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Are you a green person and love working around your lawn most of the time? Then, you must be aware of rough and tough lawn duties and gardening chores. No matter the toughness, lawn duties are worth it when you get a smooth and green lawn enough to make your neighbors jealous of your gardening skills.

However, sometimes manual tasks are challenging to handle, and you might think low of your lawn skills. But what could be better than a lawn tractor to give a helping hand? Over that, if the lawn tractor comes from the grand house of the John Deere, your lawn is destined to shine.

The John Deere X354 lawn tractor is one of the most preferred lawn equipment from the John Deere collection awaiting to be well-adjusted in your lawn garage. John Deere X354 lawn tractor has a robust engine powered by a John Deere iTorque power system that ensures its high performance and efficiency as a lawn tractor.

This lawn tractor has several features and functionalities to suit your lawn chores well. So before moving on with the features of the John Deere X354 lawn tractor, let us focus on its technical specifications.

ModelJohn Deere X354
TypeLawn tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
General Specs
Width 1040 mm (41 in)
Length1820 mm (72 in)
Height1190 mm (47 in)
Weight (without mower deck)246 kg (554 lbs)
Wheelbase1250 mm (49.4 in)
Front axleCast iron
Battery12 V
Fuel tank capacity12.5 liters (3.3 US gal)
Engine modelKawasaki FS600V
No. of cylinders2 (V-twin)
Displacement603 cc (36.8 ci)
Bore x stroke73.0 mm X 72.0 mm (2.87 in X 2.84 in)
Starter typeElectric ignition
Power output18.5 HP (13.8 KW) at 3600 rpm
Oil capacity1.7 L (1.8 qt)
Rated RPM3600
Air cleanerDry with foam pre-cleaner
Rear tires20×10-10
Front tires15×6-6
Chassis frameWelded heavy duty
GearsInfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Transmission typeBelt-driven hydrostatic
Ground speedReverse: up to 6.4 km/h (4 mph)
Forward: up to 8.9 km/h (5.5 mph)
SteeringManual four wheel
Turning radius38.1 cm (15 in.)
BrakesInternal wet disc

Features Of John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor

Features Of John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor

The technical specifications of John Deere X354 must have instilled a sense of curiosity in you about exploring the features of this lawn tractor. So without further ado, let us catch a quick glimpse of the features and reviews of John Deere X354 to help you know it better.

Robust Engine

The engine is the soul of lawn tractors. It determines the power and efficiency a lawn tractor could provide for gardening chores. 
Its combination with an exclusive hood design offers the lawn tractor even cooling, superior lugging ability, and durability that you can count on. The engine provides a power of 21.5 hp (16.0 kW) and a large displacement of 603 cc (36.8 ci). Over that, the V-twin design of the engine ensures smooth operation, easy starts, exceptional power, and performance.

You can also find a flywheel alternator that ensures a quick recharge for batteries and other electrical equipment. Hence, the robust engine of the John Deere X354 lawn tractor is what must excite you towards adding it to your gardening equipment.

Large Fuel Tank

John Deere X354 lawn tractor comes with a large fuel tank capacity of 33 US gal (12.5 L). It reduces the number of refills now and then, and you can enjoy hours of lawn duty without running out of fuel and stopping multiple times.

The fuel tank is provided with a monitor or electric fuel gauge on the dash that displays the amount of fuel in the tank for the operator to regulate and monitor it conveniently. Moreover, the large fuel tank comes with a large opening of 3-in (7.6 cm) diameter. It makes adding fuel easy without spillage. So a large fuel tank with a robust engine is all you need in a versatile lawn tractor.

Powerful Steering

The trimming ability of lawn tractors mainly relies on their steering power. A four-wheel steer has numerous advantages over a two-wheel steer. As the John Deere X354 lawn tractor comes with a four-wheel steering system, you can expect those advantages. 

A four-wheel steering system ensures superior trimming ability and maneuverability due to reduced uncut radius, thus reducing the backup requirements while trimming. You also get no interference from tractor wheels or mowers due to their several inches distance from the object being trimmed.

You can also expect an increased mowing efficiency due to reduced outside turning circle and time spent during turning. A four-wheel steer lawn tractor also allows complete and efficient trimming of inside curves around flower beds, thus proving it the best for tight turns.

Comfortable Operator Area

No matter the features of a lawn tractor, if the operator area is uncomfortable, how would you even work on your lawn for hours? After all, your tractor can not do the job alone. Hence, the John Deere X354 lawn tractor ensures a comfortable operator station for you to work tirelessly for hours and reach for controls easily.

The large diameter of the steering wheel minimizes the steering effort, while a high-back cut-and-sewn seat ensures more incredible support, comfort, and a smooth ride for the operator. Besides, you also get full-length foot mats for a comfortable footrest area. 

There is also a cup holder and a toolbox in the operator area to make the ride convenient for the operator by providing space for cell phones, loose tools, etc. Moreover, the seat suspension requires no tools for adjustment. Hence, this lawn tractor can work in the most comfortable position.

Hydrostatic Transmission

John Deere is world-famous for building lawn tractors with hydrostatic transmission systems, and the John Deere X354 lawn tractor is one of them. A hydrostatic transmission system functions more like an automatic transmission system with the best combination of foot tools.

The integrated hydrostatic transaxle enclosing the hydrostatic pump and motor rotors ensures efficient power transmission to the wheels. The overall design of the transmission system minimizes the number of sealing surfaces and leakages. While the large pump and motors ensure efficient operation and long life, the valve designs reduce the sound levels. Lastly, a freewheeling valve near the hitch plate of the tractor ensures easy operation by providing good visibility.

Heavy-Duty Frame

John Deere X354 lawn tractor also comes with a reliable, heavy-duty welded steel frame. It ensures a greater strength to the lawn tractor and its parts.

The same is true for the standard front bumper and the hitch plate with 9-gauge, 0.15 steel. It allows the hitch plate to support up to 42 lbs. (19 kgs) of weight.

The front axle made of cast iron makes it shock resistant, strong, and unyielding under impact and heavy loads. Moreover, the replaceable bushing at the axle mounting makes it wear-resistant. The front steering spindle has the appropriate diameter to ensure strength and long life, besides handling heavy loads.

While everything is heavy-duty, why should the mounting equipment system stay behind? Hence, the heavy-duty mounting system provides an easy and convenient space for attachments to the lawn tractor. So the overall frame of the John Deere X354 gives you the natural feel of a versatile lawn tractor.

Effective For Snow Removal

A lawn tractor does not only deal with gardening chores, especially during winters or in cold countries. Your lawn might also require snow removal from time to time, and your lawn tractor must aid you in it. The efficiency of a lawn tractor for snow removal relies on its ability to support snow blowers or front blades in the form of attachments.

John Deere X354 lawn tractor is effective for snow removal as it can support snow removal equipment in the best way possible, thus dealing perfectly with rough weather conditions. You can add snow removal equipment such as tire chains or TerraGrip traction belts, a 44-in (112 cm) snowblower, 44-in (112 cm) front blade, weather enclosures, and weights for removing snow on your lawn effortlessly.

Modern Style

Above all the features and functionalities of the John Deere X354 lawn tractor lies the modern styling, thus giving it enhanced performance and appearance. So you get beauty with brains in this versatile lawn tractor.

The modern touch begins with smooth, rounded contours. The efficient hood style provides full-length air intakes, thus leading to cooler engine operators and low sound levels in operation. The molded-in-color material in the hood makes it rust-resistant and reduces sound. Over that, you get a one-piece fender deck with distinctive styling.

Last but not least, the headlights add soul to the complete modern style of your lawn tractor. It ensures optimum lighting pattern for good visibility when working during late evenings. The headlights also make the snow removal and mowing easy and convenient, and you can operate them easily considering their position on the ignition switch.

Price Of John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor

Price Of John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor

The current price of a John Deere X354 lawn tractor is $ 4,399.00.

Hydrostatic transmission system to ensure more power to the wheels. Fits well with a snowblower and other equipment for effective snow removal.

Pros and Cons of John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor

Pros and Cons of John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor


  • Has a V-twin engine that ensures smooth operation, easy starts, exceptional power, and performance.
  • Large fuel tank capacity reduces the number of refills.
  • Four-wheel steering ensures excellent maneuverability and superior trimming ability.
  • A comfortable operator area allows tireless working hours on the lawn.
  • Heavy-duty steel welded frame enhances reliability and strength
  • Hydrostatic transmission system to ensure more power to the wheels.
  • Fits well with a snowblower and other equipment for effective snow removal.


  • Parts are difficult to find.
  • Slightly higher fuel consumption.
  • Parts are very difficult to attach and remove.
  • Might prove to be costly.


John Deere X354 has much to offer as a lawn tractor due to its numerous features and functionalities that you need to carry out your lawn duties. So you can make this lawn tractor your own and enjoy a smooth and powerful lawn experience.

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