Husqvarna YTH2348 Riding Lawn Mower Review and Specs

The Husqvarna YTH2348 is a compact 2WD tractor with a 23 HP twin-cylinder engine that performs well on 1-2 acres yards. It was introduced in 2007. It is a small and compact tractor, and it has built-in toughness to keep it running for a long period.

This riding tractor is available in Husqvarna’s signature orange and black color scheme, which distinguishes it from the competition. This model also has many great features that make it a difficult competitor for all the other brands on the market. Compact size, a sturdy body, and efficient power output make the YTH2348 worth a purchase.

Keeping this in mind, we’ll go through the YTH2348’s features and characteristics in-depth in this post. So stay with us till the end to learn everything there is to know about the YTH2348 model.

Husqvarna YTH2348 Lawn Tractor Specs

Before going into the detailed features of the Husqvarna YTH2348, here is a tabular representation of the specs. This table will offer you a summarized version of the YTH2348 from the inside.

ModelHusqvarna YTH2348
Product year2007
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Physical Dimension
Engine Power (Gross)23 hp
TypeLawn and garden tractor
Power take-off (PTO)Independent
Length69.25 inches
Width50.75 inches
Height41.38 inches
Weight 458 lbs
Front axleCast iron
Cabin typeOpen operator station with high-back vinyl seat.
Lawn/turf front:15x6-6
Lawn/turf rear:20x8-8
Turning radius18 inches
Engine Specifications
Engine manufacturer/ modelBriggs & Stratton
Engine typeFour-stroke, air-cooled, vertical shaft
No. of cylinders2-cylinder
Displacement 724 cc
Bore and stroke79.2 mm X 73.4 mm
Cooling systemAir
Fuel tank capacity3 gal
Oil capacity1.9 L
Fuel typeGasoline
Oil typeSG or SL, SAE 5W30
Spark plugChampion QG12YC
Electric System
Number of battery1
Charging Amp16
Battery AH28
Type/ modelBelt-driven hydrostatic/ Turf Torq
GearInfinite forward and reverse
Forward speed0-5.2 mph 0-8.4 km/h
Reverse speed0-2.9 mph 0-4.7 km/h
Type4x2 2WD
Deck materialSteel
Deck width48 in.
Deck constructionStamp
Overall width59.75 inches
Cut position6
Cutting width48 Inches
Cutting height1.5 to 3.5 inch
Deck lift systemManual Hand Operated
EngagementPTO Lever
Deck driveBelt
Price$1800 (2011)

Detailed Features of Husqvarna YTH2348


The Husqvarna YTH2348 is a compact lawn tractor you should consider buying if you have a small to medium-sized yard. However, before making a buying decision, we urge that you thoroughly review the features of this tractor. It is advisable to select a lawn tractor that is appropriate for the land type, grass kind, and personal preferences.

Physical Specs

To begin, let’s look at the YTH2348 model’s physical characteristics. Before we get into the technical details, it’s worth noting that this lawn tractor has the same orange and black color scheme as any other Husqvarna lawn tractor. In addition, the compact size, which is easy to operate and store, will amaze you at first glance.

Overall, this machine measures 69.25″x 50.75″x 41.38″ and weighs roughly 458 lbs, slightly less than the YTH20K46 model but slightly more than the Yth22v46 model. However, you shouldn’t be concerned about navigating it because the weight won’t be an issue in this situation.

In addition, the YTH2348 model comes with an independent PTO and an electric clutch, making it simple to start the engine without any problems. On the other hand, there is an open operating system with a high raise back to enhance the user’s comfort. This design is ideal from an ergonomic standpoint, but it may not be the safest. Another noteworthy feature is the lawn tractor’s cast-iron front axle, ensuring a stable structure.


The efficiency of any machine depends directly on its engine and the power it is producing. Hence, whenever choosing a lawn tractor, go for an engine that suits your yard size and mowing needs. 

That said, the YTH2348 features a dual cylinder Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engine. It has a gross power of 23 horsepower, making it excellent for mowing 1-2 acres of land. It also has a respectable displacement of 724 cc, which allows the tractor to generate enough power. However, it would be best to keep in mind that the larger the displacement, the more fuel the engine will burn, making refueling a necessity. Now, let’s look at the tank capacity, which is 3 gallons making it adequate for any tractor with a horsepower of 23 at 3,600 rpm. 

However, the oil capacity is only 1.9L, which is a disadvantage. The bore/stroke ratio, on the other hand, is 79.2 mm X 73.4 mm, ensuring a smooth operation. Furthermore, the tractor’s electrical system is powered by a single 12 V battery.

Electric Start

How can we explain the tractor’s engine without mentioning the electric start feature? The YTH2348 model, in this context, comes with a single 12V battery, making it easier to start in sub-zero conditions.

Transmission & Chassis

Now, let’s talk about the transmission. Turf Torq belt-driven hydrostatic transmission is standard on the Husqvarna YTH2348. Thanks to this turf-torq transmission technology, the tractor engine is well-connected with its various sections. On the other hand, the belt-driven hydrostatic type allows for easier mobility for the riders. Manual steering, foot pedal, and unlimited forward and reverse gear are also included in this variant. This tractor has a forward speed of 5.2 miles per hour and a reverse speed of 2.9 miles per hour.

Furthermore, this model features a simple control panel that allows the rider to concentrate on a smooth driving experience. The rear tires (20×8-8) are wider than the front ones (20×8-8) in terms of size (15×6-6). The 18″ turning radius allows the rider to maneuver around even on sharp lawn edges.

On the other hand, a comprehensive forged steel frame and a 2WD chassis are included, ensuring that the tractor stays blemish and rust-free for years to come.


We understand that a lawn tractor is a long-term investment and that you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Husqvarna also understands the buyer’s perspective, so it strives to provide goods that are both fairly priced and perform well. The Husqvarna YTH2348 lives up to its name when it comes to performance. Its four-stroke motor is rated at 23 horsepower and is designed to deliver excellent cuts continuously. Furthermore, this machine’s 48″ mower deck provides efficient cuts in the 1.5 to 3.5-inch range. This deck has three blades that work together to provide a seamless cut every time.

This model also can add an extra bagger to collect grass clippings. It doesn’t matter whether your yard has sharp corners and edges because the 18″ turning radius makes mobility a breeze.


You won’t want to invest in a tractor that breaks down within a few days. So, from this perspective, the YTH2348 model could be a good choice.

The tractor’s fit and finish are apparent, and the painted steel shell has secured the tractor against weathering and imperfections. The tractor’s trademark orange and black paint gives it a striking look and keeps it blemish-free for a long time. Furthermore, the tractor comes with a powder-coated ramp to save the outer coverage from the harmful UV rays.

For added sturdiness, the deck is built of hammered steel. In addition, the tractor’s front axle is made of cast iron, which ensures a high level of stability when in use.

Rider’s Comfort

When working on a tractor becomes a chore, it becomes very unappealing. With this in mind, Husqvarna strives to include durability and comfort in all of its lawn tractors. The YTH2348 model, in this regard, has an open operating system with a high-raised vinyl back cover seat. This function is perfect from a comfort standpoint! As a result, it will be simple to get on the tractor and operate it for an extended period without stressing your back.

Furthermore, the ergonomic steering wheel eliminates the need to twist or stoop when driving. All you need is to choose the necessary speed and steer the tractor while maintaining a straight back!

Despite this, an open operating system is not the most secure. Moreover, this convenience comes at the expense of safety. You will not be protected from the elements, and there is a considerable risk of catastrophic injury in the event of an unintentional turnover.

Husqvarna YTH2348 Pros and Cons

Husqvarna YTH2348 Pros and Cons
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We’ve been talking about this tractor in technical terms up until now. However, here, we’ll talk about what we like about this model, what we don’t like, and why you should buy it or not buy it.


  • Compact size
  • Easy maneuverability 
  • Lean turning radius
  • Great for 1-2 acres of land
  • 23 horsepower
  • Electric start
  • 48” mowing deck
  • Ergonomic seating


  • Open operating system
  • Limited oil capacity
  • It might not be suitable for a larger yard
  • Less powerful engine
  • Not capable of cutting long grass

Why Husqvarna YTH2348 should be Your Ideal Choice?

Why Husqvarna YTH2348 should be Your Ideal Choice
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After reading over all of the specs and characteristics of the Husqvarna YTH2348, the major question that may arise is why this model should be appropriate for you. Of course, we can answer this question based on the model’s excellent attributes, but how well it will fit into your yard will be determined by the needs of your yard.

Let us continue to speak in technical terms for the time being.

The YTH2348 lawn tractor is a compact and lightweight machine. As a result, if you have a small to medium-sized lawn and want an easy lawn mowing tractor to manage, this model is a good choice. The Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engine with 23 horsepower is ideal for powering this small tractor. In addition, it has a three-gallon fuel tank and a twin-cylinder gasoline engine, its strong selling points.

The tractor also features a 48-inch cutting width, a robust belt-driven transmission, and manual steering, enabling the operator to control it easily. Furthermore, this tractor gets brownie points for having a rust-free welded steel frame and powder-coated paint.

In the end, it will be a prudent one-time investment that will pay off in the long run.


That concludes our discussion of the Husqvarna YTH2348. Although this is not the most advanced model of Husqvarna lawn tractors, it will satisfy your need for a simple yet strong mowing machine. If you have tried this product, please tell us about your experience, and if you have any more information to contribute, please do so. Finally, we hope you enjoyed reading our article and learned something from it.

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