10 Cool Hosta Garden Ideas With Pictures

Some plants are just so irresistible that you’ll always find yourself running your hands through their broad leaves, and the hosta plant is no different. Hosta is your go-to plant where others are struggling. It is an easy to grow shade-loving plant that can brighten up your corner garden. To make things easier in this article you can find some awesome Hosta Garden Ideas for your garden.

Trust me when I tell you this is a very addictive plant. Once you try it out in a small corner of your garden, you’ll find yourself filling up your space with it in no time. Thanks to its lush look and full nature, areas under huge trees shouldn’t have to be boring anymore. Hostas come in different varieties and colors. Its blue, green, yellow, and even white shades can suit whatever mood you’re in at that moment.

Growing hostas is so easy as they’re comfortable in average and colder climates, not so much in hotter climates but planting them in containers with sterilized potting soil so they can be moved in during hot periods will solve this problem. This is a yummy deer plant, so you may have to make special plans to keep them out. Making fences around your garden and setting up barriers similar to those used in keeping stray cats out should be able to keep any encroaching deer out.

This native Asian plant found its way to America in the late 1900s, and since then, gardeners have embraced its lush nature. If you want to join its ever-growing fan base, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Mix With Allium

Mix With Allium

Massing a particular hosta variety is magical, what is even more heavenly, is mixing it with allium. It creates a unique garden combination in your yard. Alliums are sun-loving plants, so you have to select hosta species that are comfortable under more sun like the one in the picture. Its broad green leaves with white borders connect well with the different shade of green the allium plant brings out. You can set up this design anywhere in your yard.

2. The ideal Container Gardening Plant

The ideal Container Gardening Plant

The hosta plant looks so good in a container that you’ll be forgiven if you thought container gardening was made for it. Because of its broad leaves and growth pattern, it fills the container and forms a full, lush look. You can plant only one species per container or mix several smaller species in a single box for varrying color shades. You can decide to keep these containers right in the middle of your garden on a platform or even on your patio table.

3. As Mixed Border Plants

As Mixed Border Plants

Border plants are so important in the garden because they create the necessary contrast for the other flowers to bloom and stand out. This hosta border idea uses a playful looking hosta variety along the border of a walkway. The hosta plant beautifies the other plants around it by adding different colors and sizes to the mix.

4. Sloppy Shade Plant

Sloppy Shade Plant

One of the biggest challenges gardeners face is cultivating a sloppy shaded area. It is so tricky that most gardens give up and leave the field bare. Its difficulty stems from the fact water runs down quickly without truly soaking the ground, coupled with the shade, it is a nightmare for gardeners to have—the hosta plant to the rescue. Not only is it comfortable in shaded areas, but once established, but it can also thrive in areas with low water. Its roots intertwine to create barriers against erosion while its stems and broad leaves suppress weed growth.

5. Stand Alone Beauty

Stand Alone Beauty

Mixing the hosta plant is gorgeous, but growing just a single variety can leave you spell-bound. The type you choose to grow doesn’t matter; what matters is dedicating a corner to this hosta beauty to blossom so your visitors can fully savor it. The ease at which the hosta plant grows makes it an even more attractive option. It can quickly fill up an area with its leaves. Growing this hosta near your gate or entrance will add to the aesthetics of your home.

6. Around Water Bodies

Around Water Bodies

In Asia where it originated from, hostas were commonly found along water bodies. So this idea of beatifying any water body in your home with hosta is only natural. If you have a waterfall or a stream flowing in your home, artificial or natural, lining the hosta plant along the banks helps to magnify the beauty and also serves as a barrier to keep humans and pets from falling inside the water. The relaxed look the hosta embodies will suit a flowing water body perfectly.

7. Single Border Hosta

Single Border Hosta

The hosta plant is an excellent border plant as it covers spaces around it while growing. Using a single variety as your border plant either around your garden to keep animals away or to separate a corner of your yard for your kids to play BBQ party games, will form a beautiful barrier visitors will love. A hosta species with added colors when blooming like the one in the picture is a fantastic choice to use. Bear in mind that planting hosta far away from your home is bound to attract rabbits and voles to your garden.

8. Front Yard Hosta Setup

Front Yard Hosta Setup

If you’re looking for a way to add the hosta plant into your front yard landscaping design then this idea is what you need. You do not need to tear down your already existing front yard design to accomplish this hosta addition. It is simple yet unique and will only lead to more radiance from your home. If you’re going with a single hosta variety addition, then locating it at the center of other plants is the wise thing to do as its full nature and subtle colors enhance the beauty of the plants around it.

9. Back Yard Garden Design

Back Yard Garden Design

With the earlier ideas, it may seem like the hosta plant cannot do without staying in the limelight (that’s because its radiance is enchanting). It can blend perfectly with the calm back yard surroundings. Whether around your quiet time or meditation zone, several hosta plants can give you that serenity you need to connect with your inner peace. Just spatially planting the hostas forms a simple back yard design. 

10. Canopy Delight

Canopy Delight

Hostas love shaded areas. Unlike most perennials, they can thrive and bloom in a shaded area. If your garden is filled with towering trees casting their shadows over your yard, the hosta plant is what you need to beautify the shaded area. It comes in different varieties and hues that create the contrast your garden needs to pop. Whether it is the lower creeping hostas or the slightly elevated ones, your garden will wear a new look.

Easy to grow, shade-loving, unique color blend, and distinctive leaves are some of the characteristics of the hosta plant. Letting the hosta plant grace your garden will only brighten up your garden and create a lush, full area for you. Take any of these ideas and run with them. No, don’t thank me. Thank the hosta plant.

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