be set to challenge your friends. Despite their diverse tastes, your partiers will enjoy to play a few rounds of this awesome bbq game for adults. 

11. Ring Toss Yard Game

 Ring toss is a simple yet very enjoyable barbecue party game. It involves the tossing of rings around a peg, stake or bottle. It’s a very brilliant BBQ party game idea for adults. Additionally, it can be enjoyed by kids, it assists them enhance their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Ring Toss Yard Game is harder than it looks though, but it’s worth a try. You can buy this barbeque game or make your own. It’s an awesome game idea for a garden party.

12. Life-size Foosball

Life-size Foosball

Have a big bbq party in your garden? Great! Chances are you have enough players to handle this barbecue party game. The Life-size foosball is very interactive, entertaining and one of the best outdoor party games to ever exist. Everyone can enjoy it, from your kid to the grandpa. Its setup is incredibly easy, you just require a particle board, planks, and PVC pipes. Your garden will never be the same.

13. Yard Game Tic Tac Toe

As far as party game ideas go, playing tic tac toe into your garden carries the day. You just require some ropes and brightly painted cut-outs of letter Xs and Os. You can even choose to replace the traditional X and O with the cut-outs of your choice. The players then takes turns in marking the Xs or Os. The player who gets three consecutive diagonal or straight marks wins the game. Give it a try in your next bbq party, the parties will have fun. 

14. Hilarious Bigfoot Game

Hilarious Bigfoot Game

This is a hilarious game idea for either kids or adults. You can play it as an indoor or outdoor party game. One guarantee, however, is that it you’ll have fun both making the game and playing it. To set up this fascinating game, you need a giant box that you can cut up, a pair of flip flops, plastic balls, and a tape. It’s played by racing one another with the ‘bigfoot’ taped to your flip flops. Undoubtedly, this barbecue game will provide memorable photos and enjoyable moments for all.

15. Potato Sack Race

As a kid, this was my all time favorite. Thankfully, sack race, alias gunny races, is still a hoot today. Simply get a burlap sack that reaches the waist of every participant and allow sufficient space for them to hop towards the finish line. Try pairing kids with adults and see how it ends, you’ll surely enjoy this wonderful barbecue party game.

Party Parting Shot

Engaging in playful activities during your adulthood is a great way to build social bonds, lower stress and improve cognitive functions. This is more than what the phone does for you, isn’t it? So, what’s preventing you from grabbing one of the above outdoor party games and let the good times roll on! Let your partiers giggle until the party ends with the above barbecue party games.

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