John Deere S180 Reviews and Specs

It is a dream of most gardeners to experience joy through mowing their lawn or garden. Hence,  if you have unruly grass and an uneven yard, you must get the best mower out in the town for the perfect results.

Do not worry, as the John Deere brings its S100 series of riding lawn tractors that are specifically designed, keeping home gardeners in mind. This series offers versatile tractor options, packed with powerful features, at an affordable price and two years bumper-to-bumper warranty. What more could you ask for?

Well, you can ask for a detailed analysis of the S180 model. And here we are to answer your queries and explore the features of this model that could make it a great machine to include on your bucket list.

Everything a home gardener could want is included in this series. However, the new developments all across the series merit a discussion. The S180, with its 24 hp V-twin ELS engine, 54″ mower deck, and heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission, could be a steal for many home gardeners. However, whether it is a suitable machine depends on your requirements.

So, without further ado, let us investigate the S180 riding lawn tractor and assist you in determining whether or not you should invest in it.

Tabular Specifications of the John Deere S180

Gardeners today require everything to be precise, clean, and time-efficient. To meet their demands, brands are developing innovative machines. John Deere is one such company, and its S100 series has been designed with modern gardeners in mind. As a result, we have high hopes for the S180.

However, before we delve deep beneath the steel of this riding tractor, let us take a look at its key features in a table. These tables will allow you to get a quick glimpse of this machine.

General Specifications
Engine Power (Gross)24 hp
TypeLawn and garden tractor
Power take-off (PTO)Electric PTO
Height45.7 in.
Length (overall)75.3 in.
Width (with the mower)67 in.
Weight 526 lb (without fuel)
Wheel Base48.9 in.
Front AxleCast iron
Cabin typeOpen operator station
Lawn/turf front:16x6.5-8
Lawn/turf rear:22x9.5-12
Engine Specifications
Engine Manufacturer/ model44U877 (M44)
Engine TypeOverhead-valve, full-pressure lube, oil filter
CylindersV-twin- extended life series (ELS)
No. of cylinders2
Displacement 724 cc
Cooling SystemAir
Air CleanerCartridge with prefilter
Oil changeJohn Deere Easy Change 30-second oil change system
Choke/ speed controlSingle lever with spring-return on choke
Fuel tank capacity2.4 U.S. gal.
9.1 L
Fuel typeGasoline
Fuel deliveryPulse pump and carburetor
Tank locationRear
Fuel fill openingCenter, 1.75 in.
4.45 cm
Electrical System
Battery12 V 300 CCA
Charging systemRegulated
Charging amps14 amp
Engine starterBendix type
Hour meterYes
Backup lightNo
Rear works lightsNo
HeadlightsTwo standard, incandescent
Tail Lights or reflectorReflectors
Type/ modelHydrostatic Transmission w/side-by-side pedals
ControlSide-by-side pedals
Cruise controlStandard
BrakesInternal wet disk
Oil filterYes, not serviceable
Oil coolerFins and fan on transaxle
Steering typeSector and pinion with single drag link and tie rod
Differential locksNo
Forward speed0-5.5 mph 0-8.9 km/h
Reverse speed0-3.2 mph 0-5.2 km/h
FrameFull-length welded steel
Fender deck materialStamped steel
Hood materialMolded-in color material reduces sound, will not rust or dent
Equipment mountingCargO Mount™ system
StorageStorage tray with cover
Floor matsYes, with dirt removing channels
Fender handles/gripsHand Grips
Fender handles/gripsYes
TypeSide discharge
Cutting widthEdge™ mower deck, 54 in.
ConstructionStamped steel deck shell
MaterialSteel; 11 gauge
Wash portYes
Drive systemElectric power take-off (PTO) clutch
Mower wheel adjustmentOne bolt
Mower level adjustmentEasy-level deck
Four-wheel steerNot available
Steering wheelDeluxe, diameter - 14 in.
35.6 cm
Turning radius18 in.
Uncut circle radius18 in.
TypeOne piece with lumbar adjustment
Seat back height15 in.
38 cm
Fore-aft adjustmentWhile seated 5.5 in. 14 cm
Seat suspensionTilt, two coil spring
TypeSpring-assisted hand-grip lever
Mower cut height13 positions, 1-4 in.
2.5-10.2 cm
Hydraulic outletsNo
Cut height increment0.25 in.
Preset cut heightsNo
TypeSlide under tractor
Front draft armsOne spring clip
Rear draft armsTwo spring clips
Mower wheels rotateNo
Drive systemSingle belt
Equipment (Optional)
Rear bagger2-bag, 6.5 bu
Power material collectionPower Flow™ blower
BladeFront-mount 46"
SnowblowerFront-mount 44"; two-stage
Mulching systemHigh-performance plug
SprayerTow-behind only, 15 U.S. gal.
Mounted, 15 U.S. gal.
Tow-behind only, 25 U.S. gal.
94.6 L
SpreaderTow-behind only
125-175 lb
57.7-80 kg
Weather protectionWeather enclosure
Front bumperIncluded
Sun canopyYes
Bucket holderYes, single bucket
Grass stripingLawn striping kit
Tow-behind tools16
ANSI standardYes
OPEI standardYes
Backup protectionReverse Implement Option (RIO)
Safety videoYes
TypeLawn Tractor
Manufacturing locationGreeneville, Tennessee, USA
US Warranty2 year/120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty

Features of John Deere S180

Features of John Deere S180

John Deere is well-known for producing long-lasting riding lawn tractors. And the S180 is a tough lawnmower that cuts grass with precision while also providing rider comfort. This riding lawn tractor was designed with specialist lawn-care enthusiasts in mind, and it has multiple properties that make it an appealing option for heavily loaded garden jobs. 

So, the subheadings below will give you a thorough introduction to S180. That said, we will begin with the physical characteristics of the S180 and end with its safety and serviceability.

1. General/ Physical Features

The John Deere 100 series begins with S100 and continues through S180, with the S180 being the most improved version of the series. The tractor’s sleek, stylish, and welded body is the first thing that distinguishes it. It’s quite impressive, and it comes in John Deere’s signature colors of green and yellow. Much like the other tractors in this series, you’ll fall in love with this one.

Let’s start with the hood, which is extremely easy to open. There is no latch to support it, so there will be no hitch when you open it to access the engine. However, because of this feature, never pull your tractor backward, as the wind may catch it and cause the hood to open.

The S180 has several features in common with the other tractors in this series. A few among them are a fully welded body, a front bumper, and a stamped steel fender deck.

However, certain physical features in this model have been revised, making it an upgraded product. 

First, the S180 (like S160 and S170) produces 24hp total power, which is an improvement. We say so because the engine power in the S100 is 17.5hp, while it is 22hp in the S120 and S140.

In terms of dimensions, the S180 measures 75.3″ x 67″ x 45.7″ (l x w x h) and weighs approximately 526lb, which is slightly more than its predecessor S170 (503lb). Understanding the dimensions of a riding lawn tractor is essential for determining whether it will fit in your yard. As a result, before purchasing a lawn tractor, measure your yard. The S180 is compact and a good choice for those with small to medium-sized properties (just over 2-3 acres). Furthermore, the engine power (24hp) perfectly matched the 54″ mower deck.

Other noteworthy features include the S180’s simple navigation, wider wheelbase, and precise turning radius. These features give this model the ability to maneuver in even the tightest corners of the yard while covering a larger grass area every time. Furthermore, the open operator’s system is an additional feature that contributes to the tractor’s sturdiness and aesthetic value.

2. Engine

John Deere S180 engine

Briggs and Stratton’s 44U877 (M44) 24hp extended life series engine powers the S180. As a result, if you have a medium-sized yard, this powerful engine is an excellent choice. Furthermore, the V-twin-cylinder design provides more torque, less vibration, and better noise control. You will also receive two spark plugs with this model. There are also cast-iron cylinder liners, which increase the engine’s sturdiness. 

It is also simple to gain access to the air filter housing and pull it out for replacement by simply opening the cover (attached with the engine by a couple of hand nuts) underneath the hood. On the driver’s side of the mower, there is also the 30-seconds oil change system, where the user will be able to pop a new oil system in just 30 seconds. A great feature indeed! 

3. Electric Start

S180 comes with an electric starter in addition to a powerful engine. Its 12V 300CCA battery provides enough power to start the machine without acceleration. You will also have no trouble starting your tractor in extremely cold temperatures. This model is also equipped with two standard incandescent headlights, an hour meter, and reflectors.

4. Transmission & Chassis

John Deere s180 transmission and chassis

Transmissions are installed by John Deere based on rear tire size and tractor performance criteria, and the S180 is kitted with a Tuff-Torq K46 belt-driven hydrostatic transmission. 

This transmission provides the rider with an unlimited number of speeds. Furthermore, the speed and direction of travel are controlled by side-by-side foot pedals. Furthermore, the internal wet disc makes it easier to halt the tractor in wet conditions.

Another feature worth mentioning is the 11-gauge fully welded steel, which adds durability and longevity. In addition, the cast-iron axle protects the tractor from dents and deformities.

5. Seat and Comfort

The seat on the S180 model is nice and comfortable, with a 15-inch high back. It also has lumbar support, which adds to the comfort factor. We must remember that the S180 model is at the top of the 100 series. As a result, all users will receive some high-end or top features with this tractor.

One such feature is that the seat can be slid forward (up to 5 ½ inches) for easier access to the steering wheel and pedals. However, there are no armrests, and while the seats are weather-resistant, there is a good chance that some cracks will appear on the curves after extended use.

We should also mention that the S180 has a 54″ mower deck. So, to get on the mower, you’d have to stretch your legs a little, which isn’t a problem unless you have mobility issues. But, most importantly, do not walk on the deck!

6. Attachments

Attachments are essential when it comes to riding lawn tractors. Because these machines aren’t just for mowing lawns, you should look for one that can be outfitted with other accessories. The S180 is equipped with the CargO MountTM system, which allows for installing optional equipment such as a mulcher, bagger, grass stripper, backhoe, snowblower, etc.

Some optional equipment available with this model includes the following:

  • 46″ front blade
  • Snowblower
  • Mulcher
  • Sun canopy
  • Weather protection
  • Sprayer
  • Spreader
  • Bucket holder
  • Front bumper, etc.

7. Safety

In terms of safety, the S180 meets ANSI and OPEI safety standards, and it comes with a safety video. There is also a ‘Reverse Implement Option (RIO)’ to move the tractor backward. However, unless absolutely necessary, this practice is not recommended.

Another important safety relation factor to consider is the tractor’s open operating system. This is a fantastic feature for getting on the mower. Nonetheless, in an accident, an open operating station would provide no safety or protection. As a result, some people may be concerned about their safety on this tractor. That said, no John Deere 100 series model provides a covered operating system or comes with ROPS.

7. Serviceability

A service-related chart under the hood will clearly describe when your mower will require servicing.

John Deere S180 Pros and Cons

John Deere S180 Pros and Cons

We hope you got the technical version of the John Deere S180 riding lawn tractor from the preceding sections. It is now time to list the model’s advantages and disadvantages. This section will help you decide if you really want to invest in this machine.


  • The top model in the 100 series
  • Wider mower deck of 54″
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable seat with 15″ high back
  • Lumbar support
  • Sliding seat
  • Electric start
  • A wide range of attachments
  • Extended life version engine
  • 24hp engine
  • V-twin cylinder
  • 30-seconds oil change system
  • Good for small to medium-sized yards
  • Very compact


  • Open operating system
  • No armrests
  • It comes with only two years bumper-to-bumper warranty 
  • Small fuel tank capacity


The John Deere S180 Lawn Tractor is unbeatable. It has everything you need and makes mowing a satisfying experience. It is a well-equipped smart machine that would suit yards larger than 3 acres. If you are not looking for something too expensive, you should consider investing in this tractor. The S180 would easily handle the mowing and other landscaping tasks while providing the rider with comfort for extended periods.

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