How To Keep Grass From Clogging Mower Deck?

If the grass clippings’ clogging on the mower deck feels annoying, then this is just the article you need. Read through our simple yet effective tips if you wish to learn How To Keep Grass From Clogging Mower Deck?

The problem is expected when you operate the mower for a very long time without cleaning it. Mowing wet grass is another culprit that clogs the mower deck.

Want to get rid of this hassle? Then follow these simple solutions not to let the grass clog your mower deck.

Cleaning the Mower Deck Underside

Cleaning the mower deck underside

The method is straightforward. You need to clean the mower deck and apply oil or lubricant under the deck to get a clean underside. The secret, however, is to do it the right way, which is what we guide you through.

Cleaning is a simple yet the best solution to let your mower deck stay free from clogged grass. Here are the steps to clean the mower the right way and keep it free from clogged grass.

  • Find out an even space, spread a tarp, and take the mower on the tarp. Then empty the fuel tank.
  • Slowly tilt the mower towards its side to access its underside. Remove the mower blade and keep it in a safe place.
  • Scrub the debris and dirt from the underside of the mower using a wire cleaning brush. An air hose is perfect for getting rid of the loose grass.
  • A garden hose pipe or a pressure washer should be used to clean the underside of the mower. Wait for the mower to dry completely, and then reinstall the blade.
  • Repeat this process every few days to keep your mower free from dirt, debris, and clogged grass.

Preventive Methods to Not Let Grass Clog on the Mower Deck.

Now that you are aware of the perfect way of cleaning the mower deck to get rid of any clogged grass, here is what you should do to ensure that the mower deck stays clog-free for long.

Apply Vegetable Oil

Apply vegetable oil

Apply some vegetable oil on the mower deck after you clean it. This is a quick and inexpensive solution that should be done after thoroughly cleaning the mower deck. Spray a good amount of vegetable oil under the mower deck and use a cleaning rag to rub on the underside.

Take care to use vegetable oil and not motor oil to keep the grass from sticking. Oil is a barrier that does not let grass stick on the wheels, steel blade, and the mower deck but motor oil may kill the lawn and the grass if it drips.

Vegetable oil enjoys the same properties as engine oil, but since it is natural, it will not damage the grass.

Use Lubricant Oil

Use Lubricant Oil

After the underside of the mower deck is clean and dry, apply lubricant oil all over it. Rub it using a cleaning rag. The lubricant oil is readily available in any automobile shop. The oil is inexpensive but is a long-term solution to keep the mower free from clogged grass. It is very effective if you have a dry and small lawn.

Purchase a Spray that is Mower Specific

spray that is mower specific

There are specific products available in the market designed to prevent the grass from clogging your mower. The spray coats the mower deck with a slick layer that does not accumulate any grass clippings. Read the owner’s manual to understand what will work best for your mower.

Rust Protecting Fluid

Rust Protecting Fluid

Rust protecting fluid applied on the underside of the mower deck is a tried and trusted methodology which offers sure shot success. Make sure to check the fluid components before you buy them. Read the fluid reviews since not all are created equal. Purchase the best one, take a sufficient amount of the liquid, and rub it on the mower deck.

Additional Methods

Here are some practices that you should follow to prevent clogged grass from sticking to your mower.

Mow During the Afternoon Hours

Some lawn mower owners prefer to mow their lawn in the early morning or the evening when the temperature is cool. However, it is best to mow when the sun is out and at its brightest in the afternoons.

This is because when you mow in the morning or the evening hours, it is not hot, and the lawn will mostly be covered with moisture. When you mow, the wet grass will stick on the deck of the lawn mower and will clump into huge balls.

Make Passes that are Narrow.

Narrow passes prevent the grass from sticking onto the deck of the lawn mower. In simple words, do not mow the entire decks’ length. Instead, you should make a pass to cover just half the deck. When less grass enters the mower, the deck will stay relatively cleaner. If there is some clogging, then you can turn it over and clean it.

Use a Wire Brush After Every Mowing Session.

Grass easily clings to the grass accumulation on the mower. To avoid this build-up, it is vital to act fast and not let the grass stick. Use a wire brush to clean the mower each time after you mow. This will not allow the grass clumps to accumulate, which saves you from hassle. Clean the grass immediately because if you wait longer, it will harden, making it difficult to clean.

Tips to Follow

Follow these simple yet effective tips to save your lawn mower from grass clogging.

  • Mow your lawn regularly because if the grass is long, it is more likely to stick to the mower deck.
  • Mow when the grass is dry, preferably on a sunny day.
  • The throttle lever should be set to full speed to eject the grass cuttings from the mower deck.
  • A high lift mower blade does wonder to remove the grass clippings powerfully.

To Sum it Up

Keeping your mower deck free from grass clogging is not a difficult task. All you need to do is clean the deck regularly, apply lubricants, and follow the proper mowing procedure to increase the durability and performance of your mower.

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