19 Gorgeous DIY Garden Wall Ideas for Vertical Gardening

People living in apartments or homes with smaller garden areas have shelved the idea of growing their garden because of limited space. DIY Garden Wall Ideas for Vertical gardening has changed the old narrative of only planting in a particular way and on the ground. Now with the more liberal and experimental gardener, there has been a rising implementation of different planting techniques and styles, including vertical gardening.

Vertical gardening uses up as little space as possible while giving you a chance to not only grow your garden but also showcase its beauty in and around your house. Because of its vast advantages, different vertical ideas have surfaced, some a little complex to implement than others and that is why I’ve taken time out to get you this 19 gorgeously looking DIY vertical gardening ideas you can try in your home.

1. Tin Fence Garden

Tin Fence Garden

Taking used tin cans and repurposing it as your planter will not only be helping the environment but will also give you an easy and beautiful garden fence. Simply spray paint the cans with bright colours to enhance the beauty on the fence. Depending on the size of the container, you can make use of clips or strong gum to fasten the cans to the fence.

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2. Plywood Hanging Planter

Plywood Hanging Planter

This vertical garden idea is a sight to behold and is sure to attract attention whenever you have visitors. If you’re wondering how to hang your large garden pots without it falling, this plywood hanger is sturdy enough to hold heavier pots. This planter is made with plywood and although it looks intimidating, it has a straightforward guide to making it.

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3. Brass Ring Planter

Brass Ring Planter

This brass hanger comes with a touch of elegance and is ideal for small air plants. To make it even more intriguing, add other brass plaited plant pots. You can get this brass hanger from your local store and use a chain to hang it on a wall in your home. Your living room will be a perfect place for this.

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4. Hanging Clay Pots for your Patio Area

Hanging Clay Pots for your Patio Area

Clay pots to the rescue again. This design will bring life to your patio or balcony. This is an easy to make design where a strong rope with a hook on one end is passed through several clay pots and hung on the ceiling. The guide attached will show you just how to do it.

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5. Simple Wooden Trellis 

Simple Wooden Trellis

This trellis can house a lot of different plant pots, and it is quite easy to make following this guide. With the spacing of this trellis, you can grow plants with different shapes and varieties, including herbs and succulents. You can have this trellis on a small wall in your house.

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6. Stand-Alone Net Planter

Stand-Alone Net Planter

This is a stand-alone vertical gardening idea that is perfect if you’re not comfortable hanging things on your wall. To implement this idea in your garden, you need wood, net, small plant pots and clamps. The clamps are used to hold the containers to the net and are ideal for your garden area.

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7. Grass Terrarium Hanging Planter

Grass Terrarium Hanging Planter

Terrariums are beautiful indoor garden planters that you can place anywhere, including hanging it over your living room or kitchen. The terrarium is filled with potting soil and succulents planted inside for a beautiful view.

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8. Showcase Simple Design

Showcase Simple Design

This vertical garden design is an excellent showcase for your beautiful flowers. It allows you to show off your plants to your visitors by placing it close to the doorway and having beautiful flowers in flower cans hung at the top. You can make this design using pallets which are inexpensive to purchase.

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9. DIY Simple Cedar Wall Planter

DIY Simple Cedar Wall Planter

This is an easy to make cedar Wall planter you can place on any wall in your house including your fence. Growing your succulents and herbs have never been easier. The size of the planter can be adjusted to suit your wall and or the number of plants you want to grow. Make sure to use fertile soil to encourage proper growth.

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10. Chicken Wire Planter

Chicken Wire Planter

 Do you have old chicken wire lying around in your garden? It’s time to put it to use and create a simple DIY Garden Wall Ideas for vertical garden for your home. Chicken wire and old pallets are the requirements to get this idea setup. This wire will hold the soil together on the pallet.

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11. Hanging Galvanized Buckets

Hanging Galvanized Buckets

Using galvanised buckets to build your vertical garden is quite easy to replicate. Simply buy cheap galvanised buckets, build hanging bases using wood and strong wires to attach the buckets. Fill the buckets with fertile soil and plant different flowers that’ll enhance your outdoor garden area.

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12. Pyramid Towers with Rollers

Pyramid Towers with Rollers

This wooden pyramid planter is free standing and can accommodate different plant species. An impressive design in this pyramid idea is the rollers attach to the base, making it easy to move with the plants. Don’t let this design intimidate you, following this simple guide will get this excellent look standing in your garden in no time.

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13. Vertical Wall Garden Using Mason Jars

Vertical Wall Garden Using Mason Jars

Wooden frame, chicken wire, mason jar and wire clips are all you need to get this vertical garden up and running. This design makes use of old materials in your homes like picture frames, chicken wires and old jars that would’ve otherwise been left lying around. Fill the jars with potting soil and plant your herbs or succulents.

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14. Beautiful Pallet Wall Planter

Beautiful Pallet Wall Planter

This is so easy that you can have everything set up in a few hours. If you don’t like to build but still want to enjoy the luxury of a DIY vertical planter, then this is for you. Simply use stylish tiles to cover the side of a pallet, as seen in the picture. Use worm clamps to hold garden pots to the pallet. Fill the jars with good soil and grow whatever plant you like. It’s that easy.

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15. PVC Elbow Vertical Garden

PVC Elbow Vertical Garden

PVC pipes elbow joint can also make a fascinating vertical garden for your fence or wall. It is ideal for outdoor gardening. You can have your PVC pipes affixed to a wooden base using strong gum and filled with potting soil where you can plant. Mixing the colours of the PVC pipe joints will make an even brighter look.

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16. Repurposed Kitchen Rack Vertical Garden

Repurposed Kitchen Rack Vertical Garden

Do you have a kitchen rack you’re not making use of in your home? By converting it into a vertical garden stand, you’ll save cost, space and get to reuse your old rack. This small rack can hold small succulents or herbs, use a breathable material that allows for proper drainage to keep the soil.

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17. Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter

This unique planter makes use of wood and strong ropes attached to a wooden hanger. These vertical garden ideas are different from the rest as the pots go into holes created on the shelves instead of just placing them on the shelves. This style prevents the containers from falling and shattering whenever there’s a little distortion of the shelves.

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18. Recycled Plastic Bottles

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the significant land and sea pollutants today. To reduce the damage this is doing to our environment; we need to recycle as much as possible instead of dumping the plastic bottles whenever we get a bottle of water or soda to drink. This design cuts a portion of these bottles and uses ropes to hold them together and unto a hanger. After filling them with soil, you can then grow your plants of different varieties.

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19. Sculptured Pot Design

Sculptured Pot Design

This plant design will not only create unique outdoor vertical gardening space, but it’ll also serve as a sculpture in your home. The model also comes with a birdbath at the top. All you need is a rod, garden pots and a birdbath to create this beauty. Check out the guide for the full details.

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The adoption of vertical gardening will continue to grow as more and more people begin to realise the space they can conserve growing their gardens this way. Vertical gardening is also an excellent way to incorporate plants indoors as you would not want to litter plants on the floor in your home to prevent accidents.

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