John Deere X485 Lawn Mower Review and Specs

By far the most popular brand of tractors, John Deere have continued to produce outstanding machinery for several decades. Not only is John Deere so popular, but it also has one of the widest varieties of tractors. There’s something for everyone, including lawn owners looking for a reliable John Deere lawn mower or tractor. This is where John Deere X485 shines.

JD X485 is a member of the X series that includes others like the X475, X495, and X720 models. In 2002, John Deere decided it was time to produce the first X485 lawn mower in its factory in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA. It remained in production for three years before it was discontinued in 2005. 

Equipped with a powerful 25 HP Kawasaki engine, John Deere X485, this lawn mower is a beast when it comes to working in your field. It is evident by the number of attachments it can accommodate. These attachments mean more work done on your lawn with a single lawn mower.

Don’t let its size deceive you; the John Deere X485 is a specimen for powerful mowers. The X485 comes in a couple of variants with slight changes between them. However, these slight changes make them highly specialized for different purposes and ultimately more effective mowers. 

Some of its variants are the 2WS, AWS, and the regular model. The AWS model features all-wheel steering that makes turning tight corners a walk in the park with a 19.7 turning radius. The 2WS model is fitted with more features than the regular model.

If you’d like to find out what this mower can and cannot do, including all its features, sit back and enjoy this piece. 

John Deere X485 Specs

There’s so much to talk about, and that’s why this guide will be doing justice to the specification and review of the John Deere X485 lawn mower.

ModelJohn Deere X485
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Production year2002 to 2005
Factory locationHoricon, Wisconsin, USA
Physical Dimensions
Length78.8 inches (2000 mm)
Width46.8 inches (1180 mm)
Wheelbase54.5 inches (1385 mm)
Height50 inches (1270 mm)
Weight 2WS model: 383 kg (845 lbs)
AWS model: 410 kg (905 lbs)
Turning radiusRegula model: 23.6 inches (60 mm)
AWS model: 19.7 inches (50 mm)
TireFront tire: 18×8.5-8
2WS model rear tire: 26×12-12
AWS model rear tire: 26×10.5-12
Kawasaki Engine
Engine modelKawasaki FD711D
Horsepower25 HP (18.6 KW)
Cylinder 2 cylinder
Fuel capacity24.6 L (6.5 US gal)
Displacement745 cc (45.5 ci)
Bore × stroke3.07×3.07 inches (78×78 mm)
StarterElectric starter
Compression ratio8.0:1
Air cleanerDual paper element
Fuel systemFuel-injected
Rated RPM3550
Oil type10W-30
Oil capacity2.0 L (2.1 qts)
Transmission and Chassis
Chassis4×2 2WD
BrakeInternal wet disc brake
CabinOpen operator station
Transmission modelTuff-Torq K92
Transmission typeShaft-driven hydrostatic
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
SpeedMaximum forward: 13.7 km h (8.5 mph)
Maximum reverse: 8.1 km h (5.0 mph)
Transmission oil capacity2WS: 6.6 L (7 qts)
AWS: 5.7 L (6 qts)
Mower deckMid-mount John 48, 54, and 62 inches Deere mower deck with 3-blade and hydraulic lift
BladeFront-mount 54 inches blade with a hydraulic lift
SnowblowerFront-mount 46 inches single-stage snowblower with a hydraulic lift
LoaderJohn Deere 45 inches loader

Features of John Deere X485 Lawn Mower

Features of John Deere X485 Lawn Mower

Here are all the features and inputs that make this mower stand out from other lawn mowers:

Physical Features

John Deere X485 lawn mower is set in the traditional green with a touch of yellow paint. The lawn mower may look small, but it is quite heavy which is no surprise considering its features and power. The lawn mower weighs 383 kg without the lawn mower attached to it, while the AWS model weighs even more at 410 kg.

It has a wide wheelbase of 54.5 inches to stabilize this heavy tractor. At 78.8 inches, it represents a pretty long lawn mower which may pose some problems when working on your lawn. John Deere X485 is 50 inches high and 46.8 inches wide.

The front tire is rated 18×8.5-8, while the rear tires for 2WS and AWS are rated 26×12-12 and 26×10.5-12, respectively. The rear tire for the 2WS variance is slightly larger than the AWS.

Kawasaki Engine

John Deere X485 lawn mower features the Kawasaki FD711D engine. This is a liquid-cooled, horizontal shaft V-twin engine with 2 cylinders. As a liquid-cooled engine, there’s more power and torque produced due to its better optimization and heat management. The two cylinders produce more horsepower but less torque which is why this tractor comes with an immense 25 HP capacity.

Such a high-capacity engine is a lawn owner’s delight as it allows you to make use of so many attachments, take on almost every garden need you may encounter on your lawn, and enjoy a stress-free mowing experience. 

The engine uses gasoline and comes with a massive 24.6 L fuel tank capacity. Now you can work for long hours without running out of fuel. The displacement is 745 cc, while the bore × stroke is 3.07 × 3.07 inches. 

Starting this riding mower does not get any easier with a seamless electric starter system fitted to reduce the possibility of having bad starter issues. The fuel system here is a fuel injection style that optimizes air and fuel control thereby producing more power and torque consistently to run the engine.

With a 2 L oil tank capacity, this tractor continues its larger-than-normal features. It is advised to change the oil every 50h or less when you notice the oil is bad.


From looking at this tractor, you’ll notice the operator area is wide, so even bigger operators enjoy a comfortable ride. Its seat sports a high backrest, so the operator does not develop backaches. The leg area is covered with foot mats that provide a soft platform for the foot to rest on when riding the mower.

With the way its steering and other parts are positioned, the operator will not need to arch or stay in an awkward position to reach them. The dashboard can be seen easily while sitting comfortably. There’s also a beverage holder so you can rehydrate while working your lawn.


One of the biggest indications of the type of performance to expect from any lawn mower is horsepower. With a 25 horsepower rating and other power and torque optimizing features like liquid cooling and the 2 cylinders make this mower a beast when it comes to performance. It is no wonder it can accommodate so many different attachments.

Even though the X485 is ideal for typically small lawns, you can expect this mower to work larger lawns without issues due to the power and optimization it packs. Its 23.6 turning radius helps to move the mower to cut tighter corners.

Durability and Safety

Buying a lawn mower is no mean feat, and so you’d expect to have a long-lasting machine in your possession. However, this is not always the case and sometimes due to no fault of yours. The manufacturers make use of poor materials that’ll break down at the slightest pressure.

Luckily, John Deere is known for its durable brand of tractors that features strong parts that can withstand the rigors of the field. The X485 continues in that trend with a strong mower deck that wouldn’t budge even after coming in contact with stones while mowing. The seat has the option of a vinyl cover so it can last longer, even when exposed to the elements.

For the safety of the operator, John Deere X485 features a wide wheelbase that’ll provide balance to this large tractor. It may be an open operator corner but limiting the chances of a turnover increases the safety of the user. It uses an internal wet disc brake that does not wear out easily, which reduces the risk of brake failure.

Transmission and Chassis

Having a 4×2 two-wheel-drive chassis and an open operator station is a standard for many lawn mowers in this category. The X485 lawn mower also sports internal wet disc brakes that are more durable over a longer period.

The steering is hydrostatic with a 23.6 inches turning radius. It gets even better on the AWS variant with a four-wheel steering control system so you can have better control of the lawn mower when working. 

The transmission model used is the Tuff-Torq K92, while the transmission type is shaft-driven hydrostatic. A maximum forward speed of 13.7 km h and maximum reverse speed of 8.1 km h is controlled with the twin touch pedals located at the foot area. It has infinite forward and reverse gears and uses a low viscosity HY-GARD transmission oil type.


As earlier mentioned, the power capacity of the X485 has made it possible to accommodate a wide variety of attachments. More attachments mean the ability to do more with your mower aside from mowing, of course. There are four major attachments you can use with this mower, with several sizes of these attachments also available for use.

The mower deck, which is mounted on the midsection of the mower, comes with 3-blade and a hydraulic lift. There are the option of using 48, 54, or 62 inches mower deck sizes. The 54 inches blade attachment is mounted at the front and can be controlled with a hydraulic lift.

A single-stage snowblower model of 46 inches with a hydraulic lift is mounted at the front, while a 45 inches loader is also available as an attachment.

Pros and Cons of John Deere X485

Pros and Cons of John Deere X485

Why should you be interested in buying this lawn mower? Find out in more simple terms if this lawn mower is what you’re looking for in your field.


  • Powerful 25 horsepower engine
  • Several attachments available
  • Comfortable high backrest seat with the option of vinyl covering to increase durability
  • Availability of several variants with more specific abilities
  • A large fuel tank of 24.6 L
  • Durable internal wet disc brake


  • The turning radius can be better for a lawn tractor
  • Too heavy, and big
  • Parts can be expensive

Price of John Deere X485 Lawn Mower

Price of John Deere X485 Lawn Mower

After considering its many features, the final factor that determines if this is a great buy or not is the price. Would it represent a great piece of business purchasing the mower? Or would you be better off elsewhere?

The cost of purchasing a new John Deere X485 lawn mower in 2002 when it was released was around $10,000. Now, a neatly used model can go for anything between $4000 to $6000.


Considering its price, durability and its amazing performance levels, buying an X485 even after two decades can be a shrewd decision. Whether you buy a tractor in good condition or not depends a lot on your due diligence. 

If you’re looking for a lawn mower that can comfortably handle 1 to 10 acres, John Deere X485 should be at the top of your mind.

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