8 Common John Deere Z930m Problems and Their Fixes

The John Deere Z930M is a small yet practical lawn mower. This nimble zero-turn mower makes navigating through flower gardens, trees, and steep hills easier. Plus, mowing large properties is easy thanks to its wide range of features.

But like any other machine, the John Deere Z930M also has bumps. Some customers have reported issues like transaxle problems, engine stumbling, bad fuse, clogging of Fuel Filter, repeated stopping of blades, leaking transmission etc.

Now you may wonder, ‘Are these issues as bad as they seem?’, ‘Can it be fixed?’ or ‘Should you still invest in John Deere Z930M?’

No worries! There are solutions to every issue, and you can fix them independently. We have summarized the key issues with the John Deere Z930M and easy and quick solutions for each in this article. 

Without further ado, let’s find out!

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8 Common John Deere Z930M Problems and their Solutions

8 Common John Deere Z930M Problems & Their Fixes

Below are some of the most common issues you might face with the John Deere Z930M and how to fix them. So please keep reading to find them out! 

1. Transaxle Problems

Is the transmission on your Z930M making noise? Then, the fluid might be dirty or contaminated. 

Ideally, your best shot is to troubleshoot and change the fluid. First, however, try it yourself instead of taking it to a professional.

The Fix:

Firstly, turn off the engine, remove the transmission key and disengage the blades. Then, after removing the battery, unplug it and keep the brakes on.

Place the drain pans beneath both sides of the transmission to hold any leaks. After that, take off the caps from either side of the transmission tanks using a socket wrench. Furthermore, if the reservoir has any excess liquid, drain it.

If necessary, change the filters. Then, change the fluid after filling up the reservoir.

2. Engine Stumbling

This is one of the most common issues with the John Deere Z930M. The engine spits, spats, and stumbles a lot, appearing as if it’s losing enough power from the engine.

The problem can be due to the PTO, damaged belts, or blocked air filters. On the contrary, the fuel can also be of poor quality or old. Otherwise, the fuel pump can be faulty.

Cut the blades if it produces noise, or open the gas cap if the machine sputters and see if the vent is bad. However, make sure the cap isn’t open for long.

The PTO clutch helps in moving the blades. However, this electromagnetic clutch comes with a motor and a magnetic coil that drives it.

When the brake switch is on, the lever and the switch below the seat engage. It delivers the clutch energy to start the PTO.

You may also find the mower blades need to be fixed. However, you can also blame the battery or solenoid for this problem.

The Fix:

Firstly, you need to determine why your mower’s engine is tumbling. So look into the PTO switches for power and performance using a multimeter.

Next, check whether the cables have any cracks or any other damage. Next, change the belts if they are broken, charred, or worn.

Is the pulley rotating freely? Please switch off the PTO and check it. If it’s not freely rotating, check for any obstruction, like debris, in the motor.

Now, look for the fuel quality, as the engine won’t run with bad fuel. So replace the gasoline or oil. After that, examine the air filter’s condition. If it’s dirty, clean it using a cotton pad.

3. Bad Fuse

A faulty fuse, starter, or battery may also prevent your John Deere Z930M mower from running. Try jump-starting the battery. If the problem still happens, it’s most likely the bad fuse.

The primary and stator fuses blow out often when using the mower after a break of nearly 2-3 weeks.

The Fix:

If your multimeter has the DC/A test setting, use it by setting it to 13 ohms. The ideal voltage of the battery is between 12.5 and 12.9 volts. So if your battery has less than 10.5 volts, replace it. On the contrary, charge the battery if the voltage is below 12.5 volts.

Are you sure the problem is in the fuse? Then, don’t bypass the two fuse blocks; instead, put the holders in line.

After that, check whether the engine is functioning. Note that it should maintain a minimum of 12 volts. However, don’t cut wires if your Z930M is new.

Instead, it’s recommended to get a new 20-amp fuse from the company and insert it to see how long it lasts before blowing.

4. Clogged Fuel Filter

Another common problem is a clogged fuel filter, or it’s full of water. Now, this condition causes several issues in the mower, including the engine, sputtering, overheating, intermittent stalling, not starting, and many more.

The Fix:

Fuel filter blocking is dreadful, but unfortunately, you have only one way to fix it: to replace the fuel filter. Don’t struggle to clean it like a clogged air vent, as it won’t make sense.

5. Repeated Stopping of Blades

Are the Z930M blades turning off? It’s probably due to slipping the PTO clutch or the belt. In most cases, the problem is with the safety switch beneath the seat. It can be broken.

On the other hand, look into the battery to see if it’s a battery capacitation problem. For example, suppose your machine’s blades are turning on and off much more quickly. In that case, it can be because they utilize more power than the battery’s capacity.

The Fix:

The seat switch can even malfunction. For instance, the blades may not run after the switch is turned off. In that case, replace them.

Never put off the safety switch of your Z930M mower. It will prevent the blades from turning on in your absence. More significantly, this safety feature will protect you from accidental injury.

6. Leaking Transmission

John Deere has equipped the mower with a Tuff Torg Model TZT-13 series Hydrostatic transaxle transmission that can cause leakage. And mostly, it leaks without causing any apparent damage.

The Fix:

This is a frequent issue with this model, so the company usually repairs it for free within the warranty period. It always seeks professional help to fix leaking transmission issues.

With the right tools, the transmission can be removed without professional help. You can then order parts from the company.

You will need a maximum of 8 hours to change the parts, which costs you from $500 to $800 within the warranty period.

7. Bad Electrical Coil

The plug’s firing on one side might indicate a bad electrical coil. But first, you must determine whether the spark plug is the issue. How?

Look into the spark plugs to ensure all are clean and in place.

If you see a spark plug firing on one side, unplug it and place it against the engine.

Now check for firing by starting the engine.

If you don’t see firing, remove the wire from the primary coil and re-check for firing. If you see it working, rest assured it’s a coil problem.

Check the coils with a meter following your mower’s technical manual. Alternatively, the two coils can be tested with the wires disconnected from the ground in every location and connector to check whether they test the same.

This may help you understand the issue. Moreover, look into the plug wires attentively to ensure everything is in place.

The Fix:

Re-attach the plugs if they have come loose. Or replace any broken or damaged plugs.

In case the coil is broken or damaged, call customer service for help. They will figure out the problem and give you the ultimate solution.

However, the battery might also need to be stronger to supply power to the mower. So examine the battery voltage range as mentioned above.

8. Starting Problems

Like many other mowers, the John Deere Z930M also shows a similar starting issue. However, several issues are known to encourage it. Still, the most common ones are usually the carburetor cut-off valve or the fuel system.

So first look into the carburetor as it has a valve that might not let the fuel from entering the machine. Moreover, this valve works coherently with an ignition switch, so ensure the switch is turned on.

The Fix:

If the issue is in the fuel system, then –

  • Check whether the fuel tank has fresh fuel.
  • Look for blocked fuel lines and dirty fuel filters.
  • Check if the fuel tank is filled with water. 

What Majority of the Customers Feel About?

What Majority of the Customers Feel About?

Most people consider this John Deere Z930M to be pretty fast, ensuring ten miles/h speed. This machine is easy to set up, and replacing the broken parts is even an easy feat.

The majority of customers have given positive feedback on this agronomic mower. Overall, the John Deere Z930M is convenient and useful on the job site.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the John Deere Z930M Zero-Turn mower is an excellent tractor – very hardy and useful. But sometimes, it breaks down due to some malfunctioning.

Above, we have mentioned eight of the most common problems with this zero-turn mower, including poor electrical coil, engine stumbling, clogged fuel filter, leaking transmission, transaxle issues, and more. You will even find the respective solutions to fix them.

Note that repairing zero-turn mowers is usually expensive and full of hassle. So it’s better to know your machine and learn to fix any issue on your own. However, by following these useful tricks, you can keep your John Deere Z930M functioning at no cost.


How to lower the deck on the John Deere Z930M?

First, you will need to remove the deck and the bolts from the mower. After that, remove the deck wheels by removing the cotter pins and the nuts holding the wheels. Lastly, you will have to place the deck on the ground by taking out the pins that secure the deck in place.

What powers the John Deere Z930M?

A 25.5 hp power the John Deere Z930M zero-turn mower, air-cooled gas engine inserted electronically. Moreover, it runs on high-quality gasoline. 

What oil does the John Deere Z930M use?

This zero-turn mower runs on 10W30 oil. Its engine requires nearly two quarts for every change. 

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