20 Outstanding DIY Vertical Gardens (With Pictures)

Many of us would cherish a backyard full of lovely greenery and flowers. Unfortunately, this is impractical, thanks to limited spaces which is now a rampant issue. Definitely, we need a room for other things as well, right? This is where the DIY vertical gardens come in handy.

With one, there is no need for much space for your gardening needs. What’s more, you can grow your favorite plants while adding a lovely design for your yard. We found these 20 outstanding DIY vertical gardens that will hopefully be perfect for your yard. In addition to being easy to make, there are varied styles and designs to choose from. There is a DIY for virtually everything, have a look.

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1. Easy DIY Potato Tower

Easy DIY Potato Tower

In case you didn’t know, potatoes are the easiest veggies to grow. Growing them in a vertical garden will give you sufficient space for other garden needs. Potato towers are quite easy to build. What’s preventing you from giving it a try today? You’ll be amazed to discover the amount of potatoes that can be planted in these upright containers. Need some insights? No worries. Check out the design in this link.

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2. Great DIY Painted Pallet Planter

Great DIY Painted Pallet Planter

How do you fancy this? It’s a Moroccan style inspired vertical planter that’s guaranteed to give you fancy colors and designs in your backyard. It’s so easy to construct, you simply need a design. If the idea of painting doesn’t excite you, ceramic tiles will be a perfect choice for you. Simply pick some inexpensive designed tiles, fix them to your pallet and come out with your desired design.

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3. GroVert wall planter

GroVert wall planter

This gorgeous wall planter has two things that we love-greenery and chalkboards-perfectly combined in one package. For easy watering, fix a water collection tray and a removable reservoir. This vertical garden will allow you plant your favorite flavors all year round. Its perfectly finished blackboard enables you to keep track of the plants therein. Are you ready to turn your garden into a miniature farm with this free-standing vertical garden? This link will offer you more insights on how to go about it.

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4. Up-cycled Plastic Bottle Tower Garden

Up-cycled Plastic Bottle Tower Garden

If you love your environment and cherish the idea of reducing its pollution, this DIY project is for you. For me, any project that allows for upcycle of products is a must do. I mean, it’s just awesome to turn something you would probably have thrown away into something new and appealing. This tower garden entails the use of plastic bottles to come up with growing space for veggies, flowers or herbs. It’s a very simple DIY vertical garden to construct, however, extra insights never hurts.

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5. DIY Cedar Ladder Planter

DIY Cedar Ladder Planter

You’ll be forgiving for thinking that this is the usual ladder used for climbing up and down a surface. However, the cedar ladder planter is a special type that you can use for growing all sorts of small plants. You can build a few and position them near your fence or have them lining your yard deck. It provides lots of space for flowers and succulents. Have a look at this detailed instruction on how you can come up with this wonderful creation.

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6. DIY Aquaponics Tower Garden

DIY Aquaponics Tower Garden

I really love this aquaponics tower garden. Its sense of combining a vertical garden and an aquarium resulting in a unique planter is a heavenly idea. You can either use it in the house or outdoors. It’s not only an economical system but also an ecological-wise plan. Consider to rare your fish at the bottom as you grow plants in the tops of large plastic water bottles. Check out more on this hereunder.

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7. Hanging Gutter DIY Planter and Stand

Hanging Gutter DIY Planter and Stand

This fantastic DIY project can be built in just a few hours. You just need a few guttering, some boards and of course a few hours of your precious time. The resultant hanging gutter planter and stand will be perfect for your favorite succulents, small flowers or herb garden. It can give you a lot of growing room. What’s more, this DIY will fit anywhere you avail some space. You can have a look at this full plan.

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8. Rustic DIY Wooden Vertical Planter

Rustic DIY Wooden Vertical Planter

If you love rustic looks, look no further. This vertical planter is the one you’ve been looking for. It looks like some old wooden crates and it’s very easy to build. Apart from being able to hold loads of plants, it helps add to your DIY farm décor. It can be put anywhere in your home, fence or even at the center of your yard. The choice is yours.

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9. DIY Pyramid Garden

DIY Pyramid Garden

For any DIY enthusiast, this is a great idea towards building one’s own structure. Start with a firm foundation bed then put the vertical oriented pyramid arrangements. This garden type will be great for plants like strawberries and lettuce. For more guidelines on how to proceed, check out this link.

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10. Repurposed Mason Jar Vertical Wall Garden

Repurposed Mason Jar Vertical Wall Garden

I have to admit, I love crafts from mason jars. In fact, I have mason jars in all rooms of my house. I mean, they not only have awesome rustic looks, there are lots of things you can do with them. Grow your desired plants then hang them on a DIY vertical wall built from some chicken wire and old frames. It’s one of the most inexpensive DIY vertical gardens herein. Find out some more wonderful insights on repurposed Mason Jar Vertical Wall Garden here.

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11. DIY Flower Pot Towers

DIY Flower Pot Towers

Don’t have enough room in your traditional flower garden? Worry not. These DIY flower pot towers will come to your rescue. With a few wires and some few supplies, don’t hesitate to DIY these and see your flowers flourish. Within no time, you’ll have colorful blooms all over your outdoor living spaces. Apart from being easy to make, this project won’t drill holes into your pocket. You may want to view at more detailed guideline on how to come up with one.

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12. Galvanized Bucket Hanging Garden

Galvanized Bucket Hanging Garden

You can easily achieve this vertical garden without much sacrifice. All you need is a few galvanized buckets and wires. Plant in the buckets then hang the up using the wires. Quite easy, isn’t it? However, you may need to construct a strong base for holding the buckets. This DIY will give you a lot of planting space. Check this link for more insights.

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13. DIY Spiral Vertical Garden

DIY Spiral Vertical Garden

This spiral vertical garden may look complicated but it’s pretty easy to build. You just need some wires and some stones to hold it together and within no time you have untold beauty on your outdoor living spaces.  It’s best used for planting herbs but you can still grow your flowers and succulents. You may need to follow the reinforcement instructions hereunder for extra strength.

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14. Pallet Tray System

Pallet Tray System

This system brings a warm and primitive feel to your garden. Does this look like something you would want in your yard? Why not DIY it?. You just need some landscaping cloth, a staple gun, plywood and a pallet. See more details on how to do the fixations on the link here-under.

After you’re done with the construction bit, add soil then put seeds/seedlings into the slats. The established plants stay stable after you hang up the pallets.

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15. Repurposed Chicken Wire Planter

Repurposed Chicken Wire Planter

These gorgeous cone shaped planters add beauty designs to your lawn and yard area. All you need to build one is some chicken wire and some old pallets. Your planting soil and plants will be held by the chicken wires as they hang from the old pallets. Undoubtedly, they will give you some extra growing space.

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16. Stair DIY Step Vertical Garden

Stair DIY Step Vertical Garden

This DIY project is not only easy to put together but it also provides a lot of extra planting room. You can add as many stairs as you wish and then the planters. Think of reusing some old gutters to save on the costs. You can also add some stairs on the backside for extra planting space. Wish to know more on this?  Hang on and refer to this link for more details.

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17. Flora-felt System

Flora-felt System

If you love making living walls and an all-round system, you ought to love Flora-felt. The up-cycled nylon units normally have easy to use pockets for root-wrapped plants. It’s perfectly crafted with inbuilt drip irrigation system to water the pockets thus ensuring they remain well moistened throughout. It has a drain line at the bottom where excess water falls.

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18. DIY PVC Elbow Joint Vertical Garden

DIY PVC Elbow Joint Vertical Garden

Do you have some PVC pipes and plastic joints lying somewhere in your backyard? Why not use them to construct this DIY Elbow Joint Vertical Garden! Use the pipes for growing your plants and see how much space you can save for other garden uses. Thank us later.

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19. Bottle Garden

Bottle Garden

Doesn’t this herb garden look adorable? It’s made from recycled bottles suspended on strings for quick and easy maneuvering. Well, come plants may fail to achieve their full size due to the small-sized container. However, you can get herbs for your family. Wants more insights?

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20. DIY Cedar Wall Planter

DIY Cedar Wall Planter

Are you worried about limited planting space in your yard? Relax. This DIY cedar wall planter lets you turn your fence or one side of your mansion into a great vertical garden. It won’t cost you the earth to build one. What’s more, you can easily customize it to your dream size depending on your needs. It’s guaranteed to provide an enviable home for your succulents, herb s and succulents. Follow the below reinforcement instructions very carefully.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’re now buzzing with at least two or more of the above DIY ideas on how to build your own outstanding DIY vertical garden. With enough water and sunlight, your plants will be happy to grow in any of the above DIY project. That’s the interesting bit of gardening. You just require a few tools and equipment to create them. As you can see, there are endless designs that you can opt for. What’s more, they’re inexpensive in that you can use any unutilized items within your compound. Which of the above vertical garden design has caught you eyes? Try out one and let’s know how it works for you.

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