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The John Deere brand has been in existence for close to two centuries now, producing tons of garden materials that have made life better. This particular John Deere product, however, was only released in 2015. If you’re interested in buying any garden material, knowing the basics of what they can offer you is vital, even more so with materials that set you back a couple of thousands of dollars.

This is why it is common to find people searching for reviews for tractors they want to buy. John Deere S240 is a lawn tractor and a member of the S200 series. Its production is scheduled to end in 2022.

The first production was from 2015 to 2020. In 2021, a new model of the same S240 tractor was released by John Deere, sporting a higher horsepower, different engine, transmission model, and even slightly different dimensions, among others.

John Deere S240 lawn tractor is packed with incredible horsepower for a lawn tractor and will handle your lawn and garden needs effortlessly. Several other features make it stand out. We’ll be looking at some of the most significant among them and how it affects your lawn shortly. Before then, let’s see a tabular representation of its features.

John Deere S240 Specs

ModelJohn Deere S240
Type Lawn Tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Production year2015-2022
General Specification
Width44.6 inches (1130 mm)
Length75.1 inches (1910 mm)
Wheelbase48.9 inches (1240 mm)
Height45 inches (1147 mm)
Weight459 lbs (207 kg) for 2015-2020
Fuel tank capacity9.0 L (2.4 US gal)
Battery12 V
Operator stationOpen
Front axle Cast iron
Kawasaki FS600V Engine
Displacement603 cc (36.8 ci)
Bore and stroke2.87×2.84 inches (73 mm × 72 mm)
Power18.5 HP (13.8 KW)
Air cleanerFoam and paper cartridge
Fuel systemCarburettor
Oil type10W-30
Oil capacity1.7 L (1.8 Qt)
Kawasaki FR651V Engine
ModelKawasaki FR651V
Displacement726 cc (44.3 ci)
Bore and stroke3.07×2.99 inches (78×76 mm)
Power21.5 HP (16 KW
Oil capacityOil capacity
ModelTuff-Torq K46DP (2015-2020) Tuff-Torq K46 (2020-2022)
TypeBelt-driven hydrostatic transmission
GearsInfinite forward and reverse gears
SpeedMaximum forward: 8.8 km/h (5.5 mph)
Maximum reverse: 5.1 km/h (3.2 mph)
BrakeInternal wet disk
Steering Sector and pinion with single drag rope and tie rod
Chassis4×2 (2WD)
FrameFull length welded steel
Fender lock materialStamped steel
TiresFront: 15×6-6
Rear: 20×10-8
42" mower deckMid-mount 42" (1060 mm) Edge mower deck with 2-blade and manual lift
48" mower deckMid-mount 48" (1220 mm) Edge mower deck with 3-blade and manual lift
BladeFront-mount 46" (1160 mm) blade with manual lift
Snow blowerFront-mount 44" (1110 mm) snow blower dual stage with manual lift

Features of John Deere S240 Tractor

Features of John Deere S240 Tractor

Now to a more detailed look into the features, John Deere packed into the S240 lawn tractor.

Physical Specifications

As far as looks go, the S240 is one of the sleekest lawn tractors you’ll see, with the characteristic John Deere green and yellow colors looking even more radiant here.

Typically, lawn and garden tractors are smaller than the average tractor, and the S240 did not disappoint. It has a height of 45 inches and is 44.6 inches wide. It is 75.1 inches long while weighing 459 lbs for the 2015-2020 model. The model released in 2020 and expected to run till 2022 is slightly heavier, with the 42″ option weighing 486 lbs while the 48″ option weighing 522 lbs. It has a wheelbase of 48.9 inches for an even spread of the weight on the ground.

It sports an open operator area which is no surprise as most lawn tractors do not have covering or ROP. The seat is breathable as there is a space between the seat itself and the backrest. This might seem insignificant when working under hot conditions; this breathable seat will allow more air to reach you.

Kawasaki FS600V Engine

Kawasaki FS600V Engine

The Kawasaki FS600v engine was used by John Deere for its S240 tractor when it was released in 2015. It was in use till 2020, when some parts were changed, and another model of the same S240 was released.

It is a 2-cylinder air-cooled, vertical shaft V-twin engine that uses gasoline. The V-twin engine reduces noise and vibration and allows you to enjoy a more relaxing period working with your mower. Its compression is 8:1:1. You always want a tractor with enough power to cut your lawn and carry out other lawn activities as its attachments permit. It has a horsepower rating of 18.5 at 3600 RPM, which will handle most of your daily lawn activities without any issue. 

John Deere S240 has a displacement of 603 cc and bore and stroke of 2.87×2.84 inches. Ignition is electric to make it easier to start the mower even in extreme weather conditions. The fuel capacity in this tractor is 9.1 L (2.4 US gal) which may not be the largest but will hold a decent amount of fuel when you work, thereby reducing the amount of stop time for refueling.

It uses foam and paper cartridges as air cleaners, while the recommendation oil type is 10W-30 with an oil capacity of 1.7 L (1.8 Qt).

Kawasaki FR651V

Kawasaki FR651V

In 2020, John Deere decided to introduce another model of the S240 tractor. The company scheduled this model to run from 2020 to 2022. One of the most significant changes in the engine. John Deere changed the engine to a Kawasaki FR651V engine, and although it still holds several similarities with the FS700V engine, it has its unique differences.

It is also a 2-cylinder air-cooled, vertical shaft V-twin engine using gasoline which reduces the noise and vibration of the engine. It, however, sports a higher horsepower rating of 21.5, giving it an even stronger ability to handle your lawn needs. There’s also a higher displacement of 726 cc while its bore and stroke are 3.07×2.99 inches.

The oil capacity here almost doubles the capacity of the previous engine at 2.1 L (2.2 Qt).


john deere s240 tractor Transmission

The transmission model used in the 2015-2020 model is the Tuff-Torq K46DP transmission, while the 2020-2022 model uses a Tuff-Torq K46 transmission. It is a belt-driven hydrostatic drive with side-by-side foot pedal control.

Its cruise control feature helps the operator work for longer without fatigue as the operator does not need to focus on controlling its speed. Its internal wet disk brake will bring the tractor to a stop quickly, even in wet conditions.

Its steering is sector and pinion with a single drag rope and ties rod. This steering reduces the tire friction and gives the operator s smoother control. The maximum forward speed attainable is 8.8 km/h, while the maximum reverse speed is 5.2 km/h. There is infinite forward and reverse gears available in the S240 tractor.



John Deere S240 is a 4×2 two-wheel-drive lawn tractor. It sports a full-length welded steel frame and a stamped steel fender lock material to provide extra protection and keep the front area of the tractor intact.

The front tire is rated 15×6-6 while the back tire is 20×10-8. The tractor sports a one-piece hood made from a polymeric material that is UV light resistant and will not rust. It has two headlights so you can see forward when working in poor lightings while it uses reflectors at the rear of the tractor.


John Deere S240 Tractor Attachments

Attachments allow you to use your tractor for several activities on your lawn and the S240 tractor gives room for several attachments, with some more significant than the others.

You have the option of using a 42″ mower deck attachment mounted at the middle and comes with a 2-blade and manual lift. You can also attach the slightly more expansive mower deck of 48″ inches at the middle. The 48″ mower deck features with 3-blade and manual lift.

You’re not limited to only mower deck attachments. There is a 46″ front-mounted blade with manual lift attachment available. Snow blowers are in high demand, especially in regions that experience a high amount of snow (like the beginning of 2023 in the California Sierra Nevadas and their record snowfall). A 44″ front-mounted dual-stage snow blower with manual lift attachment is available.

Pros and Cons of John Deere S240 Tractor

It is essential you know the advantages as well as possible drawbacks the S240 tractor may have. This will help you make an informed buying decision.


  • Ventilated seat for extra comfort in hot weather
  • Powerful engine for more work
  • Several attachments available
  • Smooth running engine with less noise and vibration with the help of the V-twin engine
  • Three years or 200 hours bumper to bumper warranty
  • Comfortable operator station with drink holder available
  • Full length welded steel frame for extra protection


  • It might be a challenge finding the matching blade
  • There is no operator station cover


A new 2020-2022 S240 model with a 42″ mower deck attachment goes for $2,699, while the same model with a 48″ mower deck attachment is slightly more expensive at $2,999. John Deere sold the 2015-2020 model for $2,500 in 2015.


John Deere S240 is a lawn and garden tractor with considerable power and several available attachments, making it a superb choice for lawn owners that wants to do more with their tractors. This article provides a detailed view of the S240 tractor and what it can do on your lawn.

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