Greenworks vs EGO: Which Lawn Mower Brand to Choose?

It is indeed not straightforward to finalize on an electric lawn mower, especially with so many types and brands available in the market, each promising to be better than the rest. The buyer usually tends to find himself in a state of utter confusion while making the selection.

Luckily there are two brands eco-friendly electric brands, namely Greenworks and EGO, that do get a lot of attention. This article compares two of the topmost lawn mower brands, Greenworks vs. EGO, to help you decide which one among the two is the most suitable for you. Note: Here’s other brands you may want to avoid

Introducing Greenworks

green work lawnmower

A large and much-craved brand in the market for outdoor equipment, Greenworks sells a range of tools like hedges, garden trimmers, and lawn mowers. The brands’ ability to produce efficient and powerful machines is what sets them apart. Also, its lawn mowers do not rely on inefficient power sources or gas.

Introducing EGO

Introducing EGO LawnMower

A brand that stands out predominately because of its array of cordless equipment, EGO is a name associated with performance and reliability. From trimmers to leaf blowers and lawn mowers, EGO creates machines that offer gas-like performances without using any gas. These are smokeless, quiet, and easy to operate.

Greenworks Vs EGO – Factors To Consider

Greenworks vs EGO - Factors to consider

Now that you know what each brand stands for, let us dig deeper to explain the various factors on which the brands differ from each other.

Knowing these differences is bound to make your selection process easy.


Greenworks manufactures lawn mowers that reach an 80V battery capacity which delivers outstanding power and high battery life. Its corded mowers can deliver close to 13 AMP.

EGO, however, reaches only to a max of 56V total power capacity. Since its batteries are slightly efficient, these offer the same power as an 80V battery from Greenworks.

While the differences here do not stand out, it can be concluded that Greenworks corded lawn mower models offer more power than the cordless lawn mower models from EGO.


You do not want your mower to be heavy and struggle to push it around.

Greenworks mowers are approximately 7.6 pounds lighter than their EGO counterparts. On average, the weight of a Greenworks mower is 56.57 pounds, and that of an EGO mower is 64.17 pounds.


If durability is your concern, especially if you need to use your mower for long, then here is how both the brands compare.

Greenworks performs well with its mowers lasting over 5 years without any significant damage. Their batteries are high straining and potent, perfect to handle strict usage. Greenworks, however, uses many plastic parts which could wear out earlier.

EGO lawn mowers are expensive because of their super sturdy materials. These are ultra-resilient, and you may not face any issues with their durability.
Since EGO uses better materials, the chances of wear and breakage are lower in an EGO mower.


Height adjustment is a crucial part of grass cutting which decides how your mowing session goes.

Both EGO and Greenworks offer 6 to 7 height adjustment positions. Both the brands have only a difference of ¼ inch in their maximum cutting height which should not be a major decision-making factor.

So when talking about adjustability, both the brands are on a tie.

Battery Quality

Greenworks offers higher powered batteries at 80 V in its cordless model. EGO offers 56V of total power. Some Greenworks models use two batteries instead of one. This is because of its lower efficiency, so they need double the power to operate. You get a total of 30 minutes of mowing in every 4.0 Ah battery with charging that usually lasts for less than 60 minutes.

When using EGO, the battery has less power than 56V they last longer at 5.0 Ah. With just 30 minutes of charging, you get 45 minutes of mowing time. Also, you can use any EGO battery on any of the EGO mowers.

So the baton here for battery quality goes to EGO.

Lawn mower usually needs a battery replacement after a certain period of time. If you don’t know how to replace a lawn mower’s battery then you can Read Our Article How to Change a Lawn Mower Battery: Simple and Easy Way! to easily replace your lawn mower’s battery.


Greenworks are a lot lighter that makes them easy to control and maneuver in challenging situations. It is also easy to store.

EGO is bulky, but it has a self-propelling motor. You thus do not have to push the mower very hard on flat terrain. This is an advantage if you wish to save on some effort.

For high control and mowing difficult scenarios, rate Greenworks higher. For mowing on flat areas, EGO is the pick.

Noise Level

EGO, as well as Greenworks, hardly makes any noise. The difference is unnoticeable when you compare these mowers to a gas mower.


Both the brands need constant maintenance even though they are corded or battery powered.

EGO is slightly studier and designed such that you do not have to worry a lot about its upkeep. Be it replacement or cleaning, EGO takes less time and effort.

Greenworks comparatively has less durable parts and is also a bit inferior in its design which makes it tough to clean, repair and maintain.

The pristine features of EGO give it a lead though if looked closely, the difference may not be a lot.

Overall Price

You do not want to invest in a mower that breaks your bank account.

Greenworks are affordable, and their price in its corded variety is unbeatable. These are priced 50% lesser priced than the EGO mowers.

EGO, however, may win the battle because when it comes to the cumulative expenses over time, it stands ahead. It needs less maintenance, and its parts last longer. EGO mower also needs less charging time. So you would save on charging and usage when you choose EGO.

While Greenworks looks cheaper if you just consider its purchase price, EGO stands better if you calculate all the ongoing expenses of using the mower in the long run.


There is a demand for mowers that can be easily stored in a garage. EGO mowers fold easily and are compact which can be stored vertically. The folding mechanism is the same for all kinds of EGO mowers.

Greenworks does not guarantee this in all its mowers.

EGO thus wins here too.

Warranty and Customer Satisfaction

Both the brands give a decent warranty.

Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty on its battery and parts. This is perfect, especially if you occasionally wish to use the mower.

EGO offers a 5-year warranty on its parts and a 3-year warranty on its battery. The warranty is 1 or 2 years if you wish to use the mower as a professional.

There is however no comparison in customer satisfaction. They both perform great.

Bottom Line- Which One To Choose?

So how do we conclude? Is Greenworks a better option, or should you go for EGO? For this, we break the overall comparison into two major points.

  • If you are looking for a mower that is affordable and highly portable, then Greenworks is your choice.
  • If quality and low maintenance are what you seek for then, the answer is EGO.

Whichever of the two you may pick, both the products are fantastic.

So in a single line, EGO is expensive with premium features and Greenworks, on the other hand, is a complete value for money purchase.

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