11 John Deere 2025R Problems and their Solutions

John Deere is an established brand that manufactures tractors, harvesters, and implements. Apart from industrial machinery, John Deere also produces construction and forestry equipment, such as bulldozers and forklifts. There are also lighter materials, such as chainsaws, lawn care equipment, etc.

It is headquartered in Illinois. It has a presence in over seventy countries. Apart from the United States, Deere plants are there in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, etc.

The John Deere 2025R

The John Deere 2025R

It is a compact utility tractor by John Deere which is capable of performing a wide variety of services. It comes with Twin Touch Foot controls, a mower deck, an operator station, and tire options. The Twin Touch foot controls allow users to modify the vehicle’s speed with little difficulty. Depending on the type of land the driver is using the tractor on, they can also fit in different tires. The operator station’s objective is to allow the user to retain complete control of the vehicle at all times. The controls are color-coded for convenience.

Some of the main problems with the John Deere 2025r tractor are problems with the PTO, fragile build quality, low oil pressure, etc.

Problems With John Deere 2025R and their Fixes

Problems With John Deere 2025R and their Fixes

Some of the major problems with John Deere 2025r are mentioned below:

1. Parking Brake Adjustment Issue

It is sometimes observed that the parking brake can become an issue while operating. For instance, the dash light might go off after releasing the parking brake, but the brake would remain engaged.

The Fix:

Make sure that the lubrication is regularly done.

2. Problems with the Power Take-off

The Power take off, or the stub shaft, is an integral part of the engine. It is a switch inside that controls the PTO and can take some effort to fix. At times, it can refuse to engage. This can happen if the tractor drives over a branch or something protruding, which can wedge over one of the switches.

The Fix:

You need to check the PTO shift lever attached to the shaft that enters the transaxle housing. The PTO switch is connected to a solenoid. If the switch is fine, the solenoid also needs to be checked.

If the PTO switch begins to malfunction, you will have to replace it. To change the PTO switch, you need to know the version that you have.

3. Fragile Build Quality

In contrast to the other tractors in the series, the John Deere 2025r tractor has some issues with its build quality. This is because fragile materials have been used during its construction. Some essential parts are very insecurely placed, such as the oil filter. If the tractor’s oil filter suffers a collision, it can get knocked off.

The Fix:

Avoid collision with objects such as trees or bushes while driving. These can cause irreparable damage to the tractor.

4. Leak Issues

Several users have reported the leaking of hydraulic oil from the hydraulic system. The transmission might also start leaking fuel.

This can be caused due to faulty attachment of the blackhole. There can also be an overflow from the radiator.

The Fix:

After putting the tractor to rest, check that none of the fluids are overfilled. Identify if the leaking fuel is hydraulic, engine oil, or coolant.

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5. The Engine Is Slow To Start

The engine might be slow in starting off due to a variety of reasons. The clogging of the fuel filter causes this problem. It is also possible that the fuel system might have air in it. There could also be an issue of air leakage. Alternatively, it could be that the diesel fuel nozzles are clogged.

The Fix:

The fuel injection nozzles need to be checked and replaced if so required. The filter system can be changed.

6. Engine Overheats

In case the engine generates too much heat, it might be so that the radiator core is clogged. The cause could also be a radiator cap that is leaking. Other reasons might be that the coolant fluid is too low or the fan belts are not working correctly.

The Fix:

The radiator requires cleaning, and the cap might have to be replaced.

7. Low Oil Pressure

This can happen due to insufficient oil, a dirty oil filter, or a failure of the oil pump. The oil pressure warning light might go on and off. There could also be a leak from the seals or the gasket.

The Fix:

The hydraulic oil filter needs to be cleaned or replaced if necessary. In case the hydraulic control valve has an incorrect setting, it needs to be corrected.

8. No Emergency Power Brake

The absence of an emergency power brake can be a matter of concern. Of course, there is a limit to the speed at which you would drive your tractor. However, in the case of an emergency, there is no available backup.

The Fix:

Avoid parking the car on a hill or a slope. Take good care of the normal brakes. Ensure that the brake pedal is tightly fixed and it is securely bolted. In case you are driving the tractor down the hill, make sure it is in low gear.

9. Four-Wheel Drive Issues

It is often reported that the steering has issues. The steering could be less responsive and shows too much movement. The cause of this is the shaft has become worn out, and it does not make a solid connection.

The Fix:

The solution is to replace the old parts.

The steering might become too stiff and difficult to maneouvre. The cause of this is that there is too much air which is stuck inside the system of the machine. You need to check the steering fluid reservoir and ensure enough fluid is there.

Another issue with the steering might be that the tractor tilts in a certain direction where it has not been maneuvered. In this case, there is uneven tire pressure. Of course, you need to fix the tires in this case and ensure equal pressure in all of them.

10. Synchronization Of Transmission Issues

It is reported that during the changing of gears, the transmission is not smooth, and the vehicle leaks gas. While changing gears, the vehicle struggles, and the vehicle does not move fast enough along with the transmission.

The Fix:

In case there is a leakage of fluid, you can try changing the gaskets, seals, and other mechanical devices. Parts of the machine may have to be individually replaced.

11. Issues With The Electrical System

The battery might refuse to charge, or it refuses to retain charge after a certain point, even when the charge is being provided.

The Fix:

You need to check all the electrical connections and wiring and ensure they are in place. You also need to ensure that they are stable and tight. In case of corrosion, they might need to be replaced. If the connections are all fine, and the battery is still draining out, it might have run down and require replacing.

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How much weight can a John Deere 2025r Lift?

The maximum weight that this model of the John Deere can lift is 915 lbs.

What are some of the durability features?

There is an oil cooler at the transaxle for better hydraulic cooling. It also combines a  gear reduction axle and clutch. A fine mesh filter can be installed on the pressure side filtration. There is a one-piece trunnion shaft to control the vehicle’s vibration and noise.

What is the price of the tractor?

In the case of installment payment, it would cost you around 308 dollars per month.

What is the horsepower of the tractor?

The gross engine power is approximately 24.2 hp.

Are there any safety features on the hydrostatic transmission?

The engine shuts down on its own in case the driver leaves the seat and removes his foot from the foot. The tractor picks up a start only if the range lever is in neutral. If it is in gear when the key is turned to the start position, the instrument panel will display to the driver to revert to neutral.


In this article, we have discussed all the main problems with the John Deere 2025r. We believe that the solutions which have been prescribed are effective, and they will allow you to effectively handle the vehicle during use.

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