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Did you hear of the John Deere S100 lawn and garden tractor and the wave it is creating in the industry, and you decided to check it out online only to be disappointed? And no, not by its quality or anything of such but by the limited resources you find on this tractor. The reason you’re struggling to find a lot of information on the S100 John Deere tractor is that it is a relatively new tractor only launched in 2021. Its age has not stopped it from getting a lot of attention, however, as many lawn owners seek to find out more and if this tractor is what they are looking for in their garden.

John Deere is producing the S100 lawn tractor in its factory in Greenville, Tennessee, USA. With its compact design, this tractor combines many features that make it perfect for small lawns and gardens. These features and attachments allow it to work in diverse activities, including creating a fantastic front yard landscape.

The engine is built to withstand a lot of pressure, and it uses a 42-inch mower deck to keep your lawn in the best possible shape. It sports a spacious operator station for comfort and convenience. Even though the station is open without ROPS for protection, the area provides comfort with adjustable seats and easy-to-reach controls.

To make it easier for people to get more information about this tractor, we’ve come up with a review of the John Deere S100 tractor.

John Deere S100 Specs

ModelJohn Deere S100
TypeLawn Tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Manufacturing year2021-
FactoryGreenville, Tennessee, USA
Weight415 lbs (188 kg)
Height42.5 inches (1070 mm)
Length68.8 inches (1740 mm)
Wheelbase48.9 inches (1242 mm)
Fuel tank capacity2.4 US gal (9.1 L)
Battery12V, 300 CCA
Cabin typeOpen operator station
Engine modelBriggs and Stratton 31R977 (M31)
Engine typeOverhead valve
CylindersOne cylinder
Fuel typeGasoline
Displacement500 cc 30.5 cu in.
Bore and stroke3.56 inches × 3.06 inches (90 mm × 78 mm)
Horsepower17.5 HP (13 KW)
Air cleaner Cartridge
CarburationPulse pump and carburettor fuel delivery
Start volt12
Spark plug gap0.03 inches (0.762 mm)
Transmission modelTuff-torq TL200
TypeBelt-driven hydrostatic
Oil changeSealed unit, unrecommended owner service
Steering typeSector and pinion with single drag ring and tie rod
BrakeInternal wet disc
SpeedForward speed: 0-5.5 mph (0-8.9 km/h)
FrameFull length welded steel
TiresFront: 15×6-6
Rear: 20×8-8
Fender deck materialStamped steel
Mower deck42 inches mid-mounted mower deck
Snowblower44 inches front-mounted snowblower
Blade46 inches front-mounted blade

Features of John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor

Features of John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor

John Deere S100 lawn and garden tractor packs a lot of modern features that make it not only suitable for lawn maintenance but also an all-around effective tractor to have in the house. We’ll be looking at these features in detail here.

General Features

This modern lawn and garden tractor was first released by John Deere in 2021 and is currently still in production. It is the first member of the 100 series. John Deere uses its factory in Greenville, Tennessee, USA, to produce this compact tractor with great features.

The tractor weighs 415 lbs and is 42.5 inches high. It is 68.8 inches long with a wheelbase of 48.9 inches which spreads the weight of the tractor evenly and reduces tire marks on the field.

The tractor sports an open operator station that leaves the user open to the elements and accidents in the event of a turnover. It uses a one-piece seat with 11 inches back height and tilt, two coil spring suspension.



John Deere fitted a Briggs and Stratton 31R977 (M31) engine to the S100 lawn tractor. It is a one-cylinder overhead valve engine type powered by gasoline. The fuel tank capacity is 2.4 US gal (9.1 L), and the gauge can be seen from the seat so the operator can easily track it and avoid running out of fuel while working.

The tractor engine also packs 17.5 hp for its activities. This is enough to do the small lawn and garden activities without causing a strain. It uses a Bendix-type electric starter that allows for easy starting and operation of the engine. Starting engines in the winter, most especially, can be challenging, but an electric starter like the one used here will make it easy to start in any season.

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It has a bore and stroke of 90 mm × 78 mm and a displacement of 500 cc. It uses air as its cooling system and cartridge as its air cleaner.


The transmission of a tractor is an important part that converts raw power into movement in the tires and other parts. In the John Deere S100 tractor, the transmission model used is the Tuff-Torq TL200 model, while the transmission type used is belt-driven hydrostatic.

When making an oil change, it is not recommended for the owner to make these changes as it is a sealed unit. It is best left to the experts. The steering used here is a sector and pinion with a single drag ring and tie rod. When you need to make a stop, whether gradually or a quick stop, to avoid accidents, you’ll make use of the internal wet disc brake attached to this tractor.

The maximum forward speed this tractor can attain is 5.5 mph (8.9 km/h), while the maximum reverse speed is 3.2 mph (5.2 km/h). It uses side by side pedals to control the transaxle.


The chassis of the John Deere S100 lawn tractor is one of its most significant features, and it is no surprise why since it is a modern tractor only released in 2021. The tractor sports a full-length welded steel frame for protection and to create a unique look.

The paint used is an e-coat paint that prevents fading of colors and ensures the tractor paint is still shining even after years of being under harsh UV light.

There is a storage tray with the option of a tray cover, a cup holder to hold your beverages, and even a floor mat that can remove debris. The front tires of this tractor have ratings of 15×6-6 while the back tires are 20×8-8.



With the power take-off shaft (PTO) available, you can use several attachments that will make your work easier, as it does more than mowing. There are three significant attachments to the S100 tractor; there are blade, snow blower, and mower deck.

The most suitable mower deck for this tractor is a 42 inches mower deck that is mid-mounted. A 46 inches blade mounted on the front is ideal, while a 44 inches snowblower also mounted on the front is the best size for snowblowers.

Pros and Cons of John Deere S100 Tractor

The advantages and disadvantages section is more direct and clearly shows what owning an S100 means and whether you’ll be better off finding another tractor.


  • 17.5 horsepower engine able to handle most of your garden needs
  • Modern design 
  • Storage tray, cup holder for operator comfort
  • Steel frame for reliability
  • Two years or 120 hours bumper to bumper warranty
  • Superior cutting with the help of the Edge™ cutting system


  • Small fuel tank capacity may lead to frequent stops to refuel
  • No protection from the elements

Price of John Deere S100

The price of a new John Deere S100 lawn tractor in 2022 is $1799. It was first listed at $1699. Surprisingly, the cost of this tractor is still affordable for a lot of lawn owners, even though it is a modern tractor.


Finding information about the John Deere S100 tractor on the internet is challenging, and that is why this article is seeking to bridge that information gap. With the review of JD S100, you can now make an informed buying decision.

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