How To Adjust Lawn Mower Height?

A lawn mower is an essential tool in your garden and knowing how to adjust the lawn mower height is crucial to give you a neat cut. The lawn mower blade should be adjusted to the correct height to evenly cut the grass and to let you flaunt a well-trimmed lawn.

However, if you are not aware of the process then here is a step-by-step guide to help you on How To Adjust Lawn Mower Height. But before that, How To Measure Lawn Mower Cutting Height?

Measuring the Lawn Mower Cutting Height

If you desire a clean-looking garden then a lawn mower is what you need. The first step is to measure the cutting height to trim the grass to the right size. If the grass is cut very short then this exposes the garden to weeds, quickly destroying your garden because of sunlight. Cutting the grass tall spoils the aesthetics of your lawn.

Every grass species has its individual cutting requirements and you need to adjust the lawn mower height accordingly.

Different grass Species and Size Requirements

Before you adjust the lawn mower height you need to be aware of the optimal height of the various grass types. Once you know the height it makes it easy for you to alter the height of the lawn mower. The condition of the turf thus determines the lawn mowers cutting height.

Cool-Season Grass

cool season grass

Cool-season grasses thrive in a 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Here are some cool-season grass varieties and their ideal height.

  • Buffalograss – 2 to 3 inches
  • Fine Fescue – 1.5 to 2.5 inches
  • Tall Fescue – 2 to 4 inches
  • Ray grass – 1.5 to 2.5 inches

Warm-Season Grass

warm season grass

The warm-season grasses thrive in an 80–95-degree Fahrenheit temperature range. Here are a few warm-season grass species with their ideal height.

  • Zoysia – 0.5 to 1.5 inches
  • St. Augustine – 2 to 4 inches
  • Bahiagrass – 2 to 3 inches
  • Bermuda Grass – 2 to 3 inches
  •  Centipidegrass – 1.5 to 2.5 inches

Adhering to the mowing height of the grass lets you flaunt a good-looking and healthy lawn.

Adjusting the Lawn Mower Height

Measuring the lawnmower cutting height

The lawn mower adjustment process is not complicated. Once you are clear on the precise size the adjustment process is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps to follow.

Adjust the Mower

Park the lawn mower on a flat surface to work on it comfortably. It also reduces the chances of error. If your mower is powered by gasoline then make sure to turn the engine off.

Measure it

Measure the tires’ air pressure ensuring that all the tires have equal pressure. Else the mower will turn over.

Remove the Ignition Key

Calculate the adjustment height as per the grass variety in your lawn.

The perfect Adjustment

After you finish taking the measurement here is what you need to do to adjust the lawn mower perfectly.

  • Use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the ground and the blade. This will let you figure out the height that you need to adjust the mower too. Once you have the accurate number you can start the process.
  • Set the lawn mowers wheel to the same height to make proper adjustments.
  • If you own a push mower then use the adjustment lever provided on the mower tires. With this measurement raise or lower the wheel as the case may be.
  • At times you may also need to do side by side adjustments for which you will need to turn the blades. With a measuring tape or a ruler decide the height of the edge from the ground. This measurement will let you cut the grass with ease.
  • you own a reel lawn mower then open the roller pin present in the bracket taking care that the roller pins are well-adjusted to the higher hole on the frame. The level of both the pins should be the same.

Setting the Blade Tip

You need to set the height of the blade tip perfectly. This needs to be done from both sides of the mower. The blade tip’s height and its level should be identical. The correct blade tip will enable you to get a perfectly cut grass pattern.

For an Electric Mower

The process stays the same in the case of an electric mower. All that you need to do is just stretch the adjustment lever. If you wish to cut the grass at a higher level then move the lever to a higher number on the deck back. If you wish to cut at a lower level then move the lever to the lower number on the mower. Make sure that the wheels are set at the same level.

The mechanism of the height adjustment depends on the brand and the model of the mower and also the type of mower that you use. Check the owners’ manual to understand how to adjust the mower height.

As a general rule of thumb, to adjust the height of a small lawn mower pull the height adjustments lever close to the wheel. In the case of large mowers, the height can be regulated with a large lever.

Testing the Height Adjustment

Your mower is now ready to give your grass a fine cut. Before you start cutting, test the lawn mower once, cut grass in a small area and if you find that the results match your expectations then go ahead and ride the mower on your lawn. Else you may want to adjust the cutting height again.

Check the Height

After you mow a test patch use a scale in order to determine the cut grasses height with the height of the uncut grass. The length that is cut should be less than one-third of the overall height of the grass blade. If the height is more or less than one-third then lower or raise the mower height to reach the targeted height.

Make the adjustment according to the height that you prefer. Once you find the correct height you are ready to mow the complete lawn.

If your lawn mower offers many height options then stick to the middle one. However, if you do not get the desired result, then try out a different height.

Cutting the Grass

  • Always follow the one-third rule when cutting the grass. This means that you should not cut more than one-third of the height in any one season.
  • Be patient when cutting so that you neither cut the grass too little nor too much.
  • Never schedule a mowing session. The only indication is that if the height is a third higher than the optimum height of the grass species, mow it.
  • Ensure that the blade is sharp and clean and doesn’t need replacement.
  • Mow during the early evenings when the grass is dry which will not clog the mower with moisture.
  • Change the mowing pattern to not cause rut or to compact the soil.

Summing it all Up

We hope that the tutorial has clearly elaborated the ways to measure and adjust the lawn mower height. Follow this guide to calculate the mowing height depending on the turf and your mower type to let you flaunt a perfectly cut and well-manicured lawn.

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