Ironite for Lawns (Grass Fertilizer) – How to Use it for Best Results

The saying “the grass is not always greener on the other side” might not hold much water when it comes to grasses. Does your neighbor’s grass leave you wondering what you’re doing wrong?

You’re not alone; a lot of us have had similar experiences.

Growing a lawn not only beautifies your home but also gives you and your kids a place to relax and have fun. But before you get to enjoy its many perks, it needs top-notch maintenance. This maintenance includes fertilization. And here we are specific about Ironite for Lawns.

By fertilizing correctly, you can get the lush green lawn of your dreams and leave your neighbors green with envy.

Now getting a lush green lawn is not as straightforward as you may think, even with conventional fertilizers. That is why I’ll show you how you can achieve this with an ironite fertilizer.

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What is Ironite Fertilizer?

Ironite is an iron-based lawn supplement that helps to green your lawn by aiding the process of photosynthesis. It does this by producing enzymes that synthesize proteins to produce chlorophyll.

When your grass is lacking in essential nutrients, it changes color to pale yellow. This color is unattractive and underlines the absence of certain vital nutrients.

Even though iron is the predominant ingredient in an ironite, it also contains other helpful elements like potash, nitrogen, and manganese in minute quantities.

what is Ironite Grass Fertilizer

Types of Ironite Fertilizers

There are two types of ironite you can use in your garden.

  • Organic iron fertilizers: This type of ironite is gotten from organic sources. It is slow-releasing over a long period, but the plant quickly absorbs the iron. These organic sources include greensand and milorganite. Because organic ironite is slow-releasing, the chance of turning your lawn grey from over-application is low. Organic ironite will not stain concrete.
  • Synthetic iron fertilizers: These are manufactured iron fertilizers that are usually fast-releasing and can turn your lawn grey if applied too much. Because of their fast-releasing abilities, they can produce almost instant results.

Forms of Ironite

Ironite typically comes in two forms

  • Granular ironite: this type comes in the form of granules and can be sprayed directly on the grass with the help of a broadcast spreader. You need to water the grass immediately after spreading the granular ironite to adhere to the plant and aid its action. Best applied on a loamy or clay soil. granular ironite for lawns
  • Liquid ironite: this type is in liquid form and can be sprayed with a sprayer tank or a spray container. Liquid ironite helps the grass blades absorb the supplement and encourages a faster result. If you’re looking to get an immediate impact, using a liquid ironite is your best shot. Liquid ironite is best applied on alkaline sandy soil.

Why Use Ironite for Lawns Instead of Regular Fertilizer?

You might be wondering why you should use ironite and not your regular N-P-K fertilizers. When it comes to greening your lawn, traditional fertilizers won’t cut it. Ironite tackles the root cause of the pale color.

You should first run a soil test to ensure iron deficiency is the cause of the pale yellow grass you’re seeing.

Regular fertilizers add lots of nitrogen to the soil, which may help to green your lawn but also encourage the speedy growth of the lawn, which means more grass to mow. Ironite will encourage green lawns while allowing your grass to grow slowly.

Will Ironite Burn Your Lawn?

Although ironite contains ingredients that can burn your lawn, like potash and salts, when applied as recommended, it will not burn your lawn.

The recommended rate is 1 once per 100 square feet.

If you follow the recommended rate, you’ll have a healthy green lawn.

When to Apply Ironite?

Timing is crucial when dealing with fertilizers. Knowing when to fertilize your lawn to get the best out of it is essential.

Ironite is needed when the soil is lacking in iron. You can know this by running a soil test. The best time to apply ironite is during spring when your grass is readying for exponential growth. This is the period it needs the iron for exponential green growth.

How to Apply Ironite?

To change the pale yellow color of your grass to a more attractive deep green color, you need to apply ironite. Before applying ironite because your grass is yellow, make sure it is getting enough water and nutrients.

how to apply ironite for lawn

Step 1: First, choose the form of ironite to use. Use liquid ironite if your soil has a high pH or is sandy. This is so the grass blades can absorb the ironite as it is difficult for the roots to absorb ironite in alkaline soil. Use granular ironite on loamy or clay soil.

Step 2: Wear protective boots and gloves.

Final Step: Spray 1 ounce per 100 square feet and sweep off ironite from concrete surfaces and walkways. After spraying, water deeply and allow it to take action. Make sure to keep people and pets away from the lawn for a few days as it can be unhealthy when ingested or when it touches the skin.

You should begin to see improvements in a few days.

Benefits of Using Ironite for Lawns

Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy when using ironite.

grass fertilizer
  • Requires less water: Plants treated with ironite need less water to grow. This will help you save on water costs.
  • Can be used on all soil types: You can use the different forms of ironite on all soil types.
  • It can be used on other plants: Ironite does not only work on grasses; it can also be used when you want an evergreen tree and shrub.
  • Does not burn grass if applied as recommended

Drawbacks of Using Ironite for Lawns

Even though ironite is useful, there are some reasons you may not want to use it.

  • Ironite stains concrete: Ironite can permanently stain concrete and walkways if not applied correctly.
  • Not ideal for people who want to stay organic


If you have a yellowish lawn and you want an instant result, ironite is your best shot. You should know that using ironite is a stop-gap option and never a permanent solution to the underlying problem; lack of iron.

Note: When using ironite, make sure you prevent it from washing into drainages and waterways.

Ironite will turn your yellow grass into a deep green lawn in a few days. It is perfect when you want to have that party, and you have to impress your friends.

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