How to Cut Grass without a Lawnmower?

We all fancy a well-trimmed lawn, but it comes at a price. A lawnmower is a basic tool that one needs to invest in to sport a cropped lawn. However, lawnmowers are expensive and even difficult to maintain. So what do you do when you have an overgrown lawn but no mower to trim it? You will be surprised to know that there are alternative ways to cut your grass without using a mower. The options may not be easy, but they work to let you flaunt a manicured lawn.

Without much ado, let us understand the different strategies of how to cut grass without a lawnmower.

1. String Trimmer

String Trimmer

String trimmers are a substitute for the lawnmower. These have good power, are small in size, and are not as heavy as a lawnmower. String trimmers let you trim grass without investing a lot of energy and time. 

To get the best result, ensure that your lawn is totally dry. If it is wet because of the rains or the morning dew, wait until the lawn dries off before using the string trimmer. When using the string trimmer, invest in an extension cord that can reach the entire lawn area. This will take care not to give you an uneven cut. It will save you from relocating the plug between the cuttings.

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It takes some time to work out the grip and stance. Once you learn the technique, you can evenly cut through the entire lawn seamlessly. Bring the grass and the trimmers head in contact and cut it in a side-to-side motion. When you are comfortable with a particular stride, you can move across the grass and trim larger areas.

2. Livestock


Using livestock to cut grass may not be an option for all. Still, it works for those who have a large amount of land and wish to maintain their garden without using the traditional mowing methods.

Some farm animals help to maintain your yard by eating shrubbery and extra grass. This method is environmentally friendly, but there is an additional responsibility to take care of the farm animals.

Keeping goats and chickens on your farm is a great idea. These are easy to care for and cut your grass evenly. Adding goats to your yard can help maintain your yard easily. Goats eat a lot of shrubbery and grass, and these are a great choice if you own a large land.

Chickens are another popular choice that cuts down the grass. Just keep them in a movable coop and roll them from one to the other place. The chickens get fresh grass to eat, and in turn, they help to maintain your farm.

3. Shears

Shears are another tool that lets you mow your grass without a lawnmower. Shears offer great accuracy and are sure to satisfy you with the result. The tool resembles a large scissor that you need to hold with your hands to trim the grass. It comes with many blades on the end of the handle, and this helps to cut grass.

The main drawback of using shears is that it is time-consuming to trim your grass with this method. This is because you will have to kneel on the ground for a long when trimming the grass. You will also need to invest in a knee pad if you plan to use shears.

Suppose you are very particular about the look of your farm. In that case, you may also want to purchase elbow protection to save your elbow from getting hurt because of friction.

Keep in mind that shears are meant to be used in small areas. If you own a very large garden or lack patience, you may want to look at some other method. Working with shears helps to maintain precision and accuracy, keeping your grass symmetrical.

4. Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmer to cut grass

Hedge trimmers are similar to a string trimmer or a weed whacker but with a few different features. Hedge trimmers look like a chainsaw in its design, and it is used to cut large amounts of bushes and shrubbery.

It takes some practice to get a neat finish, but if your main goal is to cut the grass short without accuracy, this is the best tool. Just swing the hedge trimmer, and the work is done.

Hedge trimmers, however, should be used carefully as they are dangerous. You thus should understand the safety measures and follow them when cutting the grass. Not using it the right way could lead to a disaster. Also, take care to keep the unnecessary items away from the route of the hedge trimmer.

Hedge trimmers are a great option, and it takes just a single swoop to cut and trim the grass. You do not need to switch tools which saves you energy and time.

5. Scythe

A scythe works well to cut grass if you do not own a lawnmower. This is a large blade made of metal that is placed at the end of a long stick. The blade is curved and cuts the grass with a back and forth motion. The tool is great for cutting grass fast.

Though not a very popular tool, a scythe is indeed effective in trimming the grass. To use the tool, maintain a comfortable position, hold the scythe using the parallel handle, and cut the high grass. Swing the scythe using your hip and thigh muscles to mow the grass.

Scythes can also be used if you own a lawnmower to cut the tall grasses. This prevents the grass from clogging in the mower and gives you better results. 

6. Scissors

A regular scissor available at home can also be used to cut grass growing on your lawn. However, this option is viable only if you have a small area to trim. Pull out an old and trusted scissor from the drawer and start cutting the grass from small areas. Keep in mind that this is not an option if you have a large yard to trim.

Similar to how you use shears, using scissors is difficult and strains you physically. Get proper protection so that you do not hurt your elbows and knees.

7. Golf Clubs

Did you know what kind of grass is used on golf courses? and how you can use golf clubs to trim this grass? Well, the process is simple and fun too. All you need to do is swing the golf club without making a divot and just whack the grass. The method gives your yard a nice groom and also lets you practice your golfing skills.

The process is time-consuming. Some of you may also want to use a baseball bat to swing the club and cut the tall grass.

8. Edger


Edgers are used by professionals not just to cut the edges but also to trim the garden. It can be used to trim the hedges and cut grass. The tool is used for gardening, and you do not need to kneel or stoop down to trim the grass. The tool is a cheaper and better alternative to a lawnmower.

Edgers are eco-friendly too. These use electricity and do not pollute the environment as a gas-powered lawnmower does.


You may not own a lawnmower, or your lawnmower may have stopped working all of a sudden. Even imaging your lawn turning into a forest with tall grasses is a nightmare.

A lawnmower is the standard tool used to cut grass efficiently and quickly. Still, people may not choose to purchase it because of its storage needs and due to environmental concerns. This is where the alternative grass mowing tools come into the picture.

We have listed down many lawn mowing options that mow the grass without using a lawnmower. Most of them are practical. These are eco-friendly options though they may not be as convenient as ridding a lawnmower on your garden to get a neat and trimmed lawn.

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