John Deere 100 Vs 200 Series: Full Comparison for You to Choose

We would always want to get the best out of anything, even if it be the lawn mower we are looking for. So, we go for the best brands based on their performance, and one such brand is the John Deere.

As JD offers all its products in series, it becomes difficult for customers to choose a product among the wide range of models of nearly the same quality.

Hence, we will break it down to the most popular series of the JD 100 and 200, so you can know the pros and cons of these two and save time. The next time you visit the local store, you will have learned everything about these two series after going through this article.

Here is the quick comparison table between John Deere 100 vs 200 Series:

FeaturesJohn Deere 100 SeriesJohn Deere 200 Series
Engine Power17.5-24 HP21.5-22 HP
Mower DeckEdge TechnologyAccel Deep Technology
CylinderExtended life series (ELS)Cast-iron liners
Deck Width42, 48, and 54 inches42 and 48 inches
TransmissionElectric-PTO clutch, Heavy-Duty, and Hydrostatic Transaxle Type TransmissionHeavy-Duty Hydrostatic Transaxle Type Transmission
PriceReasonableSlightly costlier than S100 Series

Now let’s get started!

John Deere 100 Vs. 200 Series: Detailed Comparison

John Deere 100 Vs. 200 Series Detailed Comparison

The truth is comparing particular models is much easier than series comparison. While comparing two series, you have to spotlight a few parameters where you can see the difference.

1. Engine Performance & Power

John Deere equips its S100 series lawnmowers with a V-twin ELS engine. Other unique features include an overhead valve, an air-cooled design, and a quick 30-second oil change system.

Moreover, it is easier to remove the entire air filtration or oil filtration system and replace it. But it might not seem economical for many users as replacing an entire system due to only one part’s fault isn’t rational.

Apart from this, the John Deere S100 features a single-level spring-return speed control system that promises to make mowing easier. In addition, you can enjoy a lot of variations in power rating and size within the S100 series.

On the contrary, John Deere designed the models of the S200 series with cast-iron lining robust and powerful engines. Although it exhibits a similar air-cooling system, the filter-changing process isn’t the same. As a result, you won’t have to spend valuable time and effort on unnecessary maintenance.

Moreover, you will benefit from more advanced speed control. Besides an automatic system, the S200 models offer separate levers for choke return.

Overall, both S100 and S200 are two fantastic series. However, depending on your needs and budget, you can choose any model within these two series.

The S100 and S200 series pack durable mower engines manufactured by Briggs and Stratton. So you can easily trust the engine’s durability. Besides, they offer a wide power range for choosing the specific one that fits your purpose perfectly.

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2. Cutting Deck Design

Both John Deere S100 and S200 series are characterized by the unique technology that the manufacturer has used in designing their tractors.

For instance, S200 exhibits an Accel Deep design, whereas S100 has an Edge design. However, both designs are appealing and come with various advantages.

However, the S200 with Accel Deep design shows some upgraded features. And based on customer reviews, it solves the purpose better.

The Accel Deep technology helps achieve smoother, cleaner, and better cutting, keeping the mower’s path clean. Apart from this, the design is also better in side-discharging. It can blow leaves further.

3. Reliability

Whether S100 or S200, John Deere produces the most reliable and durable lawn tractors. And this statement is backed by original customer reviews and some experts.

John Deere tractors come with a sturdy and reliable metal body and are made of premium quality materials that ensure to last for years.

So you can completely trust these tractors. However, you may still need help with the 100 and 200 series models. But it shouldn’t be surprising as every piece of machinery is vulnerable to some problems over time.

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4. Warranty

You will be fascinated to know that a major difference between the John Deere 100 series and the 200 lies in their warranty.

John Deere offers a standard 120-hour or 2-year warranty on every S100 model. On the other hand, you will enjoy a 200-hour or 3-year longer warranty tenure on any S200 model.

However, the manufacturer offers its users the chance to extend the warranty period by paying some extra to get more coverage.

In that case, the S200 series is a better choice as you get a longer warranty than the S100 series term without having to pay extra.

5. Price

Finally, this series comparison ends with price differences between the two series. 

Mowers of the S100 series start from a price range of $1699. However, you will have to pay nearly $2899 or more to get your hands on more powerful machines in the same S100 series. 

On the other hand, you can get lawn tractors from the S200 series starting from $2399. And for the most expensive model in this same series, you will have to pay up to $2899. 

However, the prices typically change from time to time. So keep yourself updated about the latest prices from a local dealer or John Deere’s website.

John Deere 100 vs 200 Series – Which is Better?

John Deere 100 vs 200 Series – Which is Better

This was a quick comparison between the 100 and 200 series. The John Deere S100 series characterizes wide cutting deck sizes, power ranges, and ergonomic design. Reversely, the tractors of the S200 series come with costlier price tags than the S100 mowers.

However, note that you are paying extra for the same features of the S100 series and some more. For instance, you get a better mower deck system and a longer warranty period.

But if you are on a budget, you can opt for the affordable John Deere S100 models. The choice will be yours!


How long can a John Deere S100 series model last?

A John Deere mower can generally last eight to ten years, depending on how much or where it’s used. So, an S100 tractor has a lifetime of 4,500 to 5,000 hours.

Who produces John Deere 100 engines?

Based on the models, John Deere equips their mowers with engines made by well-recognized brands like Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki.

How often should you service your John Deere mower?

Experts recommend tuning up every lawnmower at least once a year, which will take only 30 minutes or less.

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