16 Amazing Gnome Garden Ideas for Fairy Lovers

Gnomes are mythical creatures from the old world that have found their way into the garden. I remember stories from my grandma about gnomes and their guardian spirits, how they watch over us. These gnomes are tiny creatures with predominantly red hats.

Gnomes are believed to be good luck charms and can be used in place of fairies in small garden ideas.

gnome garden ideas

If you’re looking for this kind of protection for your garden while also enjoying its beautiful look, consider adding gnomes to your garden set up. Gnomes can be added directly to your garden, apartment patio, or put in a miniature garden.

Whichever way, gnome gardening is a fantastic choice for your yard.Are you confused on how to set one up? Don’t worry; I’ll show you some fantastic gnome garden ideas.

1. Tire Gnome Garden

Tire Gnome Garden

Old vehicle tires can be rejuvenated and converted to a gnome house. To do this, you need to repaint the old tire with a bright color to create a nice contrast between the tire and the dull surroundings.

Hang the tire over a tree branch or patio area, add potting soil and plant colorful flowers. Finally, put your gnome inside the mini garden for a whimsical look.

2. Gnome Pool

Gnome Pool

This is a relaxing gnome Pool that can be added to your garden to make it more appealing. This sculpture depicts a gnome relaxing in a pool.

You can get this piece from gnome stores, or you can even make it yourself if you’re feeling creative.

All you’ll need to make this sculpture yourself is molding clay, paint, and paintbrushes.

3. Full Gnome Garden

Full Gnome Garden

This is a full gnome miniature garden you can set up in your home. This is, however, a complicated setupand will most likely take you a lot of time to complete.

Don’t let that scare you off though; it is a worthwhile idea to try out.

It includes a gnome house, a mini stream, a bridge, a full landscape, and a gnome of cause.

4. Gnome Family

Gnome Family

Unlike the ideas already stated, this gnome design includes several gnomes doing specific tasks in the family.

You can get your gnomes from gnome stores near you or order some from manufacturers that include that in their services. The design also consists of a mini gnome house, shiny pebbles as a walkway and gnome garden.

5. The Sleeping Gnome

The Sleeping Gnome

This is a simple gnome garden idea you can put on a table in your garden or even use inside among your indoor gardening ideas.

The model shows the inside of a gnome home with a gnome dozing while sitting down. Imagine the gnome stories you can relate to this scene and tell your kids.

6. Container Gnome Village

Container Gnome Village

This is a mini gnome village design that covers a lot of gnome activity and homes. What makes this design even more attractive is its brightly colored container home that can be moved anywhere across your home.

Not only are there several gnome creatures in this garden idea, but there are also different plant species and heights.

7. Farmers Market

Farmers Market

This is another container Gnome idea that makes it easy to move it around your home whenever you wish. This idea is a farmers market. Depicting gnomes in a farm produce market.

To make this, you need a freshly painted wooden box to house the setup, several mini plants, and grasses to cover open areas, mini furniture to carry the farm produce.

8. Huge Gnome Ideas

Huge Gnome Ideas

The preconceived notion that gnomes must be very tiny shouldn’t stand anymore. Are you looking for a unique gnome garden? Why not set up a considerable gnome statue right in your garden.

The gnome can be the real size of a grown human or even bigger. Let your dreams come true by creating the exact gnome size you like.

You should bear in mind that the size of your gnome will affect the amount of money you’ll spend making it. You may also have to employ the services of professionals in creating your giant gnome.

9. Halloween Gnome House

Halloween Gnome House

Looking for a Halloween themed gnome garden idea? This indoor gnome haunted house garden design will tick all the boxes. An old flower pot is the container used for this design.

The model involves a black painted broken pot for the haunted appeal, rocks and dark pebbles, a gnome wizard mixing a magic potion, and his apprentice. This is a particular gnome idea you can set up in a short while.

10. Succulent Gnome Garden

Succulent Gnome Garden

This broken pot design depicts a gnome working right in the thick of things in his garden. Several succulent plants are added to this pot, which is layered with the broken pieces to create steps for planting.

Adding things like fake bugs and owls or a garden sign will make your gnome garden stand out.

11. Gnome Checkers Match

Gnome Checkers Match

With gnome gardening, there is no wrong design. You just let your imagination guide you. This design is showing two gnomes locked in a checkers match using green and red tomatoes.

The idea is both fun and exciting and can be set on any platform in your garden. Grasses and tiny tree stumps lying around depicts a bush clearing.

12. Pumpkin Gnome House

Pumpkin Gnome House

Container gardening cannot go out of fashion with increasingly beautiful ideas like this coming out. This gnome idea uses a pumpkin-themed house and several others lying around to create a unique, Halloween, and playful blend.

Creeping plants are planted in the container and allowed to overgrow the pot and start creeping out. A gnome is set at the center of the pot.

13. Wild Gnome Garden

Wild Gnome Garden

Sometimes letting your garden grow wild without restrictions can be enchanting. That is the idea of the gnome garden.

It incorporates several plants and allows them to bloom and fill up the container to form a full, somewhat stuffy gnome garden. One or two gnomes are placed in the few open spaces left in the box.

14. Mix it Up

Mix it Up

This is another Halloween themed gnome idea. Do not get it twisted though; this idea is so different from the rest as it combines both fairies and gnomes in its design.

What’s even more interesting is that they’re both kid fairies and gnomes, which are not a common sight. If you’re looking for something unique or cannot choose between having fairies or gnomes in your garden, why not have both and enjoy double bliss.

15. Gnome Tree House

Gnome Tree House

Do you have a massive tree in your garden? This gnome idea will transform the base of your tree into an attractive location in your garden.

A gnome door is fixed at the bottom of the tree to make the tree look like a gnome house, tiny furniture, and even a miniature flower pot arranged at the side of the door. U

sing smooth and colorful pebbles to create a mini walkway will further enhance the beauty of your creation. Add a gnome in the scene to complete your design.

16. Gnome Zen Idea

Gnome Zen Idea

Meditation has become a serious subject in recent times. A lot of people are now embracing this relaxing and soothing practice. If you’re among the teeming mediation lovers, then the meditating gnome is a must have in your garden.

Not only can this gnome remind you to meditate, but it can also help you focus better. You can place it on a stone or table in your garden.

The belief that gnomes can protect your garden is still popular today even after several centuries have passed since the idea started. Gnomes are also an excellent miniature garden addition to have in your garden. Alongside fairies, gnomes can make your kids fall in love with working in the garden with you.

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