7 Best Greenhouse Grow Lights that Work Like a Charm

Nowadays, farming techniques are making advanced developments. We now use greenhouses capable of adjusting the environment inside them according to our plant’s needs. Cultivating plants in a greenhouse requires a deep knowledge of the equipment and tools required to provide the plants with a favorable environment.

One of the most important things required for the growth of these plants is growing light. No denial that the sun is the best and free source of light for growth. However, the plants growing in the greenhouse are often unexposed to the sun, so they need to use an artificial source of light for growing.

Due to the rapidly developing market, thousands of brands out there produce LED grow lights. You can get confused by the enormous choice of grow lights on the market as to which one is ideal for the plants in your greenhouse.

To help you out through this situation, in this article, we will list the best greenhouse grow lights that work like a charm for the growth of your plants. This recommendation is well verified and tested by our experts, so you must consider this list once before making your purchase.

1. Spider Farmer SF2000 LED Grow Lights

BrandSpider Farmer
Shade MaterialStainless steel or aluminum
SpecialtySamsung LM301B Diodes, Dimmable Light

The first and best product on our list is the LED grow lights from the newest collection by Spider Farmer. In the market for LED grow lights, Spider Farmer has the reputation of providing the best quality product under budget.

This LED grow-light, with 200-watt power and a weight of around 10.3 pounds, provides your plants with as much natural light as sunlight. Succulents that need an abundance of sunlight thrive on it, and it is cost-effective because it barely raises your electric bill each month.

Robust Construction

Made with aluminum metal, the body structure of the LED light is highly efficient and user-friendly. The reliable and detachable drivers disperse heat and cool down the device after prolonged use.

Preferable for all Growth Stages of the Plant

The outstanding full-spectrum-white, black, red, and infrared (3000K, 5000K, 660nm, and IR 760nm) help the plant thrive. When flowering time is at its peak and yields are increased, the 660nm red and IR light are very helpful during the bloom.

Contemporary Diode Layout and Dimming

It has upgraded SF2000 growing lights. With the help of this device, your PPFD will be more uniform, and you’ll have complete control over how intense or dim the light is. A multi-light connection with unified dimming is extremely useful for big indoor growing spaces and commercial planting.

Pros and Cons of Spider Farmer SF2000 LED Grow Lights


  • No fan noise while working.
  • Hydroponics Growing System with 28 Days Harvest.
  • Keeps the soil for plants warm and moisture balanced. 


  • LED lights get heat very fast.

2. Mars Hhydro TS 1000W 3x3ft Daisy Chain Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Growing Lights

BrandMars Hydro
Shade MaterialAluminum
SpecialtyUpgraded white reflector design on TS1000 grow

It is a brand new product from Mars Hydro. This 1000-watt powered LED grow light comes in a pendant form. The TS1000 grow light’s upgraded white reflector design is verified and can cover a larger reflector range with a refraction angle of 120 degrees, increasing light intensity and helping plants absorb more light.

Full Spectrum Led Indoor Growing Light

Since plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, it is very rare for plants to get sunlight when planted in a greenhouse. The infrared LED grow light in the range of 3200–4200 knm provides growing light comparable to sunlight. It speeds up the phytochrome conversion in plants and speeds up their growth. 

Dimming Daisy Chai

The light contains an automatic dimming button placed on the outer body. The daisy setup lighting device lets you connect more than 60 lights simultaneously. The grow light also contains an auto sensor power supply that operates on 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC, which is applicable for all personal setups.

Flexible Dimming Design

All plants prefer highly intense lighting for growth at all stages. You can adjust the lighting from 0–100% according to plant requirements by pressing a dimming button on the body.

Pros and Cons of Mars Hhydro TS 1000W 3x3ft Daisy Chain Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Growing Lights


  • Very efficient (PPE: 2.3umol/j)
  • Coverage: 3’X3′ veg, 2.5’x2.5′ flower
  • Low temp output


  • Coverage area is small.

3. Barrina Plant Grow Light 252W

Shade MaterialAluminum, Polycarbonate
SpecialtyCorded Electric

There are six pieces of 4 ft long LED grow lights for indoor uses. The 1152 LED assures that your plants get enough light nutrients for healthy growth. Full spectrum light radiates from this device. A plant needs sunlight to survive, and this grow light will help you maintain your plants’ health throughout their life. This light accelerates your plants’ germination and eventual fluorination.

Highly Efficient

The Barrina glow plant has 1152 LEDs using only 252w, replacing 1400w general plant lighting. By using the superlight’s efficiency, your plants can absorb more than 95% of light energy. Additionally, you can also intensify the light efficiency by 17–20% using the reflector.

Easy Installation And User-Friendly

The installation of this grow light is quite easy to install. Using the provided tape, clips, and cable ties, you can do it yourself. You can connect all six LED grow light strips using plug-and-play technology, reducing the cost and duration of the installation.

Highly Safe and Sound to Use

If you want indoor greenhouse gardening, this glow light suits you best regarding safety and security. It works incredibly well for your greenhouses, hydroponic rooms, plant grow tents, plant grow shelves, seedling culture, and succulents, among other things. The color temperature of 2900K is soothing to the eyes.

Pros and Cons Barrina Plant Grow Light, 252W


  • Budget-friendly
  • 2-year warranty
  • Light emitted works as sunlight


  • Useful for only small spaces 

4. Phlizon 1200W LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Daisy Chain

Shade MaterialIron
SpecialtyUsed no reflector to provide heat resistance

Philzon 1200W LED grow lights are used for seeding veg and making plants flourish. You can use it for germinating seeds, keeping 24-30 inches, seedling veggies at the height of 24 inches, and for blooming, hang up to a height of 18 inches, and show you its magic. 

Full Spectrum

It provides a full spectrum to the plants for their growth. It has universal blue, red, IR, UV, and white LEDs that can provide plants with all that sunlight offers. While blue and red LEDs are crucial for plant growth, IR and UV LEDs can help plants develop defense mechanisms.

Double Switch

The device has two switch buttons, one for veg and one for bloom. You should only use the Veg switch for seedlings or young vegetative growth, i.e., blue and white light. Turn on the bloom switch for flowering and blooming, which includes red and white light.


Grow lights have the reputation of having led spotlight reflectors inside them to give them an aesthetic look; however, it is not quite safe to use them. Reflectors melt and catch fire easily at 80°C in the event of a short circuit. That is why the brand claims that they do not use reflectors in their device to control the heat resistance. 

Pros and Cons of Phlizon 1200W LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Daisy Chain


  • Adds aesthetic glow to your greenhouse.
  • 2-year warranty with a 30-day money-back in case of any defect


  • Feasible for small spaces 

5. Torchstar Grow Led Indoor Garden, CRI 95+ Full Spectrum Light

Shade MaterialPlastic
SpecialtyTimer function, Full spectrum irradiation

This product is the most unique of all those mentioned on this list in terms of its design. Manufactured by TORCHSTAR, this grow light is very compact and is useful only for the initial blooming phase of seeds and plants and is not feasible for a grown-up one. If you need a grow light that you can put on your dining or living room table and use to grow plants, go for it.

Full Spectrum

The full spectrum of the grow light closely matches sunlight and is essential for ample plant growth. However, at the same time, the grow light provides complete security to humans to be around the plant and protects the eyes without any dazzling.

Easy to Assemble

The biggest issue that comes from the gardeners using grow lights is that it is tough to maintain and assemble grow lights. This grow light, nevertheless, does not have a problem with it. The elegant white tone of the wooden frame assembles as easily as toy bricks and complements all decorating styles. 

Smart Time Sensor

A smart timer (16 hr on and 8 hr off) gives your plants the optimum light at the correct time and creates favorable growing conditions. So you don’t have to bother about turning it on or off. Along with that, this light maximizes the plant development cycle by simulating sunrise and sunset. 

Pros and Cons of Torchstar Grow Led Indoor Garden, CRI 95+ Full Spectrum Light


  • Sufficient lighting with timer.
  • Easy on the budget.


  • Serves only seeds and tiny plants.

6. Roleadro 75W Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Plant Light for Seedling

Shade MaterialAluminum
SpecialtyPlant light for seedings growing

For use with indoor plants, hydroponics, and greenhouses, the Roleadro LED 75W Grow Light has received safety certification from the FCC, CE, ROHS, and PSE. The panel has 169 red and blue LED lights (specifically 117 red and 52 blue).

While the blue light encourages the growth of stalks and leaves, the red light aids in the flowering and fruiting of plants. Year-round plant growth is possible with the Roleadro LED 75W Grow Light.

Outstanding Heat Release System

You no longer have to worry about the device’s heating if using the glow light for a longer time. The aluminum cooling plate comprises cutting-edge small molecular material and a small heat sink for each chip to achieve excellent heat dissipation. These all produced effective heat dissipation.

Wide Application

It is widely used for both indoors and outdoor gardening. You can use this grow light for hydroponically grown plants and indoor soil plants like orchids, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, chili, and aquarium plants like algae grown in greenhouses gardens, vertical farms, grow tents, or grow rooms.

Easy to Assemble and Manage

With the upgraded hanging brackets, you can put the system in the strong ideal condition very effortlessly. These compact, user-friendly LED grow lights are great for use. This indoor plant lamp is the greatest option for gardeners because of its sturdy construction and high-quality material choice.

Pros and Cons of Roleadro 75W Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Plant Light for Seedling


  • Easy to assemble
  •   Intense lightening


  • Has internal power supply

7. LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 15W Growing Lamp

Shade MaterialIron
SpecialtyNot Dimmable

Last but not least, the grow Maotopcom manufactures light. This device comes with three timer settings; 4 hr, 8hr, and 12 hours making it feasible for all kinds of plant growth. Although it covers a very small space and can only provide grow light to a couple of plants, the efficiency of the light is impeccable. According to your setting preferences, it can automatically trigger the timer function each day in case of an uninterrupted power supply.

Round-Shaped Lamp 

The wide and round shape of the light bable is to cover a wide space and serve a good number of plants at one time. Since it scatters its grow light 360 degrees, it fulfills the plant’s needs in all directions.

Wide Use

Plant grow light is suitable for gardening, balconies, seeds, seedlings, breeding, flowers, succulent potted plants, fruits, and vegetables like strawberries and tomatoes and is ideal for home and office use.

Five Dimmable Modes

The plant grow light has not one, not two, but five dimmable modes, which help you vary light intensity according to plant growth. It also improves the indoor plant’s quality and even the size of the flowering pods.

Pros and Cons of LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 15W Growing Lamp


  • Five dimmable modes
  • Budget-friendly


  • It only serves a couple of plants at a time

Best Greenhouse Grow Lights: Buyer’s Guide

Before making a grow lamp purchase with your hard-earned money, consider the following factors for an informed and practical decision:

  • Size: How many plants are in your greenhouse for which you need this grow light? Please note it, and then buy the size that matches your need.
  • Wattage: This can be misleading data for you, so keeping an eye on it is required. Read and evaluate your diode’s actual wattage, not the LED’s.
  • PPF: Photosynthesis Photon Flux; a measure of the total amount of light that a grow light emits in micromoles of photons per sec. Check this number before buying.


Do these LED grow lights get hot? 

A few of them do, provided they have a cooling fan which eliminates this issue

What distinguishes pink, yellow, and white grow lights from one another?

The white one performs better in all states, especially developing stem than the yellow one since it is bluer in color. The pink one has no added colors and is ideal for all stages of development.

Are these products battery powered, or must they be plugged into a wall?

All the products mentioned on this list will be plugged into the wall for electricity connection. No one is battery-powered. 

What is the best grow light for greenhouses?

Spider Farmer SF2000 LED Grow Lights is the best grow light for greenhouses.

Are LED lights good for greenhouses?

Yes, according to a research it is found that LED lights can enhance plant growth in greenhouse.

What lights to use in a greenhouse?

High intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps) which can produce high light output minor lighting emitting diode (LED) lamps should be used in greenhouses.

Final Words

In the article, we have provided you with the top 7 grow lights for a compact greenhouse from which you may pick to help your plants bloom and grow. 

We have carefully picked out these grow lights based on their qualities and the speed at which they reduce the vegetative cycle and induce flowering in plants. We hope you find it useful.