11 Great Fairy Garden Container Ideas

 Imagine sitting in your amazing front yard on a warm summer night, your kids snuggling to your sides while you narrate fairy stories and demonstrate it right in your little fairy garden.

Imagine their wide dreamy eyes filled with excitement while you take them through wonderful fairy stories you too were told as a kid.

Fairy gardens are miniature garden ideas that can liven up dull moments with kids, family members, and friends. These small gardens can be kept anywhere from your garden area to your apartment patio area.

Not having enough yard space in your home shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying these fairy garden ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to take the DIY route and make this a family project or have a professional handle its construction, you’re sure of endless bliss in your garden.

To make your miniature fairy garden, you’ll need a container with a good drainage hole, a good potting soil, small fairy creatures, plants, and whatever you want to use to beautify your fairy garden. If you need a little push, here are 11 awesome fairy garden container ideas you can have in your home.

#1.  Miniature Tractor with Plants

Miniature Tractor with Plants

Fairy garden ideas come alive when you let your mind run wild, and this idea is not different. It involves a mini tractor filled with small plants and kept at a corner to mimic a real-life tractor with plants parked at the corner of the road.

You can get this mini tractor from local garden stores near you. All you have to do is fill it up with good soil, add your desired mini plants and keep it at a corner of your garden.

Ensure to keep it away from where it can be trampled upon by humans or animals.

#2.  Doggies Fairy Garden

Doggie’s Fairy Garden

The endless possibilities of a fairy garden are one of its most powerful pulls. Do you have a dog? Then it shouldn’t be left out in the creation of a fairy garden.

Setting up a fairy dog house and using an adorable mini doggies to brighten it up is an excellent idea for your fairy garden.

You can even add this to an existing fairy garden and watch how it creates something unique with it.A small dog house, centipede grass and a little feeding bowl are all this simple fairy idea comprises.

#3.  Mini Camp Life

Mini Camp Life

An old sink lying around can be utilized in your fairy garden by using it as a container for this camp life miniature idea. It mimics a camping location with a camping truck, plants, and little insects.

This is a simple fairy garden idea you can make in your home. You may need to purchase the mini camping truck, mini walking stones with insects, and fairy creatures from a garden store.

Fill the container with soil and plant around the edges to mimic a cleared area.

#4.  Exquisite Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Exquisite Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Flower pots can serve as your fairy garden container. This is a more complicated fairy garden idea from the previous ones and will take a lot more than dropping a few miniature creatures here and there.

It requires a full garden plan to set up this idea,so it doesn’t feel cumbersome and confusing. Small wooden chips are held together with rope and used as pathways between the pots that are kept in layers and mimics a hilly fairy.

The idea involves different plans, including succulents and brightly colored flowers.

#5.  Layered Flower Pots Fairy Garden

Layered Flower Pots Fairy Garden

A broken garden pot is not useless when it comes to a fairy garden.This fairy garden will make use of your old and broken flower pots to create a layered fairy garden with miniature creatures and houses.

The containers are linked in a way that creates different levels with a flight of stairs leading to all the levels. The topmost layer carries a miniature building

#6.  Picnic Basket Indoor Fairy Idea

PicnicBasket Indoor Fairy Idea

Yes, even your old picnic basket is not left out of the fun. Convert that basket into a fairy garden container for this unique but straightforward miniature garden idea.

First, line the basket with nylon with proper drainage channels to prevent the soil from falling out of the basket. Divide the area into two and plant centipede grass in one part and allow it to spread.

Use aquarium gravel to cover the other side of the basket. Add miniature swings, furniture, and fairy to bring your mini garden to life.

#7.  Terrarium Fairy Garden

Terrarium Fairy Garden

You can hardly go wrong with glass terrariums. Using a terrarium as your fairy garden container will not only bring class but will also make your fairy garden the center of attraction.

In this idea, potting soil is put in the terrarium, and several succulents are planted.

A mini-house with a green roof is added to mimic an old farmhouse. Seashells, furniture, and one or two ferries are all this terrarium idea needs to catch the attention of your visitors.

You can hang this terrarium in your living room wall, or patio area.

#8.  Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Tree stumps in your garden can be unpleasant and annoying. Why not convert it to a base for your fairy garden.

It makes for a natural fairy garden theme and for the more creative gardeners, a chance to further add more features to their fairy garden by carving out highlights from the tree stump.

You can get this fairy garden design from garden stores or even carve one out yourself if you’re feeling creative.

A tree house is carved out and surrounded by trees, shrubs, and flowers. Brightly colored gravels are used to beautify the base.

#9.  The Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

The Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

I’ve you’re still looking for a fairy idea that’ll suit you, this wheelbarrow idea is ready to wheel you away.

Any old wheelbarrow can be converted and used as a fairy container. A tiny house and furniture are added and colorful mini mushrooms that’ll form shaded areas.

This garden idea is simple and can easily be made without stress.

#10.  Chocolate Themed Fairy Garden

Chocolate Themed Fairy Garden

This is a chocolate-themed fairy garden that looks yummy, lol. Not meant for eating.

It’s accessories may deceive you but you can set up this fairy garden in less than 30 minutes.

It involves a fairy garden house, potting soil, tiny plants, and garden furniture. You can even add a mini mower in your garden.

#11.  Pineapple Fairy Garden

Pineapple Fairy Garden

This pine cone shaped fairy garden creates a miniature garden with beautiful flowers. Take a container and create a drainage hole, add potting soil, and plant different shades of flowers.

Flowers with varying heights will create a thick garden feel. You can buy this pineapple-shaped mini house from stores.


Fairy gardens are easy to assemble, and their designs are unlimited as far as your imaginations can go. These 11 ideas are some of the best you can set up in your yard, or even keep indoors to increase the aesthetics of your home.

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