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Lawn tractors are quite popular these days because they serve small to medium-sized lawn owners in the majority. One of John Deere’s lawn tractors, John Deere S120, seeks to help lawn owners manage their gardens successfully. However, there have to be accompanying features before it can do this effectively. Does John Deere S120 have these features? This is what we’re about to find out, but first, what is the story behind this model?

John Deere S120 was first released in 2021 and is still in production. And this model is being manufactured in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA. It is a member of the S100 series, which include S110, S130, among others. Even though this tractor is designed to mow lawns, other additional features like a snow blower allow you to clear snow.

It is normal to find very few reviews online to help you understand how it works and if you should buy it. Taking the initiative, we’ll be looking at the features and specifications of this lawn tractor, including pros and cons.

John Deere S120 Specs

ModelJohn Deere S120
Production year2021- till now
FactoryGreeneville, Tennessee, USA
Physical Dimension
Length69.7 inches (1,770 mm)
Height44 inches (1,120 mm)
Width (with mower)55.2 inches (1,40.2 mm)
Weight 436 lbs (197 kg)
Wheelbase48.9 inches (1,242 mm)
Operator stationOpen
Model Briggs & Stratton 44N677
Cylinder2-cylinder V-twin engine
Displacement24 cc (44.2 ci)
Bore/stroke3.12×2.89 inches (79×73 mm)
Power22hp (16.4 KW)
Starter volt12
Choke/spring controlSingle level with spring return on choke
Cleaning methodAir
Air cleanerCartridge
Oil changeJohn Deere Easy Change 30-sec oil change system
Fuel tank capacity9.1 L (2.4 US gal)
FrameFull length welded steel
Weight bracketOptional rear
Fender deck material Stamped steel
Front tyre15×6-6
Rear tyre20×8-8
Storage trayYes with cover
ModelTuff-Torq TL200
TypeBelt-driven hydrostatic
Forward speed8.8 km/h (5.5 mph)
Reverse speed5.1 km/h (3.2 mph)
BrakesInternal wet disk
Steering type Sector and pinion with single drag link and tie rod
Steering turning radius18 inches

Features of John Deere S120 Tractor

Features of John Deere S120 Tractor

Now we can discuss the specifications in more detail and everything that makes this lawn tractor unique.

#1. Briggs & Stratton Engine

Briggs & Stratton Engine

The engine John Deere uses the S120 engine, made by Briggs & Stratton with model number 44N677. The engine makes use of gasoline and is a 2-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical shaft, V-twin engine. The displacement here is 724 cc, while the bore/stroke is 3.12×2.89 inches. 

It packs a 22hp engine which is great for a lawn tractor. This powerful engine, alongside its V-twin capacity, will ensure enhanced ability and smooth operations on your lawn. It has an easy-to-access fuel tank at the rear with a capacity of 9.1 liters. The size of the fuel tank can be a big drawback for many since the amount of fuel it can carry at a time is severely limited.

Do you live in areas that experience severe winter periods? This can be a big issue for some starter types, but luckily, this tractor uses an electric starter system that’ll come up even in harsh weather and also save you time and energy putting it on.

#2. Excellent Performance

Excellent Performance

When you’re getting a lawn tractor, you’re looking for a machine that can produce quality performances in your field so you can enjoy seamless and effective mowing. One of the main features that bring this to the table is the 42 inches cutting deck. The powerful V-twin engine comes with full pressure lubrication that improves its smooth performance.

Besides being made for lawn mowing, the S120 tractor is an excellent snow removal machine, as with other lawn tractors. It will help you handle that heap of snow on your driveway during the winter. The internal wet disk brake works excellently even in wet conditions. This way, you reduce the risk of accidents due to brake issues.

The Edge™ cutting system helps you cut troublesome lawn edges that make your garden uniform and incredible. When it comes to handling the clippings from the lawn, you can use the side-discharge feature to carefully move the clippings to the side of the lawn. There’s also a bagging option. The sector and pinion with a single drag link and tie rod steering, sports an 18 inches turning radius that produces decent turns in tight spaces in your lawn.

#3. Comfort and Ease

Comfort and Ease

How else can you enjoy your lawn tractor if it’s not made to be comfortable when using it? When John Deere made the s120 tractor, it made sure to install features that will ensure the user enjoys the tractor. It involves a high seat with 15 inches backrest. The seat suspension can be tilted with two coil springs.

The fuel tank area is easy to locate at the rear end of the tractor, while the fuel gauge is easy to read even while sitting comfortably on the seat. Now, coming to the changing of oil, very few systems have the Easy change™ 30 seconds oil change system that augments oil change in just 30 seconds.

The lever is fitted with a spring-assisted hand grip so you can comfortably hold the lever handle. The tractor meets OPEI and ANSI standards of safety which shows the work John Deere has put in to make the S120. 

It comes with floor mats with channels that remove dirt. There’s also a cup holder and tray with a cover to keep beverages and snacks while working.

#4. Durability


All the fancy specs and features will mean very little if the tractor is not durable. I mean, how do they help you if it keeps breaking down after every use? The durability of your tractor is an important factor to consider, but how does the S120 do? 

The 42 inches mower deck is made of stamped steel deck shell to increase the durability of this area that sees a lot of hits from stones. Another area that’s prone to hits is the frame. That is why John Deere uses full-length welded steel in this area. The molded-in color material used for the hood will reduce the sound coming out from the engine while also preventing dent and rust.

#5. Tuff-Torq Transmission

John Deere S120 lawn tractor uses the Tuff-Torq TL200 transmission model with belt-driven hydrostatic to transmit power from the engine to parts like the tires. The maximum forward speed you can achieve with the S120 is 8.8 km/h, whereas the maximum reverse speed is 5.1 km/h.

The oil change is not recommended as the area is sealed. With the standard cruise control system, you can now focus on mowing incredible patterns because the speed wouldn’t change no matter the terrain you have to mow. The side-by-side pedals will also ensure you can easily control the system.

Pros and Cons of John Deere S120

Pros and Cons of John Deere S120

Enough of all the technical terms, here are reasons in plain language why you should consider and why should not consider the S120 lawn tractor:


  • Easy change™ 30 seconds oil change system for quick and easy changing of oil
  • Extra durability added to the mower deck and frame 
  • Powerful 22hp 2-cylinder V-twin engine for improved performance while doing numerous tasks in your lawn
  • 15 inches high seat for extra comfort
  • Two years warranty for the S120 tractor 
  • Uses cartridge air cleaner
  • 42 inches mower deck, which will mow your small to medium lawn area quickly


  • The small fuel tank of only 9.1 liters may force you to stop to refuel when working in larger areas
  • Open operator station will leave you exposed to the elements and at greater risk of injuries in the event of an accident


John Deere S120 is the kind of tractor that quickly forms a cult following because of its amazing features. Being a new tractor, it is still growing in popularity among lawn owners, but it is clear that it presents special features not many tractors in its price range deliver. 

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