15 Amazing DIY Garden Hose Reel Storage Ideas

The importance of a good garden hose can never be underestimated. Despite their immense importance, garden hoses can also be a nuisance. This happens when you don’t have a place to store them. Some eclectic gardeners even opt for old tire rims for storing their hose. It’s all about what fits your style, however, the most popular is a garden hose reel.

By the virtue of being here, chances are you’re also a DIY enthusiast, great. We have compiled 15 amazing DIY garden hose reel plans that will hopefully sort all your hose storage needs. Most of these plans are not only inexpensive but also easy to carry out. Regardless of your taste, we hope you’ll find a plan to spark your creativity.

1. Garden Storage Pallet DIY

Garden Storage Pallet DIY

If you are on a budget, then this is the perfect garden hose reel for you. As you can see, it can be used for varied purposes. This simple and stylish hose reel is guaranteed to accentuate the look of your garden. The DIY project uses cheap wood pallets, why don’t you give it a try this weekend? The idea of cheap pallets shouldn’t be construed to mean otherwise, if done properly, it will get the job done for longer than you may think.Find out more on this simple design below.

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2. DIY PVC Water Hose Caddy

DIY PVC Water Hose Caddy

A water hose caddy is the ultimate secret to an orderly, well watered garden. This great equipment is best for gardens that surround our houses. They are the most ideal for wheeling your garden hose around. In case you had a restricting hose rack in your house, this hose reel will prove to be immensely helpful. This caddy is very inexpensive and can easily be made out of PVC pipe and fittings. Be keen on the measurements, here are detailed instructions.

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3. DIY Wall Mounted Water Hose

DIY Wall Mounted Water Hose

In case you’re unsure about where to store your garden hose, this is the perfect solution for you. This DIY project can be assembled within 30 minutes. Also, it’s easy to disassemble. Basically, it just requires from basic level of woodworking skills and you are good to go. The following link will offer more insights on how to come up with this plan.

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4. Outdoor Planter DIY

Outdoor Planter DIY

This lovely wooden planter will help make your garden more organized. It contains a storage space for your hose and a few gardening equipment. This easy to build design won’t cost you much, yet it will serve your needs for years to come. Turning your garden into the enviable place you’ve always dreamt of starts with this multi-purpose hose reel. Here is a link to the thorough guide towards this heavenly hose reel plan.

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5. Tire Rim DIY Garden Hose Reel

Tire Rim DIY Garden Hose Reel

Here is another DIY hose reel design that is arguably the easiest to make. It is quick and easy to make and a pleasure to store your garden hose reel. Honestly, isn’t it interesting how easy you can repurpose that old rim into an eclectic garden? This DIY project calls for just a little creativity. Needless to say, it helps keep costs down.

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6. DIY Garden Hose Locker

DIY Garden Hose Locker

It looks amazing, right? Unfortunately, this garden hose reel requires a skilled craftsman to design. This DIY project is a clear depiction of ‘nothing good ever comes easy.’ If you are an enthusiastic DIYer with above average skills, chances are you’re going to design something that you’ll fall in love with. The crafter has availed this guide, we hope it will come in handy for you.

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7. Fancy DIY Garden Hose Reel

Fancy DIY Garden Hose Reel

This DIY hose holder station helps have your garden hose put the water just where you need it. Its aluminum material ensures it’s weather-resistant and rust free thus lasting longer. It makes watering easy and funnier. You may need to following this link for further details.

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8. Modern Hose Hook

Modern Hose Hook

This DIY garden hose reel plan will save you money and time. You simply need to visit the hardware next to you and buy the bracket. Chances are that will be the end of you digging a penny from your pocket. Afterwards, install the simple bracket to a well anchored post of even a wall and fix your garden hose. Quite easy, isn’t it? It’s a perfect option for those who love a modern clean look. Ensure you adhere to these reinforcement instructions keenly.

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9. Hose Butler

Hose Butler

Here is an exquisite option for those who are after a hose reel that’s delicate without much keen detail on its functionality. The design is easy to fix and despite its small size, it can hold up to 200ft of garden hose.

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10. DIY Convenient Wall mounted Hose reel

DIY Convenient Wall mounted Hose reel

This hose reel is normally mounted on a wall in your garden. Most gardeners perceive it to be the ultimate step in the right direction towards an ever green garden. It has an inlet that’s conveniently connected another hose in your garden. Regardless of how small or big your garden is, this essential hose reel will serve your two worlds. Wants to know more? This DIY guide will help you in knowing how to install convenient wall mounted hose reel within no time.

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11. SPI Bird & Branch Hose Holder

SPI Bird & Branch Hose Holder

If attractive accents mean anything to you, then this hose reel is the perfect choice for you. It adds to your outdoor décor. The extended ‘twigs’ may make it appear delicate but that’s not the case. This hose holder is made of aluminum and is outdoor-safe, you can rest assured that it will serve you for many years to come. This classy piece will save you the hassle of replacing your sprayers every now and then. What’s more, it’s easy to install with a screw to secure over a wall-mount spigot head. You feel like you want to know more, feel free to check this link for insights on how to install it.

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12. Aluminum Wall Mount Hose Reel

Aluminum Wall Mount Hose Reel

This is the perfect description of a simple, sturdy and decorative wall mount hose reel. Its aluminum material makes it stronger and durable than typical poly systems. Apart from adding style to your garden, this hose reel makes the garden look organized. It comes with a short hose to connect to faucet and detailed instructions for easy installation. The hose is easy to pull out and crank back in after use. This aluminum wall mount hose reel is a vulnerable addition to your outdoor space but commands respect. A comprehensive hint is available for you here for free.

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13. DIY Chunky Garden Hose Holder

DIY Chunky Garden Hose Holder

Believe you me, there are those who can’t stand anything metalic for their garden equipment. On the minimalist front, the DIY chunky garden hose will be a lovely choice for those who always want to keep a natural appeal in their garden. This garden hose holder is made from cedar wood and cemented on the soil. Honestly, do you expect this to drill holes in your pocket? For a rustic, easy and natural option, use a tree branch.

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14. DIY High-End Hose Reel

DIY High-End Hose Reel

If you’re honest, chances are you can’t lack a post lying somewhere in your garden. A cool place for storing your garden hose could be dependent on that post. Simply fasten that hose post onto the ground, beautify it with some paint and within no time you’ll have a cool place to anchor your hose. We don’t expect that to trouble you even a bit. However, if need be, feel free to find out more on this simple design hereunder.

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15. Garden Hose Reel out of Odd Bits of Wood

Garden Hose Reel out of Odd Bits of Wood

If you have some odd woods lying somewhere in your compound, you can use it to add an unique look to your bored garden hose. It may not serve you for very long but it perfectly serves you hose storage needs.

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Final Thoughts

In these hard economic times, reduce your garden costs by embracing the above fun and easy DIY garden hose reel plans. In a bid to remedy twists and knots in your hose, you won’t miss one plan that you can use to add a stylish touch to your garden. It just takes a little zeal, basic tools, trial and error and maybe basic craftsmanship to develop most of these plans. Come what may, ensure you use one of the above DIY garden hose reel plans to store your garden hose and keep it in excellent conditions. 

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