John Deere 425 Lawn & Garden Tractor Review & Specs

The John Deere 400, John Deere 420, and John Deere 455, the John Deere 425 lawn & garden tractor, belongs to John Deere (JD) 400 series. 

Together, they form the highest quality line of JD garden tractor models. Undoubtedly, they have accrued untold similarity, courtesy of their conditioned 20-horsepower engines.

The JD 400 series are considered the most innovative tractors ever manufactured by John Deere. They continue to exceed their expectation, even in today’s world.

 John Deere 425 Specs

ModelJohn Deere 425
TypeGarden tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Fuel Capacity6.5 gal
24.6 L
TypeKawasaki FD620D
liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft V-twin
Displacement617 cc
Power20 hp
Fuel systemCarburetor
TransmissionTuff Torq K91
Typeshaft-driven hydrostatic
Gearsinfinite forward and reverse
SteeringHydrostatic Power4-Position Tilt Steering Wheel
BrakesInternal wet disc
Power Take-off (PTO):
Rear PTOIndependent *
Rear RPM540 (1.375)
Mid PTOIndependent
Mid RPM2000
John Deere 425 Attachments:
48" mid-mount mower deck
54" mid-mount mower deck
60" mid-mount mower deck
front-end loader
Lawn/turf front16x7.50-8
Lawn/turf rear 23x10.50-12
2WS Wheelbase50.4 inches
AWS Wheelbase49.4 inches
Length75 inches
Width47 inches
Height45.9 inches

History of John Deere 425 Lawn & Garden Tractor

JD 425 was produced between the years 1992 and 2001. From there, these liquid-cooled garden conquerors have always been ready for anything thrown at them. 

They are renowned for their ability to pack the power for handling various attachments and garden tasks. They also accept all sorts of attachments, including plows, snowblowers, and front-end loaders. This aspect endears them to many gardeners.

Is JD 425 Worth Your Money?

This query being as simple as ABC, the answer is a resounding YES-in my opinion. This is so especially for the gardeners who are fed up using low-quality and disappointing lawn and garden tractors. Does that sound familiar? This John Deere 425 will surpass all your gardening expectations and needs. 

john deere 425 review

Where It All Began… Why Is JD 425 The All-Time Favorite?

There being thousands of lawn and garden tractors out there, choosing the best is a task by itself. That might trigger you to wonder why I settled on this, it’s understood.

Well, to start with, I’m an avid gardener. I discovered my green thumbs at teenage, and since then, I’ve never turned back. As any serious gardener would do, I ventured into the search for a lawn and garden tractor to help actualize my dream. 

Being a John Deere enthusiast, I dived into research about their various models. After my findings and several reviews, I made up my mind and bought this John Deere 425 garden tractor in 2000. 

Ever since, I’ve used it to mow and plow my vast gardens, the season in season out. Its 54-inch mower deck and snow blade have never let me down when it comes to working on my rugged lawn.

Several other models came after JD 425, but I don’t think I’ll ever consider any other. Again, where are those ‘Benjamin’ in this economy? Anyway, those are my problems. However, I don’t think there’s another lawn tractor that eases and make mowing quicker that JD 425. For a clean and fresh ambiance to your garden, John Deere 425 is all you need. 

Features of John Deere 425 

This lawn and garden tractor possess loads of features that make its mowing useful and more comfortable. These features are embodied in a majestic welded frame. They include:

  • Engine

jd 425 features

It possesses a 4-stroke Kawasaki engine that packs 20 horsepower within its small space-quite impressive, right! Its V-twin 900 liquid-cooled cylinders don’t only ease its operations but also provides for easy maintenance. Thanks to its minimal moving parts, there are few cases of breakdowns.

This engine is liquid-cooled by an oil capacity of 1.6 quarts. Its 2-cylinders have a rating of 3550 RPM and possess a 35.7 CI displacement.

Just like most of its counterparts, it has replaceable oil filters and a full pressure lubrication system. In case you require its spare part, which I can bet is quite rare, the model number is FD620D.

  • Transmission

john deere 425 specification

It boasts of hydrostatic transmission that’s enabled by its gasoline engine and horizontal PTO shaft engine. This system allows for the use of its various attachments. It also has infinite forward and reverses controls of ground speed. Its no-clutch shifting is a plus.

The attachments are typically connected through a 3-point rear hitch. As said, John Deere 425 is renowned for its versatility in attachments ability. Virtually any branch put on thereon will work.

  • Steering

This garden king has a power steering that causes unmatched comfort to the operator. This steering also allows for tighter and quicker turns when navigating rough terrains.

The steering has a tilt capability that allows for up and down tilt, accommodating all gardener usage. Such a comfort feature also makes those lengthy mowing sessions more enjoyable.

What’s more, John Deere 425 has standard cruise controls that enable gardeners to speed on a vast garden stretch frequently.

If need be, this 2-wheel steering is also upgradable to a 4-wheel steering-upon official request. I prefer the 4-wheel. I upgraded mine to 4WS, all because of their ability to rotate into the turn, thus shortening the radius.

Honestly, its all-wheel power is just out of this world. However, I discovered that the two models have varied weights, be wary of the same.

  • Lawnmower Deck

This machine comes with a 54-inch standard mower deck that provides for 48 and 60-inch options. The larger the deck, the more its ability to cut more grass. Smaller decks allow for more effortless maneuvers.

john deere 425 tractor

 Pros of John Deere 425 Lawn and Garden Tractor

  • Strong and versatile.
  • Friendly price, quality, and finish.
  • It provides a great turning radius.
  • It’s excellent commercial grade equipment.
  • Highly reliable courtesy to its power maneuverability.
  • Its engine runs excellent. I’m eagerly waiting for the summer.
  • Renowned for its smooth run. Cuts tall grass with no hassle. 
  • Strongly built, they say that ‘cheap is expensive,’ it’s not the cheaper type.
  • Highly dependable. It’s mowing is a blast. Accordingly, nothing trims like a Deere; I can’t disagree.

 Cons of John Deere 425 Lawn and Garden Tractor

  • Its plastic parts can easily break.
  • Expensive spare parts and attachments.
  • It can prove tricky to start during winter.
  • Though very rare, depending on maintenance, the mower decks can get fatigued. 
  • It’s 2-wheel power by default. Personally, especially today, I think 4-wheel drive would have been better off.

Best Sellers of John Deere 425?

Fellow gardeners, things have changed. Honestly, the price that I bought this handy machine is not the same as you expect today. However, that’s guaranteed that there is lesser variation than today’s exciting tractor machines, despite your location and shipping needs.

Luckily, today, John Deere 425 and its spare parts are ever available both online and offline. Notably, there has also been an emergence of a new online store; do some background search, license, and feedback before making a legit purchase.

Alternatively, there are myriad of brick-and-mortar stores there that offer John Deere 425. Consider them as well. Check the weight, quality, and other traits to ensure you get value for your money. 

Ensure everything from engine, screws, and hydraulics are functioning well before signing your purchase deal. 

Where to Find Technical Manual, User’s Manual, and Part Catalogs?

For this documentation about John Deere 425 lawn and garden tractor, download their PDF files online. Alternatively, the John Deere website guaranteed its legit copies.

Summing It Up

So, guys, that’s all about my experience with the John Deere 425 lawn and garden tractor. However, in case of any further query regarding my review, kindly let’s continue our chat in the discussion box. Cheers!

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