How to Keep Chipmunks out of the Garden?

This seemingly cute creature can be a massive catastrophe in your garden if it’s allowed to stay. Chipmunks are small rodents that live in burrowed holes underground and feed on nuts, berries, vegetables like mushrooms, and even herbs. Don’t let their size deceive you, chipmunks are very destructive and can render your hard work useless.

Even your carefully crafted garden shed is not left out as they’ll visit and eat up grass seeds you’ve stored for next season.Getting these chipmunks out of your yard is almost the same when dealing with raccoons. Nevertheless, in this article, I’ll show you how you can correctly tackle chipmunks in your garden and prevent it from causing havoc and damaging your plants.

How to keep chipmunks out of the garden

How Chipmunks can be a Nuisance in your Garden

These signs will confirm the presence of chipmunks in your garden. Because of their size and living habits, chipmunks usually leave trails of damage and cause nuisance wherever they go. To reduce and eliminate the damage on your farm, early identification and removal are needed.

  • Chipmunks burrow holes around your garden: As stated earlier, chipmunks live in tunnels they burrow under the ground. These holes are like a maze with numerous channels and openings on the surface. Not only is the sight unpleasant, but it can also cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your building if their den is burrowed directly under it.

• Chipmunks burrow holes around your garden

  • Chipmunks make unpleasant chirping sounds: What they lack in aggressiveness, they make up with the annoying sound they create whenever they come in contact with humans or a threatening situation. This helps to put the predator away for a few seconds while they scamper for safety and also serve as an alarm system for others in the burrow. This is an annoying sound you’ll keep hearing if you have chipmunks in your garden.
  • Chipmunks destroy your plants: By burrowing directly under your plants, chipmunks kill the roots and support system of the plants and make them (especially smaller plants) die. They also eat up your plants’ leaves and take tiny bites off your nuts, berries, and whatever they can get their teeth on. The damage can be massive, depending on their number.

hipmunks destroy your plants

  • Chipmunk tracks: You’re bound to see traces of chipmunks footprint on your field. It is more common during the wet season as the soil is soft and can be easily indented when stepped on by the chipmunks. Seeing four tiny feet with the hind and forefeet inverted is a sign of chipmunk activity in your yard.

Chipmunk tracks

Ways to Remove Chipmunks from your Garden

Chipmunks can turn your once lush and beautiful garden landscape into their playing ground. To avoid this, you need to remove them from your garden. You may be asking how? I’ll show you what to do to bring back peace to your garden.Their removal is akin to the removal of moles from your garden.

Install a Motion Activated Water Sprinkler

Installing a sprinkler system in your garden will water your plants and also chase out chipmunks from your garden. A motion-activated sprinkler system will go off once it detects movement. This will sprinkle water on the chipmunks whenever they enter your farm to feed. This will make your home unbearable for them, and with time, they’ll leave for somewhere more comfortable.Install a Motion Activated Water Sprinkler

Using Scare Owls

Because of their small size, chipmunks are generally scared of their predators; that’s why using scarecrows of predators is an effective method of chasing chipmunks away from your garden. You can get life-like owls you can hang in your garden to scare the rodents.Scare Owls

Installing Sound Emitting Devices

Chipmunks like most rodents like a quiet place. If you want to make them leave on their own, making your garden  unconducive by installing devices that continuously emit sound waves.Setting this up and maintaining it all year round will send chipmunks packing from your garden.

Use Chipmunk Repellents

This is an easy to make method that you can make in your home. Chipmunks can be repelled using a solution of garlic, cayenne pepper or soap and oil combination. This solution can be mixed with water and sprayed in your garden and into chipmunk dens. The smell makes the chipmunks uncomfortable and can chase them away.

Use Traps

This is an extreme method of chipmunk removal. It involves setting up traps with food to entice the chipmunks. These traps will capture the chipmunks, and you can then relocate them to another location away from your garden. Depending on the number of chipmunks in your garden, you may need to set up numerous traps in strategic locations. There are two types of traps you can set up in your garden; lethal and non-lethal traps. The lethal traps kill the chipmunks while the non-lethal traps only restrain it.use traps

Change your Garden Landscape

Chipmunks love shrubs and rocky areas. By removing things that’ll make them comfortable, they’ll find it challenging to settle in your garden. Clear rocky surroundings and remove shrubs from your garden to make your farm less attractive.

Bury Mesh Around your Garden

This serves as a barrier to keep chipmunks from digging around your garden areas to create dens for themselves. The mesh is layered on the ground and covered with soil. When chipmunks start digging the area, they encounter a barrier that puts them off and sends them away. Bear in mind you have to use a finer mesh than regular chicken mesh as chipmunks are small in size and can pass through bigger meshes.

Spreading Coffee Grounds

Chipmunks dislike the smell of coffee, and spreading coffee grounds on the soil will put off these rodents as they’re mostly moving around on the ground.Not only can you get coffee grounds for free from coffee companies like Starbucks, but the coffee ground can also serve as stable manure to improve your soil nutrients.Spreading Coffee Grounds

Plant Oregano

The oregano plant produces an conducive smell that makes chipmunks uncomfortable. The oregano plant also makes an excellent addition to your various vegetable recipes. Grow the oregano plant around the perimeter of your garden to keep chipmunks away.

Chipmunks love your garden but not in a good way, that is why these methods of removal are important to continue enjoying your lush green garden. Because chipmunks are heavy breeders, they can quickly fill up your farm, so quick identification and removal is also a vital step to take to secure your crops.

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