How to Keep Cats Out of Your Yard?

Cats can be lovely creatures, we know! But no one wants stray cats in their yard, not even ardent cat lovers. Cats love to litter in somewhat closed spaces and will dig out and scatter your garden alongside the plants there. They may also introduce parasites into your garden.

This post will show you how to keep cats away from your yard, using proven high-tech and easy to practice methods. 

Why you do not want Cats in your yard?

Cats like to defecate in secluded places, and they do so by burying their feces in the soil. Cats damage your plants when digging and their waste can carry dangerous parasites that are both harmful to the plants and humans.

Their urine also carries an annoying pungent smell that will put you off when you go to relax in your yard.

How to Keep Cats Out of Your Yard?

how to keep cats out of yard

Seeing poop in your lawn, damaged plants and or perceiving strong ammonia smell from cats urine might be the sign that you need to try out some of these methods.

Here are some methods that can keep stray cats away from your farm. Some are easy and inexpensive to set up while others may require you to spend more to purchase.


    • Install barriers: You should consider installing barriers like electric fences that can prevent stray cats from entering your yard. The electric fence should be put around your yard, that should be enough to keep stray cats out. Spikes can also be placed on regular fences to prevent cats from crossing over to your yard
    • Remove food particles or feed trays: Cats are attracted to areas with food. They’ll become used to your garden if you consistently leave food particles or feed trays where these cats can reach them. Clear food particles and hang feed trays where cats cannot climb.
    • Companion-plant pungent-smelling crops: Cats are uncomfortable around certain strong-smelling plants. Planting some of these crops around your garden will prevent cats and some other animals from using your yard. Plants like lavender, rue and geranium produce a strong repulsive smell to cats and will keep them away.
    • Use coarse mulching materials:

Cats love to dig to bury their feces; they also love soft and smooth surfaces. When you use a coarse mulch to cover the soil in your yard, cats will feel uncomfortable digging there. Use materials like sawdust from wood, coarse tree leaves and branches to cover your soil.

  • Consider installing water sprays: Cats do not like to be soaked. Having water sprays in your yard and setting them to rain around the time cats like to visit should chase the cats away from your garden in no time. You can also purchase a water hand spray and
    manually spray a cat when you see one.  A motion-activated water sprinkler will do wonders for you.
  • Provide alternate litter areas: Consider creating new spaces outside your yard where cats can bury their waste. Cats love to litter in secluded places with soil. Creating an alternative location for stray cats to dump their waste will take them away from your yard.
  • Get a dog: We all know about the phrase ‘cat and dog’. Cats hardly visit areas with dogs because dogs always chase them away. Getting a dog is a surefire way to get rid of stray cats in your yard. Dogs can also prevent other animals from visiting your garden.
  • Set traps, neuter and release (TNR): The TNR method is an effective method against stray cats. You should check with your local Humane Society first. Set traps around your yard, when these traps catch stray cats, you take them to your local Humane Society where they are kept for seven days first. If their owners don’t come for them by then, they are put up for adoption.

Cat Repellents

Certain products are repulsive to cats. Some are commercially made, while others are naturally found. Putting these repellents in and around your yard will make your garden unconducive for cats. 

Commercial Cat Repellents

Most commercial cat repellents come in granular form and are scattered around your yard. They are made to smell like the urine of cat prey like foxes and coyotes. Be sure to purchase one that is organic, so pets and kids can be safe around them.

Natural Cat Repellents

If you’re scared and you’re wondering if all these commercially produced cat repellents are safe to use, you can make use of some of these natural cat repellents. They are entirely safe to use around kids and pets.

  • Aromatic oils and herbs: planting certain flowers and crops with a pungent smell that is repulsive to cats will keep them away. Plants like rue and lavender produce scents which make cats unconducive. You can also spread dried leaves of rue and lavender around your yard if you don’t want to plant them.
  • Citrus and Citrus-based Sprays: You can spread fruits like oranges and lemon round your yard. Sprays made from such fruits are also useful in keeping stray cats away.
  • The urine of Predators: Cats are scared of animals like coyotes and foxes, so spraying their urine around your yard will chase stray cats away. Predator urine can easily be gotten from local garden stores near you.
  • Blood Meal Fertilizer: This is dried blood gotten from animals. They can easily be gotten from the abattoir or in your home. This dried blood makes an excellent fertilizer for your garden, while the smell makes cats uncomfortable. 
  • Home-made Repellents: These are easy-to-make repellents from everyday ingredients in the house. They’re also inexpensive to make since you can easily get all the ingredients from your kitchen shelf.

Recipes for Different Home-made Repellents

Here are some recipes to easily make different types of repellents at home. Put it into a spray container and spray around your yard.

Vinegar-based cat repellent spray

  • Take half cup of vinegar
  • Half cup of liquid hand soap
  • And a half cup of water 
  • Mix all together

Citronella oil-based cat repellent spray

  • Take twenty drops of citronella spray
  • Mix with ¾ cup of water

Pepper, garlic and lemon cat repellent spray

  • Take a single teaspoon of dry mustard
  • A single teaspoon of cinnamon
  • A single teaspoon of black pepper
  • Four drops of lemon essential oil
  • And water
  • Mix all together


Stray cats littering your yard can be very annoying. Using any of these methods listed here will definitely solve this problem. Simply choose the method best suited to your and your needs. Either using high tech equipment or through cat repellents to keep cats away.

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