17 Easy Indoor Garden Ideas For Garden Fanatics

Gardening has been with us for a very long time. Growing a garden used to involve growing your plants in your yard outside. That has changed recently as a lot of people now grow their garden right inside their homes.

The hindrances of not having a yard, not having a big enough yard, living in an apartment without provision for outside gardening have all been laid to rest with the various indoor garden ideas popping up from curious gardeners trying different things.

I’ve been able to curate some of the easiest indoor garden ideas you can set up and practice inside your home without stress. You can finally feed your passion for growing your beautiful garden even though you don’t have the outdoor space.

1. Kitchen Space Garden

Kitchen Space Garden

In most kitchens, there are a lot of empty spaces, and these spaces can be put into good use by growing your garden there. The kitchen is also a perfect location to grow your garden because you’ll hardly forget to water them as it is a frequently visited place in the house. These plants can be kept on the shelf, left hanging, or kept by the window.

2. Grow Hanging Plants

Grow Hanging Plants

This is a tricky yet exciting indoor gardening idea. Hanging the plants will properly utilise the space in your home while giving you a unique look that’ll excite all your visitors. However, you need to be careful why hanging plants on your ceiling as massive plants can pull your ceiling or fall and injure you. Hang light flowers and make use of strong hooks to hold the plant to the ceiling.

3. Plant Indoor Herbs

Plant Indoor Herbs

This list cannot be complete without indoor herb garden ideas. Not only do herbs grow better indoors, but they can also be used in your food recipes. Some of the herbs you can plant indoors and by your window are rosemary, thyme and basil.

4. Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

This is one of the best ways to conserve space in your home for gardening. This idea involves using hangers to hold the plant container on the wall. The plants can be arranged from top to bottom on the wall. Vertical gardening is an easy to adopt indoor gardening idea; the hangers can be gotten at a reasonable price, you can also decide to make for yourself by following any of the DIY guides available online.

5. Miniature Chicken Garden

Miniature Chicken Garden

Are you interested in inner gardens? Do you want something unique? This idea brings all that to your home. Put miniature chickens into all your plant pots to mimic an actual outdoor garden with chickens running around. This is an idea that is sure to capture the attention of your visitors.

6. Mini Greenhouse Garden Idea

Mini Greenhouse Garden Idea

This mini greenhouse is useful when growing an indoor garden. Not only will it help you save space as it only uses up a corner of your home, but it also enables you to grow plants that otherwise would’ve been difficult to grow in the open. This mini greenhouse idea helps keep your plants regulated while providing an attractive corner in your home. You can easily get this mini greenhouse from your local garden store.

7. Grow a Fairy Garden

Grow a Fairy Garden

The concept behind this is creating a miniature garden right in your home. To do this, you can make use of a wide bowl or pot, plant as many beautiful indoor plants and design it as you would an outdoor garden. Insert little furniture in it to increase the appeal. This will be especially interesting for your kids and can even be a pet project for them.

8. Grow Cactus and Succulent in Pots

Grow Cactus and Succulent in Pots

Are you a beginner gardener? Then hop on this beginner-friendly idea. Planting and managing cactuses and succulents is very easy. Cactuses are almost self-sustaining; they can grow with minimal water and care. Succulents, on the other hand, thrive by taking up very little space. Growing these in small pots wouldn’t be a problem, just have them in areas that get a decent amount of sunlight like window areas.

9. Bathroom Gardening

Bathroom Gardening

Just when you think you have no space to implement any indoor garden idea bathroom gardening comes to the rescue. Make use of your bathroom space to grow your garden without stress. You can decide to put your plants on shelves on the bathroom wall or even leave it hanging from the ceiling over the bathtub to create beautiful scenery.

10. Easy Shelf Garden

Easy Shelf Garden

This design only takes up a wall in your home, so space shouldn’t be a problem. Make shelves using easy DIY guides and fix on a wall in your home. You can now put plants according to their light preference, remember to keep turning them to enable light to hit all parts of the plants. You can add herbs to the plants as they’re one of the easiest indoor plants to grow.

11. Terrarium Garden

Terrarium Garden

Using a small terrarium garden will use up as little space as possible in your home, you could even have it on your living room table. The terrarium is a beautiful idea with its glass structure giving it a chic look that’ll surely excite your visitors.

12. Indoor Eclectic Garden

Indoor Eclectic Garden

This idea involves mixing different plant species and pots. Having different pots shapes and sizes in a particular place in your home will increase the appeal. You can use old canisters, antiques and different pot shapes. 

13. Using Windowsill Beds

Using Windowsill Beds

Windows are a perfect place to grow your plants as they can get enough sunlight there. Fixing the bed by a window that is frequented often will also help to remind you to water the plants. This windowsill bed is quite easy to make. Get wood, cut it and fasten it using nails to form a rectangular hollow bed that will fit the window base. Fill up the bed with fertile soil and grow your favourite plants.

14. Using Garden Wall Boxes

Using Garden Wall Boxes

This is a unique design that can liven up your living room and bedroom. Garden wall boxes are simple and pleasing to the eyes. You can plant succulents and air plants as they require little maintenance. These boxes can even be made at home with very little carpentry knowledge.

15. Using Garden Rods

Using Garden Rods

This simple indoor garden idea makes use of rods fixed on walls to hang your plants’ pots. Now, these rods can be set anywhere in your home, including your bedroom wall. You can even get everything you need for this design right in your home. You can make use of simple rods in your home to hang the plants.

16. Using Upcycled Pots

Using Upcycled Pots

Are you pro-environment? This design uses upcycled old plastics, bottles and containers to form beautiful plant pots of different shapes. When you make use of upcycled jars, it’ll will help save the environment while giving you a chance to grow your plants.

17. Simple Garden Design Using Wooden Palette

Simple Garden Design Using Wooden Palette

Is there anything you can’t do with a wooden palette? Not only are wooden palettes cheap and easy to get, but they are also very versatile. You can reuse the palette whenever you want to change the design. In this design, a wooden palette is hung on the wall and fastened with nails; tiny plant pots are then hung on it. To make this design more appealing, consider fixing colourful light bulbs as seen in this picture.

There you go – 17 easy indoor garden ideas, including indoor plant ideas which you can adopt in your home and grow your plants. With these ideas, the problem of not enough space has been settled. You can also plant herbs and veggies which you can use in your recipes. These ideas cover almost all areas, so whatever your preferences are, you’ll most likely find a plan that you’ll love.

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