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Are you a lawn person and can not go a day without some cutting and trimming work in your garden? Then you must know the importance and vitality of a lawn tractor when it comes to mowing and cutting the heavy growth in your lawn or removing the debris of snow.

If you are looking for a lawn tractor, the John Deere lawn tractor collection can be your one-stop destination. However, John Deere adds new and advanced versions of lawn tractors to its collection now and then, which might leave you confused.

So here, we will be focusing on one among the versatile collections of John Deere lawn tractors in the form of the John Deere S170 lawn tractor. 

John Deere S170 Specs

John Deere S170 Specifications

Hence, let us have a quick look at the technical specifications of this lawn tractor before moving to further sections. 

ModelJohn Deere S170
Width 1313 mm (51.7 in)
Length 1910 mm (75.3 in)
Height 1160 mm (45.7 in)
Weight (without mower deck)288 kg (503 lbs)
Wheelbase1242 mm (48.9 in)
Battery12 V
Fuel tank capacity9.1 L (2.4 US gal)
Engine model44U877 (M44)
Displacement724 cc (44.2 ci)
Starter typeElectric ignition
Power output24 HP (18 KW) at 3000 rpm
Rated RPM3000
Air cleanerCartridge with prefilter
Rear tires22x9.5-12
Front tires16x6.5-8
GearsInfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Transmission typeHydrostatic
Ground speed Reverse: up to 5.2 km/h (3.2 mph)
Forward: up to 8.9 km/h (5.5 mph)
SteeringHydrostatic power
BrakesInternal wet disc

Features of John Deere S170 lawn tractor

Features of John Deere S170 lawn tractor

Now that you have caught a glimpse of the tabular specifications of the John Deere S170 lawn tractor, it is time to go through the features and reviews of the lawn tractor for you to understand its functionalities better.

1. Powerful Engine

The engine is the soul of any vehicle, including lawn tractors. The engine’s power decides how well the lawn tractor can function now and in the long run. John Deere tractors have the reputation of instilling a powerful and robust engine.

John Deere S170 Engine

Especially when we talk about the John Deere S170 lawn tractor, it has a powerful engine with a smooth-running V-twin design. The engine design and functionality are all about this John Deere lawn tractor model.

In the V-twin Extended life series, the 24-hp engine ensures a tremendous amount of power and torque to handle demanding lawn duties, such as mulching, bagging, mowing, etc. The Extended life series model (ELS) ensures longer life and enhanced engine performance.

Besides, the electronic ignition system ensures fast starts and avoids engine seizures during winters. The V-twin design of the cylinder adds efficiency to the John Deere S170 Lawn tractor by offering greater torque, improved sound quality, and lower vibration. 

The engine also has a spring-return feature that prevents the operator from leaving the throttle lever in the choke position. The engine is provided with overhead valves. So you get excellent power and fuel economy. Moreover, the cast iron cylinder liners provide your lawn tractor with longer engine life. 

John Deere S170 lawn tractor is the best choice you can make for lawn duties on an incline. It is because of the full pressure lubrication and oil filter that ensures cleaner oil. Hence, you get prolonged engine life and enough time between oil changes. Therefore, you can enjoy a versatile and robust engine with the John Deere S170 lawn tractor.

2. High-capacity Fuel Tank

john deere s170 Fuel Tank

John Deere S170 lawn tractor comes with a high-capacity fuel tank of 2.4 US. gals (9.1 L). You get the fuel filler opening under the seat to fill the tank, so the fuel doesn’t spill. The tethered fuel tank cap with a sealed cap limits the vapors inside the tank and makes the overall lawn experience convenient. 

3. Reliable Frame System

The overall frame of the John Deere S170 lawn tractor is reliable as it is made up of full-length welded steel. It has a solid one-piece frame of 12-gauge, 0.105-inch steel that provides a full-length welded frame design. It provides high-strength steel rails that add strength and long life to the lawn tractor.

Moreover, the front axle of the frame is made up of cast iron that does not bend. You get an automotive steering system arranged with sector and pinion steering gears. In addition to this, the single drag link with a tie rod ensures a low-effort, tight, and powerful turning system. 

The wheel spindle system is extensive and 0.75 inches (1.9 cm) in diameter. Hence, you get excellent durability with the wheel spindle. Moreover, you can maintain easy steering, regular lubrication, and minimize wear. The lawn tractor is provided with three grease fittings on the central pivot and the steering spindles. 

The unique part about the John Deere S170 lawn tractor compared to the other tractors in the series is that it comes with an attached front bumper that is optional in many other tractors. The front bumper protects the tractor by providing additional front-end protection. Moreover, it ensures an attractive, bold, and stylish look to the lawn tractor. 

4. Numerous options for attachments

Attachments enhance the versatility of a lawn tractor by providing extra functionalities. John Deere S170 lawn tractor comes with a broad scope for attachments. You can add several attachments depending on the requirements and convenience. Some examples include a 48-in bagger (2593140), a 48-in mulch cover (317781), a tow-behind cart (317783), and a lawn sweeper (538134), 46-in front blade (232032), and a 44-in snow blower (876847).

The wide scope for attachments comes from the CargO mount system in the John Deere S170 lawn tractor. It is a combination of the front and rear mounting points. Hence, you get an easy and convenient installation system for the attachments, rear bagger, and the sun canopy.

5. Easy Snow Removal

john deere s170 Easy Snow Removal

Removing snow from lawns and gardens is a significant concern during winters, especially in cold countries. Lawn tractors can do well if fitted with proper snow removal equipment. Hence, the efficiency of a lawn tractor regarding snow removal depends on how well it can use the snow removal equipment attached to it.

The good part about the John Deere S170 lawn tractor is it can use snow removal equipment to the fullest by adding a snowblower and front blade. It allows the removal of snow quickly with ease and efficiency. Moreover, you get added comfort and performance with tire-chain attachments and weather enclosures. 

You can add equipment for a practical snow removal experience, such as a 44-in (112 cm) snowblower, 46-in (117 cm) front blade, weather enclosures, weights, and tire chain or terra grip traction belts.

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6. Comfortable Operator System

The operator system decides the level of comfort and lawn experience the user gets without feeling suffocated or tired for hours. It is precisely accurate with the John Deere S170 Lawn tractor as it provides a highly comfortable operator system keeping the design aspects in mind.

The control position is provided so that the operator can reach them quickly and control the tractor hassle-free. Moreover, the position and angle of the steering wheel are appropriately maintained to offer steering comfort and plenty of room for the operator.

Most importantly, the seats are positioned well to ensure comfort and convenience for the operator. You can start the tractor quickly as the ignition switch is on the dash. Moreover, you get wide footrest areas in addition to non-slip and anti-vibration rubber floor mats.

Hence, the operator can enter or exit the seat and step on the mower deck with added comfort. You also get channels for removing debris that keeps the footrest area clean and dry. The seating arrangement is designed keeping the operator’s comfort in mind, with a 15 in. (38 cm) high back and two-piece seat with an open back.

Hence, you see no signs of discomfort or tiredness even after using the lawn tractor for extended periods. Moreover, you get ten different positions for adjusting the operator height. You can also tilt the seat forward and backward to ensure protection from the elements.

Apart from this, there is also a section for refreshments in the beverage holder and storage compartment. You can find this section on the right fender and enjoy ease and convenience with refreshments during tiring lawn days.

7. Hydrostatic Transmission System

The transmission system also has a louder say in the functionality of lawn tractors by deciding the range of ground speeds. John Deere S170 lawn tractor has a Kanzaki® Tuff Torq® hydrostatic transmission system that gives an infinite choice of ground speeds.

The hydrostatic transmission system also allows an easy change of direction of travel along with side-by-side foot pedals. It comes with an automotive-type accelerator for easy operation. Hence, you can change the direction while performing lawn duties without lifting your foot off the platform. Moreover, you get a large pedal surface that ensures superior operator comfort.


John Deere S170 has numerous features and functionalities that ensure a versatile and efficient lawn or mowing experience. It displays the best qualities of a lawn tractor that cuts tons of effort during tiring lawn days. So considering the technical specifications and reviews, you can make it yours and enjoy a smooth experience with your lawn.

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