John Deere X330 Tractor Review & Specs

Do you have a lawn and want to mow it on your own? We understand that your tractor is like your long-term investment, and we want to help you make the right decision. However, so many options loaded with several features may make you feel overwhelmed while choosing a lawn tractor.

But worry not, as we have got your back!

This article will talk about the John Deere X330 riding lawn mowing tractor, which is a perfect choice to mow 1-2 acres of land. This is not only a compact lawn tractor but also a powerful one, designed to get your mowing job done faster. You can also vouch for its durability, which is as par with other John Deere tractors.

This tractor comes with a slew of additional features that will make you go for it. And to make things clearer to you, we have presented the detailed specifications and features of this tractor.

So please stick with us to learn more!

John Deere X330 Specs

Model John Deere X330
Type Lawn Tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
General Specification
Engine Manufacturer/ Model44J6 Cyclonic
Engine Power (Gross)22 hp or 16.4 kW
TypeLawn tractor
Length (overall)72 inches or 182 cm
Power take-off (PTO) Mid-PTO independent
Choke/speed controlSeparate levers, automatic choke return
Wheel Base49.4 inches or 125 cm
Weight463 lbs or 210 kg
Lawn/turf front:15×6.00-6
Lawn/turf rear:20×10.00-8
Engine Manufacturer/ modelBriggs & Stratton 44J6 Cyclonic
Engine typeOverhead valve, full-pressure lube, oil filter
CylindersV-twin, cast-iron liners
No. of cylinders2
Displacement44.2 cubic inches or 724 cubic cm
Bore and stroke3.12×2.89 inches or 79 x 73 mm
Cooling SystemAir
Air CleanerDry, replaceable
Fuel tank locationRear
Fuel typeGasoline
Fuel tank capacity3.3 U.S. gal. or 12.5 L
Electrical System
Battery12 V
340 CCA
Charging systemFlywheel alternator, regulated, 14 amp
Engine startersBendix type
Charging amps14
Backup lightsNo
Rear work lightsNo
12-V outlet Optional
TypeBelt-driven hydrostatic
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
Infinite forward and reverseInternal wet disc
Steering typeManual, sector, and pinion
Cruise ControlYes, the button on the dash
ControlTwin Touch pedals
Forward speed0-5.5 mph or 0-8.9 km/h
Reverse speed0-4 mph or 0-6.4 km/h
Mower deck
Standard mower, 42 inches
SnowblowerTwo-stage snowblower, 44 inches or 111.8 cm
Mulching systemYes, MulchControl™
SprayerTow-behind, 15 U.S. gal.
56.8 L
Tow-behind, 25 U.S. gal.
94.6 L
Mounted, 25 U.S. gal.
SpreaderTow-behind, 125 lb
57.7 kg
Tow-behind, 175 lb
79.4 kg
Mounted 125 lb
Weather protectionWeather enclosure
Rear baggage2-bag with 7 bu (247 L) capacity
Bucket holderYes, double bucket
Grass stripingLawn striping kit

Features of John X330 Tractor

Features of John X330 Tractor
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The John Deere X330 lawn mowing tractor belongs to the John Deere X300 Series and has been designed to offer high-quality cuts. This series is mainly known for getting around obstacles on the property and trimming with accuracy, thanks to its easy steering and various control capabilities.

One of the most popular tractors of this series is the X330. And in the following sections, we will be talking about its specifications, features, pros and cons, and pricing in detail.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the John Deere X330 lawn mowing tractor, which will help you decide if you would like to buy it.

Physical Specifications

Physical Specifications

Firstly, let’s explore the physical specifications of the tractor.

X330’s outer appearance offers us the idea of its compact body meant to be used in even the tightest and challenging areas of your lawn. This tractor comes in 72 inches, and it weighs around 463 lbs or 210 kg.

Furthermore, it has a wheelbase of 49.4 inches or 125 cm, which is precise enough to give a deep cut to your lawn grass in a short time.

On its exterior, X330 offers a modern look and all thanks to its smooth and rounded contours. In addition, the built material is rustproof and robust enough to provide a dent-free tractor body, painted green and yellow in the iconic John Deere green and yellow.



X330 comes loaded with the Briggs & Stratton 44J677 gasoline 2-cylinder, which delivers 20 hp. This tractor’s tremendous horsepower and cylinders allow it to handle some heavy mulching and mowing like a piece of cake.

In addition, X330 has an electric start option, which makes it easy for the riders to start the tractor without acceleration. It has a 12 V 300 CCA battery and a Bendix-type engine starter that charges at 14 amp.

Furthermore, the air cleaner system of X330 is built with Cyclonic Air-Management System that eliminates larger debris before it can contact the cleaner. This, in turn, boosts the tractor’s performance, ensuring its better longevity. Also, the air cleaner comes with a replaceable feature, which means you can easily remove it whenever needed, thanks to its two conveniently-placed knobs.

Fuel tank

Fuel tank

The fuel tank of X330 is conveniently located at the rear end of the tractor and comes with a capacity of 3.3 U.S. gal. or 12.5 L. The fuel tank also comes with sealed caps that help keep vapors inside the tank, and you can easily access it from under the rider’s seat.

Transmission and chassis

The John Deere X330 tractor’s transmission enables the engine to convert its 22hp into usable energy and transmit it across different parts. This tractor uses the belt-driven hydrostatic transmission, making it easy for the rider to use this machine for a prolonged time. The best-driven feature also ensures that the power can get transmitted constantly over a considerable distance.

The tractor also has a disc brake system with manual steering onboard, allowing the rider to take complete control of the machine conveniently. Don’t worry, as the pinion steering system makes it possible to steer with precision even if you have a steep turn.

In addition, its wheelbase of 49.4 inches makes it possible to operate on almost all kinds of terrain. And you will be pleased to note that X330 has a 16-inch turning radius of the steering wheel that offers superior maneuverability.


With the John Deere X330, you will get a heavy-duty welded frame, which adds more sturdiness to the tractor. In addition, the heavy frame is made from a 9-inch gauge of steel, which enables the tractor to absorb any external impact without harming its delicate parts.


john deere x330 Attachments
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The John Deere X330 will not disappoint you when it comes to attachments. You are going to get an array of attachment options with this tractor, including:

  • Mower
  • Snowblower
  • Mulcher
  • Sprayer
  • Spreader
  • Weather protector
  • Grass stripper 
  • Rear baggage
  • Bucket holder

So, with this riding tractor, you can perform multitasks, like mulching, mowing, grass stripping, etc.


All John Deere products are guaranteed to perform and come with an extensive warranty period. We can say a similar thing for X330 as this riding tractor comes with an attractive warranty period of 4 years or 300 hours bumper-to-bumper, whichever comes first.

Pros and cons of John Deere X330 Tractor

Pros and cons of John Deere X330 Tractor
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So, by now, you are well aware of the features of the John Deere X330 riding tractor. Now, let’s focus on its pros and cons for a better understanding of this machine and to learn if it is worth it.


  • Compact side
  • Powerful engine 
  • Modern outlook
  • Comes with the John Deere warranty
  • Suitable for 1-2 acres land size
  • Ideal for 14-inch turning radius 
  • Multi-tasking
  • Mows fast
  • Clean grass stripping
  • Comfortable seating
  • Versatile and can be used in any terrain
  • Comes with the Cyclonic Air-Management System
  • Rustproof body


  • Could have a larger fuel tank
  • The engine might get overheated


The current price of the John Deere X330 is around USD 3,399.00


We hope that this article could shed light on the details of the John Deere X330 lawn riding tractor.

This beast tractor comes in a compact body but is loaded with enough features to help you with your regular mowing and trimming tasks. Although the price may seem higher, you will not get disappointed investing in this tractor.

The John Deere X330 is worth a try when mowing a small lawn with tight turns, and uneven terrain is in the context.

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