17 Amazing DIY Drip Irrigation Systems for Your Garden

Irrigation is an essential aspect of gardening. Plants need water to grow, and the exact way you water your garden can have adverse effects on your plants. 

Drip irrigation is one of the many irrigation systems and involves watering your plant directly at the roots. Do you have plants that need a minimal amount of water over a long period? Then this system would be perfect for you.

Drip irrigation system helps to save water as the water is channelled directly to the base of the plant. It also helps to reduce fungi diseases like powdery mildew since the water does not touch the leaves.

Buying an already made drip irrigation system for your garden can be expensive, if you’re looking to save cost and have fun while doing it, you can follow any of the 17 DIY Drip irrigation ideas I’ll be showing you here.

1. DIY PVC Drip Irrigation System

DIY PVC Drip Irrigation System

Using PVC pipes to set up your drip irrigation is very straightforward and requires minimal effort. PVC pipes can be used for both small scale and large scale farms. This DIY guide is easy to follow and is beginner-friendly.

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2. Ollas Gardening Pot

Ollas Gardening Pot

Ollas is a relatively new initiative that involves putting clay pots into the ground with the top shooting out of the earth to enable easy refilling of the pot. When this pot is put into the ground close to your plants and filled with water, it continuously leaks water from its body. This is an exciting drip irrigation method as it takes the water right to the root of the plant; you do not have to worry about weeds.

3. Using Leftover Milk Jugs

Using Leftover Milk Jugs

Do you have leftover milk jugs in your house? Do not throw them away. This DIY irrigation system makes use of used milk jugs to water your plants. Drill tiny holes into the base of the jars then put most of the can inside the ground, leaving a small portion outside to enable refilling. The water will keep leaking into the soil and irrigate the plants.

4. Plastic Bottle and Rope Drip Irrigation System

Plastic Bottle and Rope Drip Irrigation System

This DIY guide will put into use all those plastic bottles you have lying around in your homes. It makes use of ropes to drip water from the plastic bottle into the ground. This guide is easy to follow as everything you need is shown clearly.

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5. Indoor Plants Watering Wick

Indoor Plants Watering Wick

Do you have indoor plants you’re wondering how to water gently over a long period? This simple irrigation system will water your indoor plants if you’re planning on travelling. Buy a long wick and cut into decent lengths, put one end into a pot of water and the other end into the plant pot.

6. Drip Irrigation for Raised Garden Bed

Drip Irrigation for Raised Garden Bed

This is perfect for raised garden beds. The drip irrigation makes use of a hose to water your plants. The water drops into the soil from emitters in the tube. This may seem like a difficult system to make, but this guide will put you through all you need to know.

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7. Easy Soaker Hose System

Easy Soaker Hose System

This soaker hose system will drip water directly to your root, which will eliminate fungi diseases on your leaves and also reduce the problem of weeds. This is easy to set up the system, but it may take you up to two days to complete. Follow this guide to build yours.

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8. DIY Drip Irrigation for Potted Plants

DIY Drip Irrigation for Potted Plants

This drip irrigation system takes care of potted plants. It can continue to water your plants while you’re on vacation as it uses gravity to water your plants. Setting this up is easy, and this guide shows you how to do that.

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9. Drip Irrigation for Balcony Gardening

Drip Irrigation for Balcony Gardening

This can water plants you have in your balcony. Makes use of a bucket filled with water and channelled using a pipe into your plant pot in your balcony. Make sure to put the bucket on a high place so the water can flow freely.

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10. Plastic Bottle Drip Irrigation

Plastic Bottle Drip Irrigation

This design uses old plastic bottles to water your plants. Simply cut open the base of the plastic container, attach a cover will holes and fix into the ground. Fill the bottle with water and let the water drip in continuously. Continue to refill the container when the water runs out. This is perfect drip irrigation for smaller gardens.

11. Drip System Using Clear Vinyl Tubing

Drip System Using Clear Vinyl Tubing

If using PVC pipes for your drip irrigation needs is too expensive and permanent for you, then this vinyl tube design will work well for you. Not only is it cheap, but it is also easy to assemble. This guide shows you how you can get yours up and running within a day or two.

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12. Above Ground Drip Irrigation Using Plastic Bottles

Above Ground Drip Irrigation Using Plastic Bottles

This is another plastic bottle drip irrigation system. However, this system is different as it waters from the top of the soil. Perfect for irrigation before germination and for watering plants with shallow roots. Sticks are used to steady the plastic bottle above ground while the drilled covers drip water onto the soil.

13. Bucket Irrigation system

Bucket Irrigation system

The bucket Irrigation system, just like many others leaks water to the base of the plants. Simply drill holes into the bottom of the bucket and bury a decent portion of the bucket into the ground. Fill with water and let the water drip out and into the soil, watering your plants continuously.

14. Rainwater Barrel and PVC Pipes Drip System

Rainwater Barrel and PVC Pipes Drip System

This system utilises rainwater to water your plants slowly. Rainwater vessels are used to collect water, PVC pipes are then connected to the base of the vessel and channelled to the plant. The water drops slowly from the emitters.

15. Drip Line DIY Irrigation System

Drip Line DIY Irrigation System

This is a fancy DIY drip Irrigation that makes use of a timer attached to the spigot. Emitter tubing is used to take the water to the plant. This system will last you for some years and can be set up easily using this guide.

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16. Above Ground Plastic Bottle with Straw

Above Ground Plastic Bottle with Straw

This system makes use of a plastic bottle and a bent straw to regulate the amount of water leaving the bottle. The plastic bottle is tied above ground, and a bent straw is put in a drilled hole on the cover, this creates a very tiny passage for water to flow.

17. Above Ground Plastic Bottle and Cotton Bud Irrigation

Above Ground Plastic Bottle and Cotton Bud Irrigation

If you’re looking to try out more designs, this plastic bottle and cotton bud attached can be a great project to try out. Simply drill two holes into the cover of the bottle and put the cotton bud into each hole. Fill with water and steady upside down using a stick.

There you go, 17 amazing drip irrigation DIY designs you can accomplish easily. You do not have to worry anymore whenever you’re on vacation or out of home for a while as your garden will continue to be watered in the right proportion.

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