4 John Deere 1023E Problems And Their Solutions

Like any piece of machinery, John Deere mowers have some drawbacks besides their excellent service. And the list also includes the popular 1023E lawnmower. 

The common issues you can suffer while using this model on the farmland include low RPM, starting problems, transmission leakage, clogged fuel filters, and many more. This article talks about all the possible John Deere 1023E issues and the correct solutions to fix them.

So without wasting your precious time and energy searching about them on the internet, scroll down to find them out.

Common Problems of John Deere 1023E & their Fixes

Common Problems of John Deere 1023E and their Fixes

Let’s dig deeper to learn about the tractor’s parts, how it works and how to save money by configuring the issue on your own.

1. Engine Troubleshooting 

Following are some most common issues with John Deere 1023E’s Engine.

The Engine Turns Off When Running

The Fix:

  • Check the setting of the fuel injection pump and adjust it accordingly. 
  • If the fuel filter is clogged or dirty, clean it. 
  • The coolant temperature can be low. If so, warm up your engine.
  • Check the fuel filter to ensure it’s not plugging. If so, replace the filter element.
  • The fuel injection pump can even malfunction or fail. Replace or repair it. 
  • Inspect the air filter. Replace or clean the air filter accordingly.

The Engine Is Overheating

The Fix:

  • Check the radiator cap or fins, as they can be damaged. You may need to set a new cap or clean the radiator. 
  • Engine overheating can also result from low engine coolant. Check and refill it to the right level and check for any leakage. 
  • Inspect the fan belt to ensure it’s not damaged or loose. If so, you must change the belt. 
  • On the other hand, check the level of the engine oil. If it’s insufficient, add oil to the crankcase.

The Engine Is Losing Power

The Fix:

  • Your John Deere 1023E mower can lose power because of faulty fuel injection nozzles. Replace it if necessary.
  • Clean the fuel lines or hoses if dirty.
  • In addition, the cylinder head gasket may have worn, so changing the gasket should solve the problem. 

The Engine Makes Noise

The Fix:

Your John Deere 1023E can produce noise when running if the engine isn’t preheated. In that case, warm up the engine or normalize the temperature.

Check the engine oil level, as insufficient oil amount can cause such noises. So fill up the oil if required. 

Make sure that the fuel pump timing is correctly set. 

Inspect the pistons to ensure it is not worn or broken. Replace them if needed. 

2. Hydraulics Troubleshooting

Following are some common issues with John Deere E1023E’s hydraulics system.

The Hydraulic System Gets Too Hot

The Fix:

  • Ensure you are using the right type of hydraulic fluid; otherwise, it can heat the system.
  • The hydraulic system can get very hot due to contaminated hydraulic oil. Look for it and replace it with a fresh one if needed.
  • On the contrary, the hydraulic system can have air in it. If so, bleed the air. 
  • A faulty relief valve can also be a key cause behind this issue. Change the valve if faulty.

The Three-Point Hitch Lifts Slowly Or Won’t Lift

The Fix:

  • The hydraulic pump might have failed. Check and replace it if needed. 
  • This 3-point hitch issue can occur due to a faulty main relief valve. So replace it with a new one.
  • Check the hydraulic spool valve to ensure it’s not damaged. If yes, change or repair this valve. 
  • A worn hydraulic cylinder can also cause slow lifting of the 3-point hitch. Repair or change it.
  • In this case, too, check the hydraulic oil level. If it’s low, add oil.
  • Clean the clogged hydraulic fluid filter. If necessary, replace it.
  • The 3-point hitch can fail due to excessive loading. Check it and minimize the load if needed.

Jerky Hitch Lifting Or Lowering

The Fix:

  • The hydraulic fluid can get contaminated. Change it. 
  • Check the hydraulic pump to see if it’s malfunctioning. Repair or change it.
  • There might be air inside the hydraulic pipes. Check it and if found, bleed it.
  • Inspect the hydraulic spool valve. If worn or damaged, change or repair it. 

3. Steering Problems

Following is the most common issue with John Deere 1023E’s steering.

Hard to steer

The Fix:

  • A key cause behind hard steering is the airlock in the hydraulic steering system. So check the system and bleed the air. 
  • The filter element can be clogged, so clean it. However, you must maintain the steering filter for proper functioning. 
  • The low level of steering oil is another cause that leads to this issue. So check the oil level and add oil if needed.
  • Inspect if the steering control valve is damaged or faulty. If yes, replace or repair it.
  • Next, look for the steering pump and its valve. If it’s stuck or faulty, change and resolve it if required.
  • It can also be due to a damaged or improperly mounted steering column. Adjust it for correct mounting or change it. 

You will often find that the front tires have worn unevenly. In that case, you must change the tires. Finally, check for any leaks in the steering cylinder. The piston rod can be scratched, or the cylinder seals can be worn. So after detecting the real issue, replace them.

4. Transmission Troubleshooting

Following are some most common issues with John Deere 1023E’ transmission system.

Power Loss

The Fix:

  • Power loss can result from improper transmission fluid levels. So look for it and add the fluid to ensure it’s sufficient.
  • Check the relief valve to see whether it’s stuck. If so, install a new one. 
  • The speed control pedal linkage can be out of adjustment or faulty. In that case, repair or adjust the linkage. 

Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

The Fix:

  • A clogged oil draining line can lead to leakage. So check for it and clean the line. 
  • You may find the seals or gaskets damaged. So look for them to ensure and set new ones.
  • Damaged components can enhance the internal transmission pressure, resulting in leaks. Please find the defective parts and replace them. 

Is John Deere 1023E a Good Lawn Tractor?

Is John Deere 1023E a Good Lawn Tractor

The John Deere 1023E is a sub-compact, versatile lawn mower, perfect for small projects. This durable utility tractor can perform several tasks thanks to the three-cylinder diesel engine with a transmission.

In addition, the model packs the brand’s patented Quick-Tach front-end loader system, making removing and attaching implements easier. As a result, you can use this mower for mowing, hauling, and a few light construction jobs.


It’s really annoying when you fall in trouble in the middle of mowing with your tractor. But the John Deere 1023E is still a good investment due to its durability and multifunctional abilities.

John Deere produces great lawnmowers. The few problems that you can encounter with the 1023E can be easily fixed, and this article will help you with them.


Where is the John Deere 1023E manufactured?

John Deere produced the 1023E model at the John Deere Horicon Works in Horicon, United States. It is among the oldest factories in the United States.

Can I put a cab on a John Deere 1023E?

Yes, you can put a cab on your 1023E mower. Among the few options for cabs available, you can select the best one for you. 

Cabs make driving the tractor more comfortable while protecting you from the weather.

How much can the John Deere 1023E lift?

The John Deere 1023E tractor can lift up to 1,200 pounds.

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