John Deere X370 Tractor Review & Specs

John Deere X370 is a popular lawn and garden tractor even though it was only released by the John Deere brand in 2016 and is still in production.

From 2016 up until 2020, the tractor used a Kawasaki FS600V engine in what can be termed the first phase. However, from 2021 till date, John Deere made some changes to the tractor, called the second phase. It saw John Deere change the engine to a Kawasaki FR651V engine, among other changes. These engines carry 18.5 HP and 21.5 HP, respectively. 

John Deere equipped this tractor with a twin touch system, a power steering, and a hydraulic lift. All of which goes toward a smooth operation and enjoyable experience. 

There are so many reasons John Deere X370 has become a popular choice among lawn and garden owners in such a short time. In this article, we’ll see all this is to know about the X370, alongside the driving forces to its quick rise to prominence and acceptance in the industry.

John Deere X370 Specs

ModelJohn Deere X370
TypeLawn tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Production year2016-2020, 2021-
general Specifications
Length1760 mm (72 inches)
Width980 mm (38.5 inches)
Height1090 (43 inches)
Wheelbase1250 mm (49.4 inches)
Weight (without mower deck)223 kg (491 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity3.3 US gal. (12.5 L)
Cabin typeOpen operator station
Kawasaki FS600V Engine
ModelKawasaki FS600V
Production year2016-2020
Displacement603 cc (36.8
Bore and stroke73.0 x 72.0 mm (2.87 x 2.83 in.)
Power18.8 PS (13.8 kW; 18.5 HP) at 3,600 rpm
CylinderV twin
No of cylindersTwo
Cooling Air
Air cleaner Cartridge
Starter typeElectric starter
Oil type 10W-30
Oil capacity1.7 L (1.8 Qt)
Kawasaki FR651V Engine
Model Kawasaki FR651V
Production year2021-
CylinderV twin
No of cylinderTwo
Displacement726 cc. (44.3 ci)
Bore and stroke78 × 76 mm (3.07 × 2.99 inches
Power21.5 HP (16 KW)
Starter Electric
Starter volt12
Chassis and Transmission
Chassis4×2 (2WD)
Transmission modelTuff-Torq K57
Transmission typeBelt driven hydrostatic transmission
GearsInfinite forward and reverse gears
Cruise control Available
SpeedForward: up to 8.9 km/h (5.5 mph)
Reverse: up to 6.4 km/h (4.0 mph)
BrakesInternal wet disc
Mower deckMid-mount John Deere 42 Accel Deep – 1,060 mm (42 in) mower deck with 2-blade and manual lift

Mid-mount John Deere 42 Edge – 1,060 mm (42 in) mower deck with 2-blade and manual lift
BladeFront-mount blade – 1,110 mm (44 in) with manual lift
Snow blowerFront-mount snow blower – 1,110 mm (44 in) dual-stage with manual lift

Features of John Deere X370 Tractor

Features of John Deere X370 Tractor
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The features are more detailed explanations of John Deere’s specifications to this tractor.

#1. General Dimensions

The John Deere X370 lawn and garden tractor was released in 2016 and is still in production. It sports a 72 inches long tractor. It also has a width of 38.5 inches, is 43 inches tall, and has a wheelbase of 49.4 inches which spreads its 223 kg weight across a considerable distance. The wheelbase distance ensures the weight is not concentrated on a small area, leaving tire marks in your field as you use the tractor. Generally, this is a moderate-sized tractor that will fit into an equally moderate-sized garden shed.

It sports an open cabin area that leaves the operator at the mercy of the elements and provides no protection in the event of an accidental turnover. However, it has some advantages, like the extra room and airflow.

#2. Engine

As earlier stated, John Deere used two engines for the X370 tractor. The first engine from 2016-2020 while the second engine from 2021 till date. Generally, the engines are easy to service because it has a one-piece hood that can open effortlessly and allow you to check and service the tractor.

Kawasaki FS600V

Kawasaki FS600V

John Deere used the Kawasaki FS600V engine in the X370 from 2016-2020. This engine is a 2-cylinder, air-cooled vertical-shaft V-twin engine which produces a smooth operation and reduces engine noise. The engine is powered by gasoline and has an 18.5 horsepower rating. For a lawn and garden tractor, this rating is quite good.

Its displacement is 603 cc, while the bore/stroke is 2.87 × 2.84 inches. It uses an electric starter type to avoid issues with starting the engine, which is more common in the winter. In addition, it uses a dry air cleaner with foam pre-cleaner to keep the air entering the engine free from debris and dirt that can reduce its lifespan.

Kawasaki FR651V

Kawasaki FR651V

After 2020, John Deere decided to change the engine of the X370 tractor to a Kawasaki FR651V engine. This new engine may share similarities with the FS600V, but it also has noticeable differences. One of such differences is its horsepower rating. There is a considerable increase in its HP rating at 21.5. And suppose the 18.5 HP on the previous engine was decent – this upgrade feels like a steal – as it will handle more garden activities like pulling heavy equipment and mowing a more extensive area.

It has a higher displacement at 726CC and a higher bore/stroke at 3.07 × 2.99 inches. The starter is also an electric system for easy use. And has a 2-cylinder, air-cooled vertical-shaft V-twin engine powered by gasoline.

#3. Transmission and Chassis

John Deere X370 lawn and garden tractor is a 4×2 2WD. The frame John Deere used here is a reliable heavy-duty welded steel to provide sufficient protection – in case it bumps against a surface. The transmission model is the Tuff-Torq K57 model, while it uses a belt-driven hydrostatic transmission type. 

The tractor is fitted with power steering and makes turning the tractor super easy. You can make those incredible patterns on your landscape without breaking a sweat. Don’t forget to mix up the patterns, so your grass doesn’t suffer.

The controls are color-coded, so you can quickly identify and use them. Levers like the hydraulic-lift control and park brake latch are pivot levers you can use without stress. Cruise control is also available, and the button is on the dashboard. This way, you don’t need to stretch too far to enable this feature that keeps the tractor at a stable speed while you focus on designing a beautiful lawn.

It has infinite forward and reverse gears while its oil capacity is 2.3 L. It uses the JD Low-Vis Hy-Gard oil. You’ll get up to 8.9 km/h forward speed and 6.4 km/h reverse speed when using the X370. Its internal wet disc brake ensures you can swiftly get the tractor to stop even in wet conditions.

#4. Attachments

In a typical tractor, attachments are vital if you want to do a lot with your tractor. With the X370, attachments carry the same value, which is why the tractor can hold a lot of attachments and accessories. However, we’ll only look at the significant attachments you can use with the X370. You can use two different mower deck types with the X370 – a blade and a snowblower.

#5. Mower Deck

You can use the unique Accel Deep™ 42″ mower deck to keep your grass low and appealing. It is mid-mounted. It comes with a dual-blade and manual lift. You can also use the Edge 42″ mower deck mid-mounted that comes with two-blade and manual lift.

#6. Blade

The blade used here is a 44″ blade that is front-mounted and comes with a manual lift.

#7. Snow Blower

John Deere X370 can be used with a 44″ snowblower to keep your driveways clear of snow. It is a dual-stage front-mount snowblower with a manual lift.

Pros and Cons of John Deere X370 Tractor

Pros and Cons of John Deere X370 Tractor
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  • Mulch control system for improved mulching
  • Four years/300 hours bumper to bumper warranty
  • Comfortable operator station
  • Power steering for easy tractor control
  • Heavy-duty steel welded frame
  • Easy to service engine


  • It raises a lot of dust when in use
  • Overly sensitive RIO


Price is an essential part of every purchase, which is no different. A new X370 in 2016 was $3,999, while it cost $4,299 in 2022.


John Deere outdid itself with this lawn and garden tractor, and it is easy to see why the X370 has quickly become a household model. It does, however, come at a steep price, but with its warranty and features, it still presents a good bargain.

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