15 Awesome DIY Rain Chain Ideas

When you see rain gutters, all you can think of are functional but boring home features. And boring is a word we don’t want to be associated with, especially when it comes to home designs. So, come the solution , here is a list of some amazing DIY Rain Chain ideas that will enhance your home design.

Rain chains are fantastic rain gutter substitutes that are not only efficient but exciting. The rain chain is an Asian design that first gained prominence in Asian homes before being widely accepted worldwide. Water from the roof of your building needs to be collected and channeled to the ground to reduce water splash on your building.

You can do more than just channeling water to the ground when using rain chains. The water can be used for your water feature or even put in a storage tank for your garden’s home use and irrigation.

One of the reasons rain chains have become so popular is because its design is not set in stone; you can make use of different materials and techniques to set up this fantastic feature. To make this process easier for you, we’ve compiled 15 excellent rain chain ideas you can do yourself or with family.

1. Rain Chain With Copper Leaves

Rain Chain With Copper Leaves

This is a rain chain idea with a touch of class. It uses copper chains and leaves to form this water channeling system. To make this, you need copper tubing, copper sheet metal, and copper hobby wire and work tools like pliers and jigsaw to cut the copper materials. Making this rain chain using this guide is pretty straightforward.

2. Terracotta Rain Chain

Terracotta Rain Chain

Are you looking for an easier but still attractive rain chain design? Hop on this idea as it satisfies your every need. You only need small terracotta pots and a long enough chain.

All of which you can get in your local garden store. Pass the chain through the drainage holes in the pots and use copper wire or strong rope to hold them. This idea can be completed in a few hours.

3. Polished Stone Rain Chain

Polished Stone Rain Chain

Here, polished stones are added to the chain at intervals and are held with tiny wires. This shiny stone idea is especially attractive when used in a stone landscape front yard.

You can get dirt cheap polished rocks from stores and fasten them to the chain you intend to use. You can even make it more fun by collecting beautiful stones from the beach with the kids.

4. Stacked Copper Cups

rain chain ideas

Using small copper cups, a chain, and a large pot to collect the water, you can make this DIY rain chain. The cups are attached close to each other, and that makes the chain less prominent. This idea stands out due to the large pot used to collect the water, which is different from the regular jars and drums.

However, the stacked cup’s design is not ideal for areas that are likely to get a lot of water running down as its small drainage makes it difficult for a lot of water to run down smoothly. Use this in places like your garden shed or little roof corners.

5. Rings Chain

diy rain chain ideas

Here, rings form the chain that is fixed to a basin that creates an attractive water feature. Don’t let the sight of this discourage you. You can set this up following the guide; however, you’ll spend a little more time than typical setting this up. Use rocks and flat stones to form the base for this basin, fix the ring chain to it, and the other end to rain gutter opening at the top. Enjoy your water feature when it rains.

6. Up-cycled Metal Spoons

Up-cycled Metal Spoons

Instead of throwing away old spoons, why not use it to create this rustic looking rain chain? Slightly bend the base of the spoons in a 45-degree angle to direct the flow of water.

Use wires to hold the handles to a metal rod going down. This idea is a great way to utilize old home materials.

7. Up-cycled Spoons & Forks

rain chain designs

While the last chain idea uses just spoons, this one goes a step further in adding forks to the mix. Your old utensils can create this excellent rain channel that is sure to excite your visitors.

You are not limited to just your old utensils; you can get used ones from thrift shops or yard sales deals near you.

The fork tines and spoon handles are bent to form the chain. What are you waiting for? Hop on this idea to create that attractive rain chain for your home.

8. Polished Ceramic Discs

Polished Ceramic Discs

Rain Chains is not all about chains. It incorporates other materials, and most times, the chains are secondary and not the focal point, just like in this design.

The idea uses polished ceramic discs of varying sizes and colors.

They are stacked by passing a rod through them running from the ground up. Set this up if you’re looking for a worthy corner attraction.

9. Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain

Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain

This design is arguably the most uncomplicated rain chain to make. It is also very cost-effective as you can use zip ties lying around in your house or get them from stores near you for pennies.

Create loops with the extensive zip ties, slip wooden beads in the smaller zip ties, and link the loops created with the broader zip ties. This idea is straightforward and could even be a family project to foster bonding.

10. Glass and Copper Wire Rain Chain

Glass and Copper Wire Rain Chain

Here’s what you need to create this rain chain design; old glass chunks, strong but flexible copper wire, and a wire cutter. Wrap the copper wire around the glass chunks from one end to the other till you’ve formed a long enough chain from your roof to the ground. Slightly bend the wire into fun shapes and use the wire cutter to cut out the excess wire.

11. Up-cycled Plastic Plates

types of rain chain

We all have this plastic plate in our homes just lying around from yogurt cans to plastic takeaways; what do we do with them? I have the perfect solution for you to utilize these plates and even have your kids join in the fun.

Gather all the plastic containers and drill holes at the plates’ base using nails; you can help your kids do this part, so they don’t injure themselves.

Form holes at the opposite end at the top and pass ropes through them; use the strings to join all the plates together and unto your roof.

12. DIY Funnel Rain Chain

DIY Funnel Rain Chain

This rain chain design uses funnels attached to a long chain to form an attractive water channel. Get a few horns from your local store, drill two holes at the top directly opposite to each other so that the funnels would be upright to collect the water. You can use simple measuring instruments to get the exact opposite.

Place a metal bar through the holes, marking the center. Then pass the chain through the funnel holes and use wires to hold the chain to the metal bar center.

13. Upcycled Toothbrush Holders and Soda Bottles

rain chain idea

This is a complete homemade DIY idea as you can complete your rain chain in a few hours, even without stepping out to buy anything. Everything you need is probably lying around somewhere in your home.

By everything, I mean toothbrush holders, soda containers, and wire. Remove the cap from the soda bottle, cut the bottle into two, keeping the upper part and drill holes at opposite ends of the toothbrush holder. Pass the wires through them to get this inexpensive rain chain all set up.

14. Galvanized Steel Buckets Rain Chain

Galvanized Steel Buckets Rain Chain

This is a unique rain chain idea that’ll create a luster and match a rustic home landscape. To make this, you need steel buckets and chains. Use metal drillers to form large holes at the base and pass the chain through them and around the bucket handles for stability. This guide will show you everything you need to know to set it up.

15. DIY Rain Chain Fountain

DIY Rain Chain Fountain This is an outdoor feature you can have in your garden to make it the topic of discussion among friends. It features several chains and funnels, all channeling water into a large open tank.

Parting Shot

Rain chains have come to stay, and it’s only a matter of time before they replace the dull rain gutters entirely. Why have you only functional when you can have both functional and aesthetically pleasing? Get on this trend and start creating.

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