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Mowing your lawn is not an easy task, and if you have ever undertaken such an ambitious task, you are well aware that mowing can be highly tenacious and time-consuming. However, laced with the latest features and cutting-edge technology of the John Deere lawn tractor series, with the John Deere S220, you can make the most out of mowing.

With the S220, you can not only get a quality trim throughout the year but also plow or mulch. Besides, there are many options and attachments that you can add to the S220 and be amazed by what you can do to your unkempt patch of uneven grass in a short while.

John Deere S220 Specs

John Deere S220 Specs

Let’s have a quick look at the technical specifications of the S220 lawn tractor, which will enable you to understand the product better.

Manufacturer John Deere
Model Year2021
FactoryGreeneville, Tennessee, USA
ModelS220 42 in. 22 hp
general Specification
Length75.1 inches (191 cm)
Width (With Mower)50 inches (127 cm)
Height45 inches (114 cm)
Weight481 pounds (218 kilograms)
Wheelbase48.9 inches (124.2 cm)
Battery12 V, 300 CCA
Fuel tank Capacity9.1 Liters
Engine model44J6 Cyclonic
Displacement724 cc (44.2 cubic inches)
Fuel Gasoline
Starter typeBendix type
Power output22 HP
Air cleanerPleated paper cartridge filter with poly pre-filter
Rear tires20 x 10 - 8
Front tires15 x 6 - 6
TransmissionTLT200 hydrostatic, two-wheel drive
Ground speed Forward - 0-5.5 mph (0-8.9 km/h), Reverse - 0-3.2 mph (0-5.2 km/h)
Steering Standard wheel, 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) in diameter
BrakesInternal wet disk
Chassis4x2 2WD
Mid PTOIndependent
Front tire15x6.00-6
Rear tire20x10.00-8
TransmissionTuff Torq TLT200
TypeBelt-driven hydrostatic

Features of John Deere S220 Lawn Tractor

Features of John Deere S220 Lawn Tractor

Here is all you need to know about the main features of the John Deere S220

1. Powerful Engine

Its cyclonic V-twin engine produces 22 hp, and with greater torque, you can easily mow your lawn. The engine also produces a large displacement, and you can get an even mow the first time, and you won’t be required to mow it a second time.

2. Cyclonic air-Management System

It removes larger dirt particles even before they reach the air filter, thus extending the engine’s life and reducing the maintenance of the filter. Besides, the cover fitted to the air filter has two knobs that you can easily remove to clean and replace the air filter.

3. Debris Inspection Ports

To ensure optimum cooling, the S220 has two debris inspection ports, which are conveniently located, and you can unlock the bolts under the air filter cover and clean them as and when required.

4. Flywheel Alternator

There is a flywheel alternator that can be used to quickly recharge the battery and other equipment such as lights and sprayers. Besides, it also ensures that the battery of your S220 is not overcharged.

5. Steel Mower

The 42 inches is made from steel, which adds to the durability and sturdiness of the vehicle and ensures a clean cut. So even if your grass has grown tall or even if you are using a faster mowing speed, it won’t affect the ultimate result, and you will get a clean cut.

6. Mulch Control system

The Mulch Control system is optional, making mulching much easier and practical. In addition, this allows the mower to be converted accordingly to collect the lawn material. This enables you to have a clean-looking lawn, and grass clippings never get blown to the driveways or flower beds. Besides, you don’t even need to dispose of the bags of clippings.

7. Hydrostatic Transmission System

The hydrostatic transmission system enables you to control the speed and direction of your vehicle easily. The easy-to-control accelerator is an added advantage as the rider can easily control the vehicle. Besides, the pedals are large and give the operator enough space to place their feet.

Pros and Cons of John Deere S220

Pros and Cons of John Deere S220


  • There are additional cast iron sleeves, which ensure the long life of the engine. Besides, the overhead valves provide excellent power and ensure great fuel efficiency.
  • The air, fuel, and oil filter can be easily changed, extending the time between the oil changes, and the vehicle has an oil-drain hose, which you can use to drain the oil easily.
  • Large fuel tank which can contain 9.1 liters of fuel at a time. Hence, you don’t need to get your vehicle refueled often.
  • The S220 comes with two efficient bags, which collect the mowed grass. This ensures that you don’t have to collect the edge of the grass later.
  • The S220 has three years or a 200 hours bumper-to-bumper warranty, and only one company handles all the warranty-related paperwork, which makes the overall experience quite hassle-free.


  • One of the users of the S220 has complained about the defective transmission. The user has noted that owing to the defective transmission. The vehicle died just after eight hours of usage.

Pricing of John Deere S220

Pricing of John Deere S220

The S220 is a lawn tractor with a 42 inches deck and has been priced at $2999. However, their official website also notes that apart from these listed prices, there are additional charges that the buyers are required to pay to the company, which include taxes, setup costs, delivery charges, and freight charges.

Besides, the company offers many attachments or accessories, and for a better experience, if you wish to acquire the same, you will have to shell out some extra dollars.

Final Verdict

The John Deere S220 has several features and functions that make it a flexible and effective lawn mowing machine. It exemplifies the greatest attributes of a small but sturdy tractor, reducing the amount of labor required on long and tiring days. So, based on the technical characteristics and user ratings, you should choose to own one and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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