12 Beautiful Deck Garden Ideas in 20232023

With more people moving to the cities, deck gardens are evidently becoming more popular. Sadly, only a lucky few of this lot get a proper garden space. Many avid gardeners are left with no outdoor plot to claim. We’re here to encourage you not to give up hope. In this article you will find some amazing Deck Garden Ideas. Regardless of the limited space, you can still grow a deck garden and enjoy watching it thrive.

Whether you’re out to add newly discovered hobby to your quiver or you just have a green finger, a beautiful deck garden is a great thing to have. With proper ideas and planning, it surprisingly allows for large amount of tasty and organic veggies regardless of the space of your deck. What’s more, the layouts and configuration of decks from the house they’re attached to are only limited by designer’s imagination. However, be keen to consider weight restrictions, remember that presentation is paramount and always aim to maximize sunlight.

That said, if you’ve decided to make great use of your deck by having a beautiful deck garden, hold on to your hat. We have compiled what we believe to be the ultimate 12 beautiful deck garden ideas in 2023. They will certainly help you come up with more growing area. Hopefully, these deck garden ideas are going to inspire you to successfully grow your deck, despite any space limitation.

#1.Vertical PlantersVertical Planters

These are supreme space-savers. Remember the maximization of sunlight issue we mentioned at the start? Vertical planters in your deck garden are the ultimate solution. They’re pretty versatile and handy for veggies that require more sunlight and less soil. If you’ve thought of growing a variety of herbs and veggies, this is the most ideal idea. It looks amazing, doesn’t it?

This idea minimizes your space requirements while maximizing your greenery output. It’s normally confused for a pallet garden, only that vertical planters are better built and looks more refined. We recommend that you construct them from natural cedar, that way, they tend to age more gracefully on your deck.

Vertical planters also best provide for drip irrigation systems. As such, the need to water each tire and root rots is minimized. Undoubtedly, this is a well- thought idea for plants such as lettuce, parsley, oregano, basil and potatoes. However, be keen not to transplant tomatoes with less aggressive plants, their roots are more aggressive and likely to outdo other plants.

#2. Have Multi-Tiered PotsHave Multi-Tiered Pots

This idea provides for growth of different plants at once. They make lots of sense especially for people with limited space. You must be creative with what you have to make these planters shine. Though they were originally intended for growing strawberries, these stackable planter pots are ideal for growth of varied types of plants. They can either hang from a chain or sit on the ground thus providing untold space-saving advantage.

Having these planters allows a flow-through irrigation system thus reducing the watering durations. The only downside of this idea is that despite allowing vertical growth of plants, some plants such as carrots and potatoes that require large planting spots won’t thrive in them. However, they’re a good size for a most other plants. What’s more, in case you get bored with growing veggies, you can always replace them with flowers.

#3. Deck Under The Shelter of a TreeDeck Under The Shelter of a Tree

With some extra detailing, you can utilize the tree within your deck to make it extraordinary. This guarantees it loads of visual interest and variety of experiences. Have horizontal detailing of the home’s space repeat on the deck for untold level of experience. You can even consider using the tree branches for collection of pretty containers or bird feeders, the choice is yours. Undoubtedly, this deck garden idea will offer inspiration for variety of hot extras in your garden. Importantly, considering that the deck is around a tree, let there be enough free space to let the tree grow freely.

#4. Recycled Plastic Wall Planter PocketsRecycled Plastic Wall Planter Pockets

This beautiful deck garden idea provides a great opportunity to grow herbs on the wall. It can work anywhere you hang it and there are varied alternatives if this specific model prove not to be your thing. Simply hang this fabric wall planter in a spot with enough sun and enjoy the fulfilling sight of seeing your herbs such as mint, basil or oregano thriving.

As you’ll see, it requires very little of your valuable deck space. This deck garden idea will accrue your lots of positive vibes from your guests, thanks to its amazing looks. We would suggest hanging it from a wall or a railing on your balcony. If you’re a DIY die hard, you can easily make one with a sewing machine. However, be keen to have a ready drainage to avoid overwatering that may kill your plants.

#5. Table PlantersTable Planters

This deck garden idea is the ideal description of attractive, easy and accessible. A perfectly made table planter is any deck gardener’s dream. It does not only provide a great fit on your balcony but also gets you enough room for a good amount of soil. With intermediate craftsmanship, you can easily construct one, put sufficient soil in the planter and see your greenery thrive. Does this picture tickle your desire? Go for it.

We recommend that you build it to waist high so that you don’t have to hurt your back bending over while tending to it. Have a soil depth of approximately 10 inches so you have sufficient depth to plant in. Most greenery should do well in such. Having such on your deck will make it worth a look.

#6. Modern MaximModern Maxim

This beautiful deck garden clearly shows that less is more. If you’re the kind of person who loves outdoor fun, privacy and shade, this deck garden idea if grown well can offer that. Here, the view of your garden from the deck provides heavenly fulfillment just as the view of the deck from your house. You can even accentuate its look with a sleek fireplace somewhere within, depending on your deck garden’s use. For ultimate connection between the outside and inside, let the deck be at the same grade with the house with outdoor lights depicting the shift from the house to the deck. A beautiful grown deck garden with a touch of modern maxim will make stepping right out of your house a vacation.

#7. Potato BagsPotato Bags

If you love growing root vegetables and spuds, this deck garden idea is meant for you. Being a root vegetable, potatoes require a sizeable amount of soil, which may make growing them within your deck a bit tricky. However, potato bags provide a perfect solution to this problem. These bags are light yet strong enough to support soil and plants. Their material is breathable and also allows for drainage of excess water, thus preventing overwatering.

However, when growing on a deck garden, ensure you sterilize your soil. This helps eradicate bugs. You might need to put the bags in a waterproof container to avoid leakages from damaging your deck. Undoubtedly, these inexpensive and recyclable bag planters will accrue you a good yield of potatoes.

#8. Shutter Mason Jar Herb GardenShutter Mason Jar Herb Garden

This deck garden idea features reclaimed or old shutter pallets, a few mason jars, your favorite herbs and hose clamps. Any DIYer can quickly put this in place thus causing a total transformation of the deck garden. Simply have 2 inch layer of drainage, add potting soil and plant your desired herbs. Drill an opening on the mason lids or simply remove them for your plants to some out. Finish by attaching the mason jars to the shutter using the hose camps and then be careful not to overwater since there are no drainage holes. The resultant warm deck garden will provide a relaxation setting for your garden.

#9. Ladder PlanterLadder Planter

Whether you’re a DIY aficionado or enthusiast, you ought to try out this DIY ladder planter for your deck garden. It does not only offer great garden space but also offer greatest solution when growing more plants in a deck garden.

#10. Rustic SeatingRustic Seating

This minimalist deck garden idea transforms an intruded garden into a welcoming centre for your garden meetings. With no railings, the rustic seating provides an unrivalled contrast with its surrounding. Its warm wood tone is a clear depiction of stylist minimalist shape. We recommend that you consider a specific color scheme and then spice it up with outdoor lounge furniture and planters. Such lovely balance coupled with the amazing space with interest is guaranteed to draw any eye.  Finally, make interesting angles and lines in your seating arrangement in order to have the adventure feeling hanging in your deck garden’s atmosphere.

#11. Rock GardenRock Garden

Yes, you read it right. This deck garden idea is a wonderful yet unique layering technique. In as much as you can buy the rocks, collecting them from your surrounding may prove more inexpensive for you. There are myriad of ideas on how you can do a rock garden within your deck garden. Evidently, deck gardens normally feel very impending next to buildings. Set up the rock garden around it, use a combination of plants and see yourself turn the edges of the building into a soft view in the beholder’s eye. We suggest you have dwarf plants to break the hard lines of walk paths next to the building.


#12. Water Wonderland Viewing AreaWater Wonderland Viewing Area

How do you fancy this? Well, for those of us who grew up around a water source, the importance of creating a Zen atmosphere can’t be overemphasized. Water creates a heavenly sense of life, serenity and movement to your deck garden. If possible, let there be some fish. Who wouldn’t love to look at the water in your deck garden and watch the fingerlings swim?

Wrapping It Up…

As we told you, never let your space limitations shut your dreams of having a beautiful deck garden. We hope you’ve already made up your mind and settled on any of the above deck garden ideas. These will see you grow your favorite greenery without having the need to drag a garden hose while watering. So, what are you waiting for? Implement your deck garden idea and let your imaginations run wild. Within no time, you’ll be eating healthy, deck garden-grown food while enjoying its looks.

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