10 Gorgeous and Easy DIY Corner Garden Ideas

A well-designed corner garden is so beautiful but it can also boost the curb appeal and increase value of your home in case you need to sell it.

As any gardener can attest, a gorgeous DIY corner garden requires a bit of in-depth thought, research, and most importantly hard work (it is more than just haphazardly placed flowers, shrubs, and benches).

corner garden ideas

Despite the fact that you can hire a landscape designer to help implement your corner garden idea, doing it yourself increases the pleasure you derive from it thereafter. What’s more, it can save you a big deal, considering the hard economic times. Coming up with a gorgeous DIY corner garden is fun and only depends on your design skills and DIY enthusiasm. 

Garden corners are often overlooked. We pride in such a platform where we can spread our expertise and knowledge in matters on proper utilization of such places. Inspiration is paramount when implementing your corner garden idea. Here are 10 gorgeous and easy DIY corner garden ideas that will hopefully turn your space from a forgotten corner into an enviable focal point. 

1. Put in Privacy Plants

Put in Privacy Plants

Plants can be grown for myriad purposes. If you wish to keep your garden private but don’t have enough time to add a fence, put in privacy plants instead. Bushy trees and shrubs provide greenery as they grow and will be a great option. Get creative with them. The privacy plants are guaranteed to provide freshness especially during summer.

This easy DIY corner garden idea adds simplicity, freshness and comfort to the surrounding. Not only does it provide symmetry but also lets the variety of plants and flowers blossom, making the garden look fresh and colorful. What’s more, it won’t coast you the earth to have such a gorgeous garden corner. You just need a little patience to see the plants thrive.

2. Have different textures

Have different textures

This mixture of textures is many gardeners apple pie. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most financially savvy ideas you can implement. Simply mix stones and wood to give your corner garden new life and beautiful detail. It not only enables you save money but also the maintenance is inexpensive over time.

It can serve as a great alternative to grass. You can have a mixture of stone and wood serve as materials to build benches, paths or other structures. Regardless of the size of your garden, this corner garden idea adds a separate seating area thus an extra nice relaxed vibe.

3. Give it a pop of color

Give it a pop of color

Who doesn’t love flowers! While benches are a gorgeous option to accentuate your corner garden, flowers are a fantastic way to add color to it.

They add a charm and focal point that’s guaranteed to draw anybody’s attention. Although this is only a small corner garden, its gorgeousness is a dream comes true for any gardener with a green thumb.

Simply start small by growing own seed beds and transfer them with time to help your realize the potential of your corner garden. 

4. Put up a multipurpose shed

Put up a multipurpose shed

With intermediate craftsmanship, will and a few hours, constructing a shed around your corner garden is a walk in the park. The shed can be a great place to entertain friends, family and yourself while also providing multi-purpose solutions.

For instance, you can use it to store furniture during the winter then as a bar for garden parties during the summer. What’s more, it’s great for barbeques, family gatherings and garden parties.

The natural surroundings adds an element of mother nature.  Hang plants and hanging lights from the roof for untold experience during the cocktail hour.

5. Make a Cozy Nook

Make a Cozy Nook

This corner garden idea lets your garden be a haven from the craziness of this life. Depending on your taste, you can add a nook and grow variety of ornamental shrubs to make your garden pop. A nook accrues you some serene space perfect for enjoying your novel or morning coffee.

Its minimalist design has unrivaled harmonious effect. The seats complement the plants well, isn’t it? So, what’s making you not implement your idea into such a gorgeous yet easy DIY corner garden? You can also use gravel in place of grass. Be creative and see the corner of your garden realize its potential.

6. Go Vertical

Go Vertical

This is a perfect garden idea when you don’t have tons of space at your disposal. Your old pots and pans would come in handy, chances are they could provide alternative planters. This paradise-like garden will elicit the feelings of a nature-walk within your own garden.

The lovely deck wall and the comfy sitting area will also serve you the desired privacy for you and your significant other. Simply drill a few drainage holes at the bottom then repot your plants.

For both garden aficionados and amateurs, this idea should be walk in the park. It just calls for your creativity and will. Luckily, where there is a will there is a way, bet you’ll get it right easily.

7. Trellis It

Trellis It

This is another space saver. Add vines for a cooler and relaxed atmosphere in your garden. This corner garden idea is a fantastic approach of transforming your limited space into something bigger. Mix the flowers with a balance of trees to make it more amazing. The addition of seating area makes it more inviting.

Undoubtedly, nothing say ‘welcome’ better than such a grand corner garden set-up. Thinking of implementing this design, be keen on the height of your plants. To make them more appreciated by guests, let tall plants be at the back while the shorter ones are at the front.

8. Add Sound

Add Sound

Among all the corner garden ideas here-in, none makes your corner garden calmer than having a peaceful waterfall inside it. While you can have all kind of sounds in your garden, ranging from rustling of leaves to birds chirping, the sounds of a water fall are more heavenly. The idea here is simple yet consistent with modern aesthetic.

Simply recycle some PVC pipes, sizable containers and arrange your set-up as shown above. Obviously, you can fine tune it to your taste and preference, the end justifies the means. Undoubtedly, this corner garden idea will transform your garden into vibrant space with ‘healing’ sounds and frequent heavenly splash especially during summer.

9. Squeeze in a Seat

Squeeze in a Seat

Don’t have a ton of space or benches aren’t your thing? Squeeze in a chair and maybe a table for a nice spot to drink your morning coffee or tea. Accentuate the color of your seating area by having colorful cushions and think of matching greenery to add color to your garden.

10. Make Homemade Stepping Stones

Make Homemade Stepping Stones

This corner garden idea will help you in connecting the various components of your lawn. Buying stepping stones is a bit pricey, luckily, creating gorgeous homemade stepping stones is not only rewarding but also easy and fun. With some cement, shovel, a bag of marbles and a few other items, you’re good to go.

Pour the cement onto a cardboard box, add the marbles and let them dry for gorgeous stepping stones with DIY touch. After they dry, arrange them in your desired style and you’re set to go.

So, why increase your expenses by buying stepping stones whereas you can easily make them and beautify your corner garden? It beats logic, isn’t it!


Does your garden look a little lackluster and in need of some love? The perfect time to tackle your garden’s corner space is now. Pick any of the above gorgeous and easy DIY corner garden idea and breathe new life into your garden. Regardless of the idea you fall in love with, be keen to add functional elements to make it more entertaining for your guests.

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