27 Most Creative Hanging Garden Ideas

Gardening has long moved from only cultivating your backyard into more sophisticated, space-loving ideas. Gone are the days when living in an apartment or having a small yard space meant you could not keep a garden. Gardeners are continually coming up with creative ways to plant, and this post will show you some of the most creative hanging garden ideas.

A hanging garden has a lot in common with a vertical garden, a significant difference though, is that vertical gardens can be kept on the ground or tables. Hanging garden helps you utilize the space above your head in your home to grow your most desired garden. Relax, while I take you through some of the best and give you a reference for whenever you want to implement the idea.

hanging garden ideas

1. The Hanging Basket Garden

The Hanging Basket Garden

This is a hanging basket idea that can showcase your creativity and help you grow your favorite plants, even without a yard space. To replicate this idea, get three tightly woven baskets

, use two strong ropes to join the three baskets, fill them up with potting soil and plant your beautiful flowers. Then you can hang it on a side wall where it can get enough sunlight.

2. Hanging Grid Garden

Hanging Grid Garden

This is a simple container gardening idea where tiny containers are used to grow plants, then hung on a grid fixed to a wall receiving enough light. You can get the grid from local hardware stores near you if you do not have one lying around in your house. To make it more appealing, paint the wall a bright, calm color.

3. Hanging Bottle Garden

Hanging Bottle Garden

This idea upcycled used water bottles into garden containers for planting. A portion of the bottle is cut off, as seen in the picture, so the plant can get enough room to grow. You can then use rope or wire to hold the container to a stick hung across.

4. Colorful Hanging Planters

Colorful Hanging Planters

These traditional hanging planters can be gotten from garden stores. They can house anything from herbs to succulents and can be hung by your front door to entice visitors. Mixing colorful planters will only increase the appeal of this beautiful design.

5. Trellis Metal Bucket Hanger

Trellis Metal Bucket Hanger

Buckets can be used as planters for your hanging garden. Windows and the adjoining walls can look dull and boring when left bare. With this hanging garden idea, you can beautify that boring wall, while also satisfying your urge for gardening. Place a trellis over your window or wall, and hang your metal bucket planter.

6. PVC Lettuce Planters

PVC Lettuce Planters

Lettuce and other shallow root plants are a perfect fit for PVC pipes. Gutters from rooftops can be used to achieve this beauty. Use strong ropes to hold the gutters together, then hang it over your ceiling. Fill the trenches with potting soil and plant your veggies.

7. Coconut Shell Planters

Coconut Shell Planters

At first glance, coconut shells may not look like a good planter, but this hanging garden idea quashes that notion with this unique planter. To replicate this, you need coconut shells, ropes, and wires. Use the wire to hold the broken pieces of the shell together, pass the cables through them, and hang the shells on wooding bars or even over your patio area

8. Hanging Garden Using Shoe Hangers

Hanging Garden Using Shoe Hangers

Do you have old leather shoe hangers? Then you should consider this idea that converts them into planters for your veggies and herbs. Fill up each pocket with soil and use hooks to hang it on your ceiling.

9. Doorway Hangers

Doorway Hangers

If you want to plant creeping plants in your garden, then a hanging garden idea would be best for you. This idea uses the doorway frame as support for the creeping plants and lets them hang over the doorway, creating a thick garden feeling. You should plant these creepers close to the base of the door and guide them onto the arc.

10. Hanging Cone Basket

Hanging Cone Basket

This specialized cone basket with chain will serve as planters for your edibles like berries or herbs. Fill the planter with sterilized potting soil to discourage ants from entering your planter. 

11. Hanging Cups For Indoor Gardening

Hanging Cups For Indoor Gardening

This makes use of tiny cups hung on a wall in your home, like your living room wall. Ropes are used to attach the cups on a hook or nail driven into the wall. Getting a matching cup and wall color would be ideal.

12. Hanging Plywood Planter

Hanging Plywood Planter

This plywood design is sturdy enough to hold your more substantial garden pots, unlike many of the other hanging garden ideas already listed. You can make this plywood wooden hanger if you have some woodworking skills.

13. Wooden Bead Planter

Wooden Bead Planter

This is a fantastic bronze plated wooden plant holder. It can be hung in your sitting room as it oozes class and innovation. Add a colorful planter to enhance its beauty.

14. Hanging Ammunition Boxes

Hanging Ammunition Boxes

Yes, you heard me right. Used ammunition boxes can help you grow that garden you’ve always wanted. Chains and nuts are used to hold them together and hang them on your ceiling.  These planters are strong enough to carry slightly heavier plants than the regular hanging planters.

15. Curtain Rail Hanging Planter

Curtain Rail Hanging Planter

Curtain rails can come in handy when you’re considering a hanging garden. This curtain rail design uses colorful ropes to hold planting pots and attaches them to the rail. You can add personal messages to spice the area up.

16. Hanging Glass Terrarium

Hanging Glass Terrarium

Glass orbs are the perfect planters for herbs and succulents. Fill them with potting soil and hang them in your kitchen or sitting room. Terrariums of different shapes and sizes can be gotten from garden stores near you.

17. Kitchen Window Hanging Garden

Kitchen Window Hanging Garden

Your kitchen window can be transformed with this hanging garden idea. Fix rails across your kitchen window and use ropes to tightly hold small planting containers while attaching the other end to the rail.

18. Walkway Hanging Garden

Walkway Hanging Garden

If you’re short on garden space but still desire outdoor gardening, then this walkway hanging garden idea will suit you perfectly. A wooden platform is built over your sidewalk, where plants are left hanging.

19. Upcycled Hanging Bottles

Upcycled Hanging Bottles

You can have a whole assembly of garden plants hung on your wall or fence by upcycling used water bottles and holding them together with ropes. Remember, you can only plant smaller plants in these bottles.

20. Pallet Pot Hangers 

Pallet Pot Hangers

This hanging garden pallet idea serves as a hanger for plant containers. Clips and ropes are used to hang the pots to the pallet. You can get pallets quickly as they are disposed of after being used in shipping containers.

21. Indoor Hanging Buckets

Indoor Hanging Buckets

If you’re thinking of having a simple indoor hanging garden, then you should consider this design that uses a specialized hanger to hold metallic pots where you can then plant your Beautiful indoor plants.

22. Hanging Planter Set

Hanging Planter Set

This design contains sets of planting containers held in holes created on plywood and joined with strong ropes. The ropes are used to hold the hanging garden set steadfast on a wooden bar.

23. Tri Cup Hanging Garden

Tri Cup Hanging Garden

Do you know you can create a beautiful hanging garden without breaking the bank? This idea uses three affordable containers as planters with sturdy ropes holding them on a nail driven into the wall.

24. Classic Brass Ring Hanger

Classic Brass Ring Hanger

This brass ring hanging garden idea brings a touch of elegance to your sitting room. Hanging this on a plain wall is sure to excite a lot of your visitors. Small and delicate plants will look good sitting on the hanger.

25. DIY Wooden Hanging Garden With Buckets

DIY Wooden Hanging Garden With Buckets

This is for DIY lovers. You can create this design with everyday items in your home. You need to create an elevated platform with wood from which plastic buckets with Beautiful plants are hung.

26. Hanging Bird Cage Garden

Hanging Bird Cage Garden

Birdcage can also hold plants trust me. This idea uses everyday birdcage as a planter for succulents. First a small nylon is used to cover the base to prevent soil from falling off. Then good potting soil is added alongside succulents. The birdcage is fantastic outdoors.

27. Upcycled Kitchen Colanders

Upcycled Kitchen Colanders

Old kitchen colanders can become fantastic plant containers. Instead of throwing away your old colander, why not use them for your hanging garden. Their holes also serve as good drainage for excess water. Use sturdy ropes to hang them onto a wall in your home.

Everyday items at home can be utilized to make a cool hanging garden idea. Don’t let space be a hindrance stopping you from growing your garden and enjoying the bliss. 

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