John Deere D125 Lawn Tractor Review and Specs

If you have a lawn or yard, having the right kind of lawn tractor is a must. The advantages of the correct lawn tractor are endless, as you can mow and strip grasses along with blowing snow from the driveways, and so on. However, while choosing a tractor for your lawn, you must think in a personalized way because not every tractor is suitable for every lawn. With this, we are bringing to you the John Deere D125 riding lawn tractor- a compact machine that will thrive to serve you for a prolonged time.

The D125 lawn tractor belongs to the John Deere D100 series, which was manufactured by keeping in mind the budget and mowing needs of 1- 2 acres of land. Manufactured in Greeneville, Tennessee, the USA from 2013 to 2017, the D125 is compact and packed with powerful features.

It is a  2WD lawn tractor that comes with a 0.7 L V-twin gasoline engine and hydrostatic transmission. It generated up to 20 hp and can mow up to 2 acres of land without any issue. Undoubtedly, this lawn tractor has several features worth mentioning.

Hence, in this post, we will explore the John Deere D125 in detail to analyze its specifications and usage. We will also shed light on its major pros and cons to help you make an informed decision regarding its purchase.

John Deere D125 Specs

John Deere D125 Specs

Before we present to you loads of detailed information, here is a tabular form of D125 specs. This table will help to take a glance at the various features of this riding lawn tractor in a summarized form.

General Specifications:
Family NameJohn Deere
Engine Power (Gross)20 HP
TypeLawn Tractor
Power take-off (PTO)Manual
Length (overall)68.9 in
Height44. 5 in
Width54.3 in
Weight436 lbs (Approx.)
Wheel Base48.9-inch
Turning Radius18 inches
Cabin TypeOpen operator station
Lawn/turf front:15×6.0-6
Lawn/turf rear:20×8.0-8
Engine Specifications:
Engine Manufacturer/ modelBriggs & Stratton
Engine typeFour-stroke, air-cooled, V-twin
No. of Cylinders2
Displacement655 CC
StarterBendix Type
Starter volt12
Cooling SystemAir
Air CleanerCartridge
Oil filtersYes
Lubrication SystemFull Pressure Lubrication
Fuel tank capacity9 L
Fuel typeGasoline
Spark plug gap0.76 mm
Spark plug torque20 Nm
Bore and stroke2.97x2.89 inches
Electrical System:
Charging systemRegulated Circuit
Charging amps9
Battery voltage12
Battery typeBCI Group U1
Type/ modelHydrostatic/ Tuff Torq T40
BrakesDisc brakes
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
Steering typeSealed unit, owner service is not recommended
Cruise ControlStandard Cruise Control
Forward speed5.5
Reverse speed3.2
Type4×2 2WD
CupholderYes available
Equipment mountingCargo mount system
Front axleCast iron front axle, front wheels ball bearings
StorageStorage tray with cover
Floor matsYes
Fender deck materialStamped steel material
Mower Deck:
TypeSide discharge
Cutting blade2
Cut width42 inches
Steering & Lifting:
Steering typeSector and pinion with single drag link and tie rod
Steering wheelStandard/ Diameter- 12 inches
Lift typeLever on fender deck
Hydraulic OutletsNo
Cut height increments0.25 inches
Mower cut height13 positions, 1-4 inches
ArmrestNot available
Seatback height15 inches
SuspensionTilt, two coil springs
Fore-aft adjustmentWhile seated 5.5 inches
ANSI standardsYes
OPEI standardsYes
Safety video Available
Back up protectionReverse implement option (RIO)
Bagger(Rear) 2 bag, 6.5 bu 229 L
Mowers42 inches (Mid-mount)
Mulching systemYes
SprayerTwo-behind only, 15 U.S. gal. 56.8 L
Two-behind only, 25 U.S. gal. 94.6 L
Snow-blower44 inches (Front mount)
Front blade46 inches (Front mount)
Spreader125 lb (Two-behind only)
Weather protectionSnow cab
Front bumperFront bumper is two bar styled
Sun CanopyYes
Bucket holderYes, single bucket
Grass stripingLawn striping kit
Tow-behind tools16
TypeRiding lawnmower tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Manufacturing locationGreeneville, Tennessee, USA
Original price$1,799 (2015)
US Warranty2 years/120 hours bumper to bumper warranty

John Deere D125 Features

John Deere D125 Features

There are multiple reasons as to why you should choose the John Deere D125 lawn tractor. From its size to the engine and more, the D125 works smoothly with the aim to offer precise cuts every time.

In this section, we will explore all the features of this lawn tractor, which will help us as well as the readers to understand why this is one of the most preferred John Deere products.

Physical Features

To start with, let us give a look at the physical features of D125.

The first thing to notice in this tractor is undoubtedly the famous yellow and green color combination. This color-coding has become a trademark of John Deere products that sets them apart from similar products in the market.

Just one look and you will know it’s a John Deere product!

The color-coding could be followed by the dimension of the tractor, which is 68.9” x 54.3” x 44.5” (l x w x h). Besides, the D125 weighs 436 lbs (approx.). So, we can deduce that this lawn tractor is compact enough to handle and store hassle-free. It also features 48.9” wheelbase and a turning radius of 18”, which is precise enough to maneuver the machine even in the steepest corner of the land. Also, you will get a precise and clean cut every time.

There is another feature, which is an advantage as well as a downside- the open operating system. This facility enables the rider to hop in the tractor with ease but at the same time, it can create a safety issue. An open operating system is incapable to provide any cover from harsh climate and potential accidents.


How much powerful a lawn tractor depends on the potency of its engine and the power it generates. Hence, it is one of the major factors to look for while choosing a lawn tractor. Depending on the size of your yard and mowing needs, the engine capacity should be considered.

The D125, on the other hand, comes with a 20-horsepower Briggs & Stratton V-twin cylinder engine. It gives the tractor adequate power to do any type of cutting, including mulching, bagging, and simple mowing.

When it comes to the engine, the D125’s powerful V-twin engine delivers 20 horsepower of power, enough to mow 1- 2 acres of ground. And you do not have to worry if you have a bumpy yard, as this tractor is capable to handle any type of ground with ease.

But what about the engine’s safety and longevity? This, too, is taken care of by the brand. For a longer life, the D125’s engine is protected by cast-iron sleeves. It also has overhead valves, which reduce fuel usage.

Electric Start

An electric start offers tractor versatility. The D125 tractor boasts a Bendix-type starter that ignites the machine without any hitch. There will be issues with starting this lawn tractor even in the coldest of temperatures.

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Transmission and Chassis

The Tuff Torq T40 belt-driven hydrostatic transmission comes standard on the D125. It makes heavy mowing and cutting operations much easier. Users also have an endless number of speed options, allowing them to tailor their work to their own requirements. Mowing forward at speeds of up to 5.5 mph and in reverse at speeds of up to 3.2 mph is possible.

In addition, the John Deere D125 tractor is a 4X2 2WD tractor. It has manual steering, which isn’t the most user-friendly in terms of comfort and control. It will, however, aid in the reduction of wheel friction. The tractor’s structure is also constructed of welded steel for added protection.

Besides, there is also a standard cruise control button, which makes it easy for the rider to select the tractor’s preferred speed and lock it.


Like other John Deere lawn tractors, the D125 also features a sturdy full-length steel welded frame. The sturdy steel frame ensures the tractor’s longevity by protecting it from external impacts. The powder coating, on the other hand, eliminates the issues of rusting, fading off of color, and corrosion.

Cutting System

The Edge Cutting System is included with the D125 lawn tractor’s 3-in-1 cutting deck. It’s worth noting that the D100 series’ Edge Cutting System is one of the most attractive characteristics, making it appealing to potential customers.

The D125’s Edge Cutting System is a mower, mulcher, and bagger all in one. Furthermore, this tractor has a 13-position adjustable height span ranging from 1 to 4.5 inches, with 0.25-inch increments each time. This is a distinguishing characteristic in D125.

Additionally, with a single press of the RIO button on this tractor, the rider may also mow backward, which is, however, not recommended. But if you truly need to mow in reverse, you’ll have to halt the lawn tractor, press the RIO pushbutton, then shift into the reverse mode with the gear shifter. Then, while heading backward, release the button to continue mowing.

Ease of Cleaning

A handy wash inlet is built into the cutting deck for quicker washing. You’ll only need to connect a water hose to the outlet to clean the deck.


While using the D125, you can be absolutely sure about the safety measures adopted by the brand. We say so because this tractor complies with the ANSI and OPEI standards and there is also one safety video included.

John Deere D125 Attachments

With the John Deere D125, users will be able to choose from a variety of attachments. As a result, they can use it not only as a mowing tractor but also for other purposes. A variety of attachments can be used with this tractor, the most important of which are a blade, snowblower, and mowing deck.

The mowing blade is a John Deere 46″ front-mounted blade. The snow blowing attachment, on the other hand, is a John Deere snowblower that is likewise front-mounted. A John Deere edge 3-blade mower deck (42″, 48″, and 54″) with a manual PTO is also available.

Some of the other attachment options users can get include:

  • Mulcher
  • Sprayer
  • Bagger
  • Grass stripper
  • Sun canopy
  • Weather protector
  • Tow-behind tools, etc.


The D125 lawn tractor comes with a 2-year bumper to bumper, which might be a downside for some users.


The price of a new John Deere D125 was $1,799 in 2015, which was revised to $3,998 in 2018. 

Pros and cons of John Deere D125 Tractor

Pros and cons of John Deere D125 Tractor

After going through all of its essential features, let us summarize the pros and cons of this product. It will help you in understanding both the good and not-so-good-side of this tractor in a summarized form. 


  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Good for 1- 2 acres of land
  • 3-in-1 mowing deck option
  • Good fuel tank capacity
  • Adjustable cutting height 
  • Smooth operation
  • Low noise level
  • Less tire friction
  • Reverse mowing facility
  • Cruise control


  • The price is on the increasing side
  • The RIO mode is not always precise
  • The cut quality is not consistent
  • Only 2-years of warranty


Hence, with this we come to an end of our John Deere D125 review and spec post.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that the D125 lawn tractor elevates the D110’s performance to new heights. With its V-twin engine, 20 hp power, cut quality, and attachment availability, the D125 truly distinguishes out from the competition. After looking at the D125 tractor, we can conclude that the brand continues to prioritize the needs of its customers. As a result, if you’re seeking to buy a new lawn tractor and have 1- 2 acres of land, the D125 lawn tractor is a great choice.

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