How to Make Grass Thicker and Fuller?

Everybody wants a fuller lawn, but not many people know how to make grass thicker and fuller, so they are content admiring their neighbor’s thick yard. 

In this case, the grass is more often always fuller on the other side. 

If you want to know the trick your neighbor uses to get their lawn thick and attractive, stick around, and I’ll show you the quick and easy steps to get the lawn of your dreams.

Caring for your lawn will hasten the journey to a full lawn free of weeds.

Causes of Thin Lawns

If you want to know how to make grass thicker and fuller, you must first understand why you have a thin lawn.

Here are some reasons why your lawn has stayed thin.

cause of thin lawn

  • Poor Soil Nutrients

This may be an obvious reason why your lawn is thin. If the soil is lacking in the necessary nutrients, the grounds will stay thin.

  • Compacted Soil

A hard and compacted soil will make it difficult for your grass to take proper roots and blossom. Lack of soil nutrients, heavy foot traffic, and soil type can cause a compacted soil.

  • Pests and Diseases Infestation

When your grass is infested with pests and diseases, it makes it difficult for it to grow properly. The result will be a thin and sparse lawn that would be unappealing.

  • Shady Environment

Most grasses will struggle in shady areas. If your lawn area is shady with trees, your lawn may be affected and will have sparse growth.

  • Presence of Weeds

Weeds will not only cause a shortage of nutrients for your grass but will also fill up the area and choke your grass. Some of these weeds will look like grass and may be challenging to identify and control.

Advantages of Thicker and Fuller Lawns

The advantages of a greener and thicker grass lawn are numerous. Here is what you’ll enjoy once you have a thick lawn.

how to Make Grass Thicker and Fuller

  • Weed-free lawn: one of the significant advantages you’ll enjoy once you can get a thick lawn is an almost weed-free lawn. This is because there’ll be little space for the weeds to grow as the thick lawn has filled up the area and choked the weeds out. This is an effective and inexpensive way to rid your lawn of weeds.
  • Attractive lawn: a thick yard will make your lawn the talk among your friends and will make your neighbors green with envy. In no time, you’ll begin to get visits from them asking for your secret. A full lawn looks greener and more appealing.
  • Fewer accidents: many of us have our children playing on our lawns, and with children, the chances of accidents are high. This is especially so when there are patches in your lawn with bare ground showing. Your kids can easily injure themselves. With a thick lawn, everywhere is covered, and there is a cushion when your kids fall.

How to Make Grass Thicker, Fuller and Greener?

I promised earlier to show you the secrets your neighbors are using to get that full, green lawn you envy.

What makes these secrets even the more interesting is that they are not hidden; they are something you probably already know. 

Without further ado, here is what you must do to get that full lawn of your dreams.


Overseeding is the addition of more seeds in sparse areas. It is common to find areas in your lawn that are sparsely populated and with many open patches. Overseeding those areas with a slice seeder or overseeder will close up those open patches.

Ensure to overseed with the same grass seed on other parts of your lawn to encourage uniformity.


Remember, we mentioned compacted soil as one of the reasons you may be getting a thin lawn. Well, if your soil is compacted due to heavy traffic, soil type, or even lack of nutrients, you can loosen the soil by aeration.

Aeration can be done using an aerator or even a simple garden fork if your lawn is in a small area.

Aeration - How to Make Grass Thicker and Fuller

By aeration, you’re creating holes and making it easier for nutrients, air, and water to reach the grass’s roots. It is also easier for more grass seeds to sprout from the ground since the soil is softer.

Proper Mowing

Many people do not know their mowing methods are the reason for their thin lawns. An improper mowing technique will leave your grass weak and unable to grow full and thick.

Regularly mowing will allow more sun to reach the base of the grass and, in turn, encourage fuller growth.

Mowing your lawn short will also allow more sun to reach the base of the grass. Cutting your grass low teaches your grass to grow quicker and fuller.

Switching up your mowing directions will make your grass stand upright. Many people mow only in a particular direction; this forces your grass to start growing in that direction.

Improve Soil Fertility

Having a question on how to make grass thicker and fuller; the reason could be poor soil fertility that will leave your grass weak and thin. It will also leave it open to weed infestation since they’ll be patches. 

Improving your soil fertility is a sure-fire way to get your grass growing fuller and thicker in no time.

Run a soil test for an accurate description of your soil needs. A test will reveal the pH and lack of or presence of too much of a particular nutrient that may lead to poor growth. The soil test also gives recommendations on how to fix this.

You can improve your soil by applying organic matter made from grass clippings.


Sometimes only amending the soil may not be enough; you may need to fertilize the grass to help them grow. Just as humans need food for growth, grass also requires a consistent supply of nutrients for it to grow as full as you want.

how to make lawn greener and thicker

Knowing N-P-K’s ratio to apply at every growth stage is essential as it provides the right quantity of nutrients needed at that stage. You don’t want to be forcing nitrogen on grass that needs potassium.

Knowing the best time to fertilize your lawn is also important. Fertilizer does well in particular seasons, and knowing these seasons will make your job easier.


Thatch builds up just below the grass leaves and above the ground forming a barrier that prevents the free flow of fertilizer, water, and air into the ground. 

Dethatching from time to time will remove the layer of dried grass and debris blocking the soil. Some aerators come with dethatchers, but if that is not the case with yours or you’re making use of garden forks, you will need to get a separate dethatcher for your lawn.


You can finally get the thick and full lawn you see in your neighbor’s yard. With the 6 listed steps for how to make grass thicker and fuller, the secret your neighbor may be hiding from you has been revealed.

Now, will you go ahead to practice these steps and get that aesthetically pleasing full lawn, or will you keep admiring your neighbor’s lawn and leave yours looking thin?

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