5 Best Robot Lawn Mower Reviews 2023

Suppose you are tired of having to push around a noisy gas-powered lawn mower every weekend but still want to keep the grass in your yard short. In that case, you should consider getting a robot lawn mower. It gets the job done perfectly, and with minimal noise, so you get to enjoy the mowing. 

All you need is to set it up, and it will work for you.

Here are five robot lawn mowers that we think are the best for you.

Best Robot Lawn Mower

Image Product
Worx WR150 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower (Up to ½ Acre)
Automower 430XH Robotic Lawn Mower
Robomow RS630 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower
Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower
Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower

1. Worx WR150 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower (Up to ½ Acre)

Worx Landroids are some of the best robotic mowers in terms of overall value. This particular model can mow up to half an acre of lawn. With a starting price of $1,199.99 on Amazon, the Worx Landroid L packs some fantastic features.

Before using it, you must first install the boundary wire in your yard. Everything you will need to install the boundary wire will come in the kit, and the whole process should take around 4 to 5 hours. You can then charge it and let it begin the work.

The Worx Landroid has a rotating disk with three blades, a cutting width of 9”, and a cutting height of 1.6” to 3.9”. Suppose you are worried about collisions in your yard. In that case, you should include the anti-collision system (ACS) to help your unit avoid and detect obstacles. This feature will nonetheless cost you an extra $249.99.

If your lawn has a slight slope or bumps on the surface, this mower will keep performing up to a 20° pitch. You also need not worry about the grass on the edges of your lawn since the Worx Landroid L can cut grass up to 2” close to the edge of the border. It can also comfortably navigate the tight spaces of your yard better than any other entry point robotic mower.

Despite having a rain-resistant body, the Landroid has a sensor that allows it to detect rain and return to the charger until the rain stops and your lawn is dry. If the rain still worries you, you can buy a Landroid Garage for your unit, which will cost $146.94.

With a 20V 4.0Ah battery, it will take you an hour 30 minutes to fully charge this Landroid. Once full, you will get about 2 hours of runtime, which is pretty good.


  • Silent at 64 dB.
  • The power source can be easily replaced since the mower is compatible with all Worx 40v and 20v tools.
  • User-friendly installation.


  • Professional installation is unavailable for those that may require it.

The Worx Landroid L20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower comes with a 3-year warranty and will cost you a total of $1,596.92 when bought together with the Anti-Collision System and the Landroid Garage. Overall, it is ideal for those who want a robotic lawnmower but do not want to spend too much.


2. Automower 430XH Robotic Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna 430XH is the best premium robotic lawn mower in the market. This robotic mower has a working area capacity of up to 0.8 acres. It retails at a starting price of $3,199.99 on Amazon.

The Husqvarna 430XH is designed to ensure maximum convenience for the user. It seamlessly connects to your smart home’s Alexa or Google Home system. Therefore, you can give commands to the mower at the comfort of your couch.

Being a truly GPS powered robot lawnmower, it receives data from satellites. It uses it to map your garden limits and determine its mowing pattern. The mower can detect your yard’s uneven sections and concentrate on them, thus giving you evenly cut grass.

This Automower model has three pivoting blades with a cutting width of 9.45” and a cutting height of 2” to 3.6”. The mower has a unique cutting system that clips the grass a little at a time. In the process, it fertilizes the soil like a mulching mower. It is built to deliver even in terrain with bumps and obstacles; it can intelligently maneuver around obstacles, tight spaces, and sections that slope for up to 24 degrees.

It will take you around 50 minutes to fully charge the 18V 5.0 Ah battery on the mower. Once fully juiced, the Automower lasts for 145 minutes. For increased visibility in the dark, this model has LED headlights. The lights will also notify you when there is something wrong with your unit.


  • An intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • It is weather-resistant; the robotic mower can work in the rain too.
  • Professional installation by a Husqvarna professional installer when needed.
  • The lawnmower is very silent; you probably won’t hear it working.


  • Expensive.

In general, the Husqvarna 430XH Robotic Lawn Mower for those with a medium to a big lawn requires constant mowing. Spending $3000 on a lawnmower sounds a lot. Still, if you want a robotic mower that meets all your heavy-duty needs, this Automower is simply the best.



3. Robomow RS630 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

This robotic mower from RoboMow goes for $2,199 on Amazon. It can effectively cut grass in yards that are up to ¾ of an acre large. Setting up the boundary wire, like with any other robotic lawnmower, will be the most challenging task. Once that is complete, you can now set up your mowing schedule and enjoy a hands-free mowing experience in your yard or lawn.

One of the best features of the RS630 is its dual blade with a 22” cutting width that is extremely efficient and effective. The mower can therefore cut close to the border edges better than most robot mowers. With the RS63O, you no longer have to worry about wide borders around the cutting area.

You will also get to enjoy seamless connectivity, especially if you have a smart home. The mower boasts of Alex integration that will allow you to instruct it on voice command. The personalized mobile app will also let you manage the mower anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone.

The RS630 can also be programmed to mow different zones of your lawn. You can therefore get a custom cut for each zone according to your preferences. When rain falls, an integrated rain sensor will instruct the Robomow to return to the base station. Once the weather conditions improve, the mower will automatically resume working on your lawn.

This model performs well on an uneven surface and can handle slopes of up to 20 degrees. When it encounters an obstacle, it will immediately stop and redirect itself around the obstacle. For safety purposes, the RS630 automatically shuts off once it is lifted or tilted. Therefore, you can trust that your pet or child will be unharmed after encountering the unit.

As an anti-theft measure, the model allows you to program your pin and prevent any unauthorized startup.

Getting the unit fully juiced up will take you around 90-110 minutes. With a 26V, 6 Ah battery, the RS630 will mow for about 80-100 minutes before the unit automatically directs itself to the recharge station. When on eco mode, this mower has a 66dB noise level and a 72dB level when on a high load.


  • Quiet motor
  • Weatherproof
  • Is a powerful cutter
  • Has minimal maintenance costs
  • Anti-theft and child safety system


  • Expensive
  • Installation will take time
  • No professional installation is included

The Robomow RS630 is a great robotic land mower for people with large yards and lawns.


4. Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower

Going for $1,599.00 on Amazon, this robotic mower has a working area capacity of 800 square meters. The Gardena 4069 comes with a charging station, everything you will need for installation, and a detailed instruction manual.

Setting up the boundary wire will take you around 2 to 3 hours, after which you can get started with the robot. There is a control panel with an LCD and keypad that lets you set the robot’s mowing program.

The robot mower uses three pivoting razor blades with a cut height of 20-50 mm and a cutting width of 6.7 inches. Depending on your preference, you can use the rotary knob to adjust the cutting height.

The mower moves in a random pattern to ensure a uniform mow and does not leave lawn stripes. It has sensors that allow it to detect obstacles. Once it comes into contact with one, the Gardena R80Li will gradually reverse and change direction. The unit can handle a maximum incline of 25% inside the working area.

The robot mower also has a couple of safety and anti-theft features. The tilt sensors prompt the unit to automatically shut off its motor when lifted off the ground or tilted. There is also a STOP button that lets you shut it down with a press. For anti-theft purposes, this robot enables you to use a PIN to prevent unauthorized use. It also has an alarm system that wards off burglars.

The Gardena R80Li does not have rain sensors and will therefore keep mowing under any conditions. It will take you around 50 minutes to fully charge the unit, after which it will mow for about 65 minutes. Once the battery level drops to a certain level, the robot mower finds its way to the docking station and automatically recharges.


  • Has a very Quiet motor (60 dB)
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Zero emissions
  • Weatherproof design


  • No rain sensors
  • No remote control
  • No mobile app connectivity
  • No GPS tracking

The Garden R80Li is a good mower for anyone with a small to medium lawn. Its random grass cutting pattern will give you that perfectly manicured garden that you desire.


5. Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower

To cap off this impressive list is an excellent entry-level robotic mower from Husqvarna. The Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower mows up to 0.4 acres and retails at $1 019.70 on amazon. Once the unit is delivered, you have the option of working with a professional installer or doing the installation work yourself.

Once installation and startup are complete, you can now program your mowing schedule. The mower uses three pivoting razor blades with a cutting width of 22cm and a cutting height of 2- 3.6 inches. There is a knob that allows for quick and easy adjustment of the blades cutting height.

The Husqvarna cuts the grass so that it fertilizes the soil like a mulching mower would. Included in the packaging are 6pcs of extra blades for replacement purposes.

The mower connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, giving you full control from a range of up to 30 meters. Therefore, you can easily command the mower and adjust its settings without necessarily having to come into physical contact with the mower.

The Husqvarna 115H lacks GPS mapping and thus relies on an algorithm to move around your yard. Therefore, it is tough for the mower to navigate through narrow sections, but it will use the guidewire to find its way. The maximum incline within the mower’s working area is 17 degrees; hence it will comfortably work through the average lawn’s bumps.

With the 115H, you can schedule your mowing at any time of the day or night since it is weatherproof. There are also a few security features included in the unit. These include a PIN code to prevent unauthorized access and a theft-deterrent alarm. Therefore, the security of your unit is guaranteed.

For safety purposes, the Husqvarna 115H has a tilt sensor and a lift sensor that automatically shuts it off if the mower is lifted or tilted. It has a typical charging time of 60 minutes and will mow your lawn for about 60 minutes after a full charge.


  • Price includes professional installation
  • Runs in the rain
  • Can handle slopes of up to 30%
  • Has a quiet motor.


  • Does not support GPS
  • No cellular or Wi-Fi connections.

For people with simple lawns, this Husqvarna Automower is an excellent entry-level mower.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Robotic Lawn Mower

Given the high initial costs of robotic mowers, you want to get the decision right when buying one. Therefore, before buying your lawnmower, there are several features that you should consider. If your device of choice ticks all boxes, then that is the best robotic mower for you.

Ease of Use

The initial set up of any robotic mower will be particularly challenging. Setting up the boundary wire or configuring your lawn’s boundary into the unit’s GPS navigation will take a couple of hours. Nonetheless, the initial setup’s hustle does not bother many people. Still, you can always go for models that include professional installation.

Once the installation is complete, you want using your robot to be easy. Go for the model that will require minimal work from you after the initial set up.

Smart Perimeter Control

Depending on the mower’s brand or model, it will either use GPS or a boundary wire to set its operations’ limits. Whether you have to program the mower to operate within your yard or bury a boundary wire a few inches underground, you have to trust the perimeter control mechanism before buying a unit. An efficient perimeter system will ensure your robot does not go wandering into your neighbor’s yard.


How much lawn can the mower of your choice cover? The standard range of most robotic mows is between ¼ and ½ of an acre. Therefore, the range of the robot should be on par with the size of your yard.

Quality of Cut

The main purpose of buying any lawn mower is to get quality cuts on the grass in your yard. An excellent robotic mower should come close to mimicking the cut quality of a traditional mower or even do better. Therefore, check the mower’s minimum and maximum cut height, and ensure that it is according to your preference before deciding to buy.

Other models will also shred the grass into fine cuttings that remain on the ground and act like natural fertilizers. This will promote a greener lawn, and you also won’t have to follow your unit around with a rake.


Kids and pets are naturally curious and will try to explore the unit at some point. Therefore, having a proper safeguard in place is paramount. Most leading robot brands will have an auto-shutoff feature and child lock.

Edging Ability

You do not want to spend hours doing touch up work on your lawn after your robot has passed through. Therefore, the robotic mower of your choice should be able to do proper edging to give you a truly hands-free experience.

Weatherproof Tech

If you want your investment safe, the robotic mower of your choice should have smart weatherproofing. While weatherproofing is still a long way to go, most established brands are at least rain resistant.


Depending on the size of your property, you may not have a completely flat yard. Therefore, you will want a robotic mower to handle the slight bumps and slopes in your property.


The question surrounding most robotic mowers is whether they work and how long they will keep working. A good robot should keep working at optimum condition for a long time, and most of these big brands will. This will also depend on the robot’s maintenance requirements. A robot that is low on maintenance and durable over time is great.


Price is an essential factor for most buyers. Today, the cost of most robotic mowers is quite high. You will want to go for a model within the bounds of your budget, although the more you play, the more features you will enjoy.


How Often Should I Use my Robotic Mower?

How often your mower works in your yard will depend on some factors. These include your preferred height of grass and the type of grass on your lawn. Some grasses grow faster and will thus require more frequent mowing than other grasses. If you want your grass at a consistent height, manufacturers will recommend that you let the mower work every day.

You can program your preferred schedule into your unit, and it will automatically follow it. 

Can the Robotic Mower Keep Working while it Rains?

Whether or not your mower can work under the rain will depend on the model. Some models will keep working no matter the weather conditions, including rain. If you live in an area that experiences frequent showers, it is important to get a rain-resistant mower.

If you can’t afford one, most robotic mowers come with a rain sensor. The sensor sends the unit back to its dock when it starts raining; thus, you don’t necessarily have to constantly keep an eye on the weather.

What is the Battery Life Robotic Mowers?

On a full charge, the typical robotic lawn mower will work for about 60 to 90 minutes. Some advanced models can last for up to 2 hours before automatically returning to the charging station. How long your mower lasts on a full charge will depend on the model, the terrain of your yard, and the type of grass.

The life expectancy of the mowers’ batteries is usually around two years.

Will I Need to Buy Accessories for my Robotic Mower?

Most models will come with everything you need to set up your mower and get it working. Others offer separate accessories that you can buy to enhance your user experience.

Can I Control My Unit Remotely?

Having full control over your robotic mower without leaving the comforts of your couch is a cool feature. Some brands will let you do this from your smartphone, while others will integrate into your smart home network and give you voice control. Although there are robotic mower models that lack remote control, it is a useful feature to have.


Having a robotic lawn mower takes your yard maintenance to a whole new level. You can keep your yard tidy even while still at work, and your weekends will be free. Therefore, getting one is an excellent idea. We hope that this guide will help you select the best robotic lawn mower for your yard.

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