John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor Review & Specs

Your task of mowing the garden can be accomplished conveniently with the help of the John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor. So much identical to 3025D, 3025E is a compact tractor that comes loaded with an array of features that make lawn management easy.

John Deere tractors were founded in 1873 and it introduced the 3025E tractor in 2017 as part of its 3E series. This machine comes with an easy-to-use, two-range hydrostatic transmission feature within an affordable price range.

It runs on 24.7 hp and is powered by a Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine. Additionally, this tractor comes with a clean and straightforward operator station with a retractable seat belt to offer maximum safety.

This compact tractor is right for you if you want to buy a machine loaded with features without burning a hole in your pocket. That being said, here we have presented detailed specifications, features, and reviews of the John Deere 3025E tractor for your assistance.

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John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor origin

The John Deere 3025E tractor is Augusta, Georgia, USA, which is also the headquarter of the John Deere. This compact tractor belongs to the brand’s 3E Series, which is highly reliable to operate through the toughest of garden mowing jobs

John Deere 3025E Specs

ModelJohn Deere
3025E Compact Tractor
TypeCompact Utility Tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Launched in2017
General Specifications
Engine Power (Gross)18.2 kW (24.7 hp)
Length152.4 inches
Max. front axel1760 lbs (798 kg)
Max. rear axel2640 lbs (1197 kg)
Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Power take-off (PTO) power14.4 kW (19.4 hp)
Steering hydraulics15 L/min
4 gpm
Implement Hydraulics20.2 L/min
5.3 gpm
2WD or 4WD4WD
Cruise ControlOptional
Wheel Base159.5 cm (62.8 inches)
Weight2222 lbs (1007 kg)
Engine model3TNV88F-EPJT2
Engine typeDiesel
Rated engine speed2400 rpm
Displacement3 / 1.64 L (3 / 100.2 cu inches)
Bore and stroke88 x 90 mm (3.46 x 3.54 inches)
Cooling SystemWater pump
Air CleanerDual dry element
Fuel tank capacity28.5 L (7.5 U.S. gallon)
EmissionTier 4
Gearsinfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Oils Capacity4.5 L
Left-hand reverserNo
BrakesWet disc
SteeringPower steering
Cruise controlOptional
Chassis 4x4 MFWD 4WD
3-point hitch
TypeCategory 1
Lift Capacity615.1 kg (1356 lb)
FrontFarm - 7-14
Turf - 27x8.5-15
R4 - 25x8.5-14
R4 - 27x8.5-15
RearFarm - 11.2-24
Turf - 41x14-20
R4 - 15-19.5
R4 - 43x16-20

Features of John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor 

Features of John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor 

The John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor belongs to the elegant class. However, its small size is contradictory to its heavy operating capacity. A multi-tasking tractor, it comes with heavy features and some good attachment options.

So, let us see what features make the 3025E so outstanding in the market.

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Physical Specifications

Physical Specification of John Deere 3025E

As we mentioned earlier, the 3025E is a compact tractor that you can easily use to give your garden a great shape. This tractor has a length of 152.4 inches and weighs around 2222 lbs or 1007 kg. Its wheelbase is 62.8 inches, which helps you to cut or mow small grass in a short time.

The Easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission (HST) enables this tractor to reach its maximum performance without the need of clutching. Additionally, this tractor sports a clean and simple operating system, which is comfortable and convenient to use. The color-coded controls make it easy for the user to operate it efficiently.

There’s more, the user seat is contoured for maximum comfort, and if the user leaves the seat while the tractor is in gear, the engine will stop automatically. The tractor’s Twin Touch foot controls make it more like a car, eliminating the stress of long-hour operation.


Engine of John Deere 3025E

The John Deere 3025E comes with a 3TNV88F-EPJT2 3 cylinder engine, and its manufacturer is Yanmar. The motor drives this tractor at a gross power of 24.7 hp for heavy-duty jobs. In addition, the 3025E uses the latest technology to maximize fuel economy and reduce environmental impact over time.

Also, this tractor has an electric start, which eliminates the need for acceleration and bad starters in extreme weather conditions. There’s more, this compact tractor sports a power steering, two-post foldable ROPS, and 23.5 liters or 28.5 liters fuel tank.

The 3025E’s engine displacement is 3 / 1.64 L (3 / 100.2 cu inches), and bore & stroke are 88 x 90 mm (3.46 x 3.54 inches) with a natural aspiration.


Transmission of John Deere 3025E

The John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor uses a hydrostatic transmission with infinite (2-range) forward and reverses gears. The two-way gears help the user to control the tractor more conveniently.

It also has power-steering and wet disc brakes that enable its maneuver even in the most challenging situations. In addition, the 62.8 inches wheelbase makes this tractor most suitable to be used in all types of terrain.

Another best thing about this tractor is its independent PTO which enables easy engaging and disengaging power without stopping it.


John Deere 3025E Attachments

The John Deere 3025E tractor comes with an array of attachments that can help users perform multi-tasks. In addition, you can use the iMatch Quick-Hitch with this tractor to conveniently load and unload extensions of your choice.

The 3-point hitch works with Category-1 implements, and it has a lifting capacity of 615.1 kg (1356 lb). Some of the attachments that can be used with this tractor include:

  • Rotary cutter
  • Ballast Box
  • Engine Coolant Heater Kit
  • Hood Giard
  • Rear Hydraulic Remote Kit, and so on

These attachments can be used for different gardening activities, mowing, grass clippings, clearing, etc.

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Driving and Loading

John Deere 3025E Driving and Loading

This tractor has an excellent loader capability along with the power to operate a wide range of 3-pt implements. In addition, this fully equipped tractor has the best usable turn radius in its class.

With a comfortable seating option, users also get a good foot placement area with brake pedals located in a convenient location. The overall design of this tractor makes it really easy to drive and maneuver.


All John Deere Compact Utility Tractors come under the best-in-class 6-Year/ 2000 hours Powertrain Warranty, which means you do not have to worry if anything goes wrong with it.

That being said, we suggest you read the Limited Warranty for New John Deere Turf & Utility Equipment for details.

Pros and cons of John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor 


  • Convenient to use
  • Can be controlled in challenging situations
  • Flat operation platform enables easy entry and exit
  • Easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission (HST) for better performance
  • Uncluttered design
  • Oil cooler maximizes the transmission’s durability.
  • Contoured seat
  • Comfortable leg area
  • Color-coded controls
  • It comes with an array of attachment options
  • Operator Presence System (OPS) ensures auto engine shutdown if the rider leaves the seat while the tractor is in motion. 
  • Convenient load and unloading due to the iMatch Quick-Hitch
  • The Twin Touch foot controls provide a fatigue-free experience 
  • Easy access to regular service points
  • Economic
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks


  • Durability issue with the front axle seal
  • Low PTO power cutter bogs down
  • Body panels made with plastic 


The price in the year of its launch was $17,324. However, the current price starts at approximately $18,879.00. 

You can get this tractor at a reduced price under discount offers given by the company from time to time.


In the verdict, we can safely say that if you are looking for a heavy-duty compact tractor for your yard or garden at an affordable price, the 3025E could be the right choice. It comes with a clutter-free design and impressive features. Also, this is supposedly the best tractor that comes with so many attachment options in this price range. This tractor is still in production, so you can check it out before making any purchase decision.

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