14 Awesome Fence Gate Ideas & Designs

While some people like to build huge fences around their homes, some do not even build any at all, and then many others prefer to have a short fancy fence across their property. Whichever category you fall into, there’s no denying the fact that fences are functional and beautiful.

A fence gate is the entrance area in the fence with a door of some kind that allows you to pass through the wall into or out of the area. Fence gates can be anything and depending on your desires and the theme of your building, you’ll find that some fence gate ideas match your house design perfectly.

A fence gate is not only used around a house as fences and gates are pretty common in garden areas, courtyards, lawns, and around tree houses. You can make a fence gate from different materials like wood, wire, metal, plants, and so much more. So you’re not limited on what to use as your fence gate. With a fence gate installed, you can keep intruders, including dogs out of your garden.

If you don’t want to go the conventional route and are looking for excellent fence gate ideas you can use in areas around your home, you’re in the right place as we’ll go through some brilliant fence gate ideas cutting across simple concepts to more complicated gates.

Awesome Fence Gate Ideas & Designs

#1. Stone Posts With White Wooden Gate

Stone Posts With White Wooden Gate

This fence gate uses two stone posts and a white wooden gate. The white gate is a classic design, while the stone posts bring some vintage look into the setup.

The idea is simple but maintains a classic look amidst a collection of beautiful green trees.

#2. Open Gate

Open Gate

Sometimes you just want something that gives you access to the other area, so you don’t have to jump over your fence when you want to reach something on the other side. This open gate idea provides you with an access route through your wall without obstructing your view or complicating things.

It is simple, open, and elegant, providing you with access to the other area of the fence while allowing you a good view of your splendid garden. This fence gate brings aesthetics and some functionality with it; however, it will not keep intruders out and, as such, is ideal for inner fences like gardens and lawn areas.

#3. Old But Not Forgotten

Old But Not Forgotten

Old fences and gates are often seen as abandoned and dirty, but with a bit of touch, you can revive that old fence gate and make it a center of attraction again. This idea focuses on creating an old gate that looks attractive by adding exciting pieces to the gate.

This is an old wooden gate with a house-like shape post over it. Beautiful crawling flowers are added to the fence and gate area, and the post acts like a trellis for the plant with showy flowers to go over. These flowers beautify the gate and make it pop.

#4. The Log Gate

The Log Gate

The log gate design is a DIY idea you can do without much experience or materials. It involves using logs that are easy to get to construct a gate. Use the logs to make a small gate and reinforce the gate with more logs. You can make good designs with these logs used to strengthen the gate.
This idea can be used for your garden, your home, or a play area for your kids.

#5. Vinyl Rail Gate

Vinyl Rail Gate

A vinyl fence with an accompanying vinyl gate is a pleasant sight to behold. This gate idea taps into that emotion by bringing a white vinyl gate into the mix for a classic and beautiful view. The gate is a white vinyl rail system. Vinyl gates last longer than traditional wooden gates and only require repainting to bring them back to life when the color fades.

This gate can withstand the elements, which makes it last longer. It is, however, a more expensive option to implement, but it will surely pay for its price.

#6. Wooden Gate with Arched Top

Wooden Gate with Arched Top

This is somewhat of a typical wooden gate design with an arched top to bring something different. The gate is between two wooden posts and has wood pressed firmly against each other to make a closed gate idea.

It works well when used with a wooden fence as there is uniformity. You can use this as your garden or lawn gate.

#7. Wood Gate With Metal Support

Wood Gate With Metal Support

This gate idea is more sophisticated than many of the already-listed gate ideas. It uses finely cut wood packed tightly against each other and supported by metals. The gate also has a key lock system attached so you can lock the gate whenever you want.

This gate can be used as your front gate in your garden or play area. It is elegant and would bring a lot of brilliance to your area.

#8. Cedar Wood Gate

Cedar Wood Gate

This front gate idea uses cedarwood to make a large gate for farmhouses and country homes. It makes so much sense to have this gate if you want to bring the countryside charm to your home. The stone posts further add to its beauty.

#9. Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron is a timeless gate design that does not go out of fashion. It is sturdy and elegant and can last for a long time while only requiring repainting when the paint fades.

You can also make designs with iron for your gate. This gate is open and allows people to see through your home when used as a front gate. It is perfect when you have a beautiful front yard to show off.

#10.  Chrome Pipe Gate

 Chrome Pipe Gate

This pipe fence and gate use chrome pipes in vertical positions to make an elegant and functional gate. It makes an excellent front gate design as more people get to enjoy its brilliance and appeal. It is also long-lasting with a modern look. If you have a modern front garden or a home design to match, this could be a great choice of fence gate to have.

#11. Large Driveway Gate

Large Driveway Gate

This checkered wooden gate design is excellent for large driveways. The gate is simple and shows off your driveway and its surrounding beauty. It is a double gate designed with small pieces of wood and secured with a chain, which you can upgrade to a fancy lock system for extra aesthetics.

#12. Square Wooden Gate

Square Wooden Gate

This is a simple square wooden gate design with diagonal reinforcement. The gate uses strong wood and wooden posts to complete a functional gate for ranches, backyard gardens, and playgrounds. What it may lack in aesthetics, it brings in simplicity and functionality. It does not take much to construct and is an excellent DIY project to embark on.

#13. The Pallet Way

The Pallet Way

Pallets have become quite popular in recent times, serving as various garden materials, including pallet trellises, fences, and gates. Pallets in the garden have come to stay as it is cheap and easy to find and brings a unique design to your garden.

This pallet fence and gate use pallets as gates. It is held using door latches and a bolt for securing the entrance. It will fit a small garden area that you’ll want to keep animals out.

#14. Iron Gate With Tree Design

Iron Gate With Tree Design

This is an impressive iron gate design with an ornamental tree. It is a rare idea that will evoke curiosity and make your visitors eager to see what the inside feels entails. The decorative tree is made from metal and is a beauty to behold.


Your home, garden, lawn, or kids’ play area will feel different and exciting when a gate fence is added to the mix. Gate fences can be aesthetically pleasing or functional or both, and depending on your needs, you can add a matching gate design to your area. This guide provides a list of fence gate designs to turn your area into a great space.

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