How To Adjust Speed On Self Propelled Lawn Mower?

Your garden looks shabby with overgrown grass, and this is frustrating. A perfectly mowed yard is the dream of every house owner. While there are many types of mowers available in the market that makes the process of mowing easy, self-propelled lawn mowers, however, get a little extra attention because of their simple mechanics and easy-to-operate functionality.

There are quite a few things that you should be aware of to use a self-propelled lawn mower optimally in your yard. One among them is to learn the ways to adjust the mower speed. Unfortunately, the majority of self-propelled lawn mower owners find themselves handicapped when it comes to answering How To Adjust Speed On Self Propelled Lawn Mower? We do not want you to be one among them!

Do you Face Difficulty in Adjusting the Speed of your Self-Propelled Lawn Mower?

This is a concern, and if you are a newbie, then it seems like a challenging task. The truth, however, is that it is not a big deal. Self-propelled mowers are environmentally friendly. The plus point of this machine is that it gives the owner the flexibility to control all the features of the machine. But you need to invest some time to learn how to adjust the speed of a self-propelled mower.

The Process

It is not difficult to control a lawn mower if you know exactly what you are doing. The secret lies in its speed. It is the mower speed that lets you own it.

Here are the steps to follow:

Keep the Lawn Mower on an Even Surface

Keep the lawnmower on an even surface

Place your lawn mower on an even surface before you adjust its speed. This will let you control your mower easily.

Move the Mower Throttle Lever and Keep it in the Choke Position

The throttle lever of the mower should be placed in the choke position. Take care not to push the lever when the mower engine is hot. Instead, wait for some time for the engine to cool down.

Pull the Starter Cord of the Lawn Mower

Pull the starter cord of the lawnmower.

Now pull the starter cord or just rotate the ignition key switch, which will let you turn the mower on.

Move the Throttle Lever and Keep It In The Fast Position

Push the mowers throttle lever and place it in the fast position when the engine starts to get warm. Once done, your mower is ready to mow. When the throttle lever is set in the fast position, then this will let the mower blade spin fast. You will be able to cut the maximum amount of grass efficiently.

Adjust The Speed of The Mower Blade

Look at the side of the handlebar of your mower. You will find a yellow button there. This yellow button helps to control the blade’s speed. Press it in the forward direction and start spinning the blade. The mower blade will stop spinning when the yellow button is pressed towards you.

Push the Drive Clutch Lever

Push the mower drive clutch lever onwards and let the mower start propelling. The mower drive clutch should be mowed slowly onwards to adjust the lawn mower speed. The mower movement depends on your drive clutch.

To stop the lawn mower, all that you need to do is to release the drive clutch. This will prevent the blade from spinning and push the throttle lever into a quiet position. Then just shut down the mower engine.

You now know how to control the mower speed efficiently.

What is Not Letting you Adjust the Self-Propelled Mower Speed?

If you are still facing trouble adjusting the self-propelled mower speed, then here are some things to watch out for.



Self-propelled lawn mowers usually come with a combustion engine. This engine type is powered by fuel which should be in a liquid form. For these kinds of engines, clogging is a significant issue. Clogging slows the mower down. If you wish to adjust the speed and the mower is clogged, then it will not respond to speed adjustments appropriately.

It may also happen that you want the mower to run faster, but the engine goes down and shuts off. Clogging again is to be blamed for this. Fix the clogging issue, and you will find it easy to adjust the speed.

Fuel Blend

Fuel blend

Every fuel supplier will employ a different fuel blend. The fuel could be an octane or a blend of corn, alcohol, and gasoline. The blend reduces environmental impact and is also cheaper than the other fuel varieties. The drawback, however, is the impact that it has on the small engines.

If you notice some glitch with the mower speed, then check on the fuel system. It could be possible that the blend may not be the best for your mower. It may be blocking the engine, making it difficult to adjust the mower speed.

Drive Loss

Fault with the motion drive belt and the battery or air getting trapped in the transmission system is also an obstacle that does not let you adjust the mower speed. So if the battery has low power and you are still trying to make the mower work fast, then this is not going to work.

Also, check for any wear or tear. Fixing it will let you adjust the mower speed again.


Adjusting the speed of your self-propelled mower is crucial to do your job well. The above aspects play a significant role in impacting the mower speed. Understanding these makes it easy to control the self-propelled mowers speed.

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