7 Common John Deere LT155 Problems with Solutions

A breakdown of your machine while working isn’t uncommon, and you have to deal with it anyhow. Even if you have brought home the best among the brands, it’s prone to problems as it goes through a lot of wear and tear. And so is the case with your JD LT155 lawnmower. But, it is not that there aren’t any solutions and fixes.

Some of the most issues that can crop up in your JD LT155, or be it any other lawnmower, are overheating, engine not starting, and clogging.

In this piece, we are going to walk you through some of the specific problems with John Deere LT155 that you can sort out on your own.

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Most Common Problems with John Deere LT155 Lawnmower

Most Common Problems with John Deere LT155 Lawnmower

A mower may appear like a simple machine, but it’s a complicated motorized car with an engine and wheels. There are even many different issues that can hamper your machine.

Like many other John Deere mowers, you can also find trouble while operating the LT155. However, the problems are easy to resolve, which you will find below. If you acknowledge the real cause behind the problems, you can detect and prevent the symptoms early.

1. Engine Issues

A John Deere LT155 tractor is powered by a 15-hp Kohler engine. However, you may find one day that the engine suddenly stops working after a short time, which can indicate that the engine is broken.

A faulty or damaged ignition coil is a leading cause of engine problems.

How to fix it?

If your LT155 tractor stops suddenly next time, inspect the plug wire.

Can you see any spark? If not, you must change the ignition coil.

However, if the problem persists, you will need professional help for a complete repair.

2. Fuel Pump Problems

Another problem you may face with the LT155 mower is that it’s faulty starting up or stopping at any time. It’s an indication of a severe fuel pump malfunction. In addition, the tank can become choked up with debris or dirt, eventually hampering the fuel flow.

How to fix it?

First, inspect if the fuel pump is securely connected before repairing it.

Secondly, blow air inside the gas-filling hole using an air hose to fill the line and eradicate dust entirely.

However, you can even attempt to clean the dirt and dust with your hand.

3. Hydrostatic Transmission Issues

The hydrostatic transmission system helps in transferring power to the hydraulic pumps from the engines. The pumps generate the liquid pressure that rotates the wheels. So the transmission system works like this in the John Deere LT155.

The entire hydrostatic transmission system is made of various complex mechanical components. However, transmission issues can also occur due to a broken metal hose or drive axle. Another common problem is oil viscosity.

The condition is known as cavitation when the transmission system gets filled with air. And in such a condition, the transmission system can’t produce pressure.

How to fix it?

If you want to fix the cavitation issue, expel the hydraulic transmission system. Interestingly, this can be an easy solution for a sluggish mower.

But if purging the transmission system didn’t work, inspect the system to detect any commotion. Then, after cleaning the pump, add more fuel and check if the mower is properly functioning.

Finally, check the metal hoses to ensure there are no leakages. If you still can’t detect the problem, call professionals.

4. Problem with Steering

You are likely to face steering problems with a John Deere LT155 frequently due to some commotion in the mechanical components.

It may not turn to the left, not move reverse or forward, get suddenly stuck in one spot, or not turn left when braking. These steering issues have huge safety concerns.

First, understand what you are trying to fix and then mess with the components.

How to fix it?

  • Take off the snap ring and the rack.
  • Inspect the internal parts like the rack gear, pinion gear, drive belts, idlers, and drive belts.
  • Also, check the battery, carburetor, or air filter. Some parts can be damaged; replace them.

Another possibility is that the bearing has become loose. You will likely solve the LT155 steering issue by fixing it.

5. Engine Overheating Problems

Some users of John Deere LT155 reported that they suffer from overheating of exhaust systems and engines frequently. This can result from clogging the air intake screen with dirt or debris.

On the other hand, low or excessive engine oil viscosity can also cause engine overheating issues. Incorrect engine oil viscosity can be responsible for it.

How to fix it?

Minimize the workload and get rid of any dirty elements.

Next, look into the oil amount in the tank. Replace the oil with a new one if needed.

Check whether the connection between the main bearings and the crankshaft is clear.

Try even to adjust the carburetor idle mixture screw to resolve the problem.

6. Engine Not Starting

Sometimes if you don’t properly maintain your John Deere LT155, it can refuse to start suddenly. However, the battery can also be damaged.

How to fix it?

Firstly, inspect the battery connector to ensure it’s not rusted. Replace it if needed. Moreover, if the connector is loose, tighten it with a wrench. 

In case it’s due to a damaged battery, install a new one. Fill the batteries with distilled water if necessary. Finally, check for blown fuses and replace them.

7. The Mower Vibrating Too Much

Your John Deere LT155 is also likely to show up with this issue. It can vibrate or shake severely after a while, indicating some mechanical parts problems.

The possible causes behind vibrating include damaged traction drive belts or worn damaged belts, a bent or no balance cutting blade, and failure of sheaves on the drive.

How to fix it?

Check if the belts are worn. Repair if any or make changes if needed. You can even solve the problem by replacing a faulty blade.

User Opinions About John Deere LT155

John Deere LT155 is generally a premium quality and durable mower, belonging to the brand’s popular LT series. This popular model was introduced in the 2000s for regular use.

Based on the customer reviews, most of the owners and users are happy with this user-friendly LT155 model. They consider it a worthy purchase. Some owners even experienced excellent acceleration quality at lower RPMs. And at such an affordable price tag, the LT155 tractor offers superior comfort.

According to some reports, this mower’s engine often pushes at high revs, and you can face some minor problems in the long run. However, the problems are easy to solve.


Every user must maintain and take care of their mower properly to always keep their yard clean. If regularly maintained, your John Deere LT155 mower can stay in top condition in its lifetime.

Once you detect any faults, address them immediately to avoid permanent damage.


How long will a John Deere LT155 last?

A well-maintained and cared John Deere LT155 mower can accompany you consistently for up to 10 years.

How to maintain the JD LT155?

Regular maintenance will keep your John Deere LT155 mower in its best shape. You must change the filters on time and fix any issues as soon as you notice them.

What transmission does a John Deere LT155 pack?

The John Deere LT155 packs hydrostatic transmission that features two-foot pedals and a brake on the right side.

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