27 Amazing Landscape Border Ideas you’ll Love

How many times have you gazed at your garden’s landscape and thought to yourself, ‘hey, look at those heavenly weeds?’ Probably, zero times, right? For a covetous garden, you ought to mind the details. Sadly, the most overlooked element of a fantastic garden is the landscape border. In this feed, we will witness some amazing landscape border ideas that will definitely turn head heads.

Landscape border is the difference between a messy garden and one that’s well-groomed. They make your garden life more exciting. What’s more, landscape borders can quickly be done in a weekend-no landscape professional required, just materials to fill the outdoor space. These materials are readily available at that hardware store near you or online.

landscape border ideas

Choosing the Best Landscape Border for You

Landscape borders are the best way to add personality to your garden. However, you need to opt for the best option for optimal results. Here’s all you need to consider when choosing your landscape border.

  • Available Space

This plays a significant role here. For instance, if you have a small garden, don’t choose large boulders. Plastic or little brick edgings are more suitable, and vice versa.

  • Your Personality

A garden’s landscape border is a quick reflection of one’s personality and taste of the owner. You have all control over its landscape design. Therefore, choose landscape border designs that best fit your taste.

  • Your Budget

In as much as you ought to have a landscape border that you’re proud of, it doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s okay for it to be a work in progress. Set a budget, and always keep track of your daily expenses.

  • Seek Inspiration

This is precisely what we’re here for. After settling on a budget and defining your wants, it’s easier to filter landscape border ideas. We hope our ideas hereunder will ignite your creativity.

That said, there are many landscape border ideas that you can choose to fulfill your garden bordering needs. As much as you can opt for a ready-made landscape border to revamp your garden, it won’t allow you to choose quality. As such, you better do it on your own.

Here are 27 fantastic landscape border ideas. We hope they’ll inspire you to make your personalized landscape border. Let’s begin. 

27 Amazing Landscape Border Ideas:

1. Raised Flower Beds with Stone Walls

Raised Flower Beds with Stone Walls

This exciting landscape border idea works best in a curve or circle. It’s an exciting idea on traditional stone walls. Simply use wire-like material to hold stones of varied sizes, colors, and shapes. Infill any resultant gaps with mulch for a more natural look.

2. Bushes and Flowers with Natural Rock Borders

Bushes and Flowers with Natural Rock Borders

Living in a rocky location is excellent. Having such rock gardens is greater. Why not pick those rocks lying all over and use them to line off your garden’s landscape. They look amazing for larger flowers and bushes as the large stones outshine the park’s smaller peaks.

3. Modern Deck Edge with River Stones

Modern Deck Edge with River Stones landscaping

If you’re lucky to have a deck walkway, why not accentuate it with a drop off into the grass. Make it stand out from the garden using river stones or even plastic edgings for a modern look. This landscape border idea looks excellent next to a pool deck or against a porch. For a more contrasting effect for your deck, use various black, gray, and white stones. 

4. Simple Flower Bed with Brick Border

Simple Flower Bed with Brick Border

That flower bed adjacent to your house needs some landscape border to complete their landscape look. Such brick interconnecting paver stones could positively highlight your flower bed. It’s also a perfect way to draw attention directly to any greenery and flowers planted inside. Add mulch and mixed flowers for a more contrasting look.

5. Rustic Paving Slabs

landscape border ideas

This landscape border around your garden is an excellent idea if you have a large space. Evidently, their size does not make a real feature out of the edge and creates an appealing rustic look. The con here is that they won’t work well in small gardens. Also, some rustic slabs may not be suitable in areas where children play; their jagged edges could cause injuries. 

6. Hedge Border Landscape Ideas

Hedge Border landscaping ideas

A well-maintained hedge along the border of your garden depicts a serious gardener. Keeping it, petite look luxurious and quite impressive. Whether you have green fingers or not, you can still keep it splendid with the help of a landscaper who will tend it regularly for you. However, this landscape idea can prove time-consuming to grow.  

7. Stepping Stones

garden border ideas

Apart from being an appealing way to divide your yard sections, stepping stones also serve as walkways, thus hindering people from thrashing your garden. Importantly, you can quickly get creative with your own stepping stones. Simply use some sliced tree stumps, traditional slabs, and anything that’s flat and can withstand outdoor conditions.

8. Smooth Wooden Garden Bench Border

Smooth Wooden Garden Bench Border

Combining benches and greenery is a perfect landscape idea for any backyard that claims ‘modern rights.’ Simply use some weathered wood planks or some old wood and create a bench along the border of your backyard slab. This will not only accrue you additional seating area but also prove to be a great landscape border. Be keen to treat and sand down the wood to deter it from rotting.

9. Natural Logs Around Raised Flower Bed

landscape border designs for garden

Old logs can prove to be a perfect landscape border for your flower bed. How do you fancy the one above! It looks fantastic, right? Envy no more, you can also have such. Do you have some old logs? Good, simply grab them and lay them out in your desired design. Infill them with a garden or potting soil and plant the flowers of your choice. Their natural look will be great for any rustic home. 

10. Painted PVC Stakes Around Flower Garden

garden border landscaping ideas

This is one of the most comfortable landscape border ideas to implement. Does it appeal to you? Go ahead and make it happen. Paint the PVC stakes any color you feel like, stick them anywhere you want, and layout your desired shape. What’s more, they’re relatively cheap, making them great for varied garden types.

11. Rough Stone Tetris-style Garden Wall

garden landscape border ideas

If you’re passionate about modern and rustic landscape borders, this landscape idea is for you. The rough stone is arguably the best for creating a Tetris-style wall that’s guaranteed to make your garden stand out. You can stack the stones in varied ways to come out with your unique look. Also, you better use a variety of stone colors for a more peculiar twist on your garden.

12. Outdoor Garden Edged with White Rocks

Outdoor Garden Edged with White Rocks

Those smooth-white rocks don’t only look beautiful in the water. They are also great for that fantastic lining along your landscape border. Simply collect as many as you can and use them to line your garden’s landscape. Come up with several thick rows for that unique look or simply use one row to draw the flowers’ attention. Fill the area with contrasting mulch material for optimal results.

13. Butterfly Garden with Turned Red Brick Edge

landscape border ideas for garden

Butterfly gardens require simple but unique landscape borders to help highlight magnificent flowers that attract butterflies. Nothing showcases the colored flowers better that such angled bricks. Use colored bricks to ensure the flowers stand out the most. Add mulch in the spaces to get the job done. 

14. Concrete Borders and Curbing

landscape edge ideas

‘Concrete’ makes this landscape border idea sound cold and hard, isn’t it? However, the broken concrete is excellent from the landscape border. Concrete borders also offer lots of design opportunities. Their arrangement is a perfect way to draw attention to any greenery planted against the border of your house.

15. Vertical Railway Sleepers

landscaping border designs

These railway ties cut are a perfect way to make your landscape border unique. They add a casual feel and look. They prove that those resources lying around can be used to turn simple into untold beauty. Vertical railway borders look like a miniature fence and are a playful way of saying keep off my plants. Use them along landscape timbers to deliver that natural and attractive feel. 

16. Landscape Borders Made From Pallets

Landscape Borders Made From Pallets

Pallets here, pallets there, pallets everywhere! Yes, landscape borders made from pallets look extra homey. They make their creation appear an exact replica of the project. Cut the pallets apart for a more western feel.

17. Grey Cobbled Stone Plastic Landscape Border

Grey Cobbled Stone Plastic Landscape Border

This type of landscape border is thin and manufactured from plastic material with a brick border design face. That extra room is excellent for planting flowers and herbs. Assuredly, its color won’t take away the elegant color of your plants. It’s also effortless to install.

18. Flexi-Curve Landscape Border Designs

Flexi-Curve Landscape Border

This landscape border makes your garden spotless. Its elegant design is eye-catching. It’s more impressive in white, depicting a marble-like look. It’s a bit sloppy with the plants lying on top.

19. Corrugated Steel Panels Installed Vertically As Landscape Border

Corrugated Steel Panels Installed Vertically As Landscape Border

This landscape border idea will assuredly give your landscape a contemporary look that will call your attention. Personally, I like it for its ability to accrue that minimalist, clean, and straightforward garden feels. The colors make your landscape feel less busy and peaceful. What’s more, the panels don’t necessitate any cut of the landscape border.

20. Gabion Wall Used As Border

landscape edge ideas

Gabions offer tons of possibilities. This landscape border looks natural and is well structured to blend with its natural environment. It’s very sturdy and holds up nicely. Gabion landscape borders also act as great as retaining walls, help hold your greenery and soil while serving a landscape focal piece.

21. Stacked Flat Landscape Border Stones

Stacked Flat Landscape Border Stones

This landscape border idea shows that it’s possible to achieve a casual look and different mulch from flower beds in your garden. Simply use short flat rocks and stack them on top of each other. Stones are relatively inexpensive, so implementing this idea won’t drill holes into your pockets. However, it may prove labor-intensive, but the result is impressive.

22. Upside-Down Colorful Wine Bottle Border

landscape border tips

Hey wine enthusiasts, this genius landscape border idea is for you. Simply collect those old wine bottles and stick them in the ground. Arrange them upside-down to deter passers from defacing your garden. You may need to color them for extra uniqueness and mulch for that different texture. 

23. Simple Square Brick Corner Border

Simple Square Brick Corner Border

You don’t have to think outside the box to make your walkway and yard’s landscape stand out. Simple square brick corner borders can correctly do that. Combine bricks of different colors to give your landscape that enviable look that showcases your natural personality.

24. Electric Landscape Border Ideas

Electric Landscape Border

An electric lawn edger is an effective way to add borders to your landscape. They’re relatively cheap and a breeze to operate. Undoubtedly, they’ll make your neighbors think you’re a pro from another planet. Sadly, after implementing this idea, you’ll require routine maintenance to keep it in good shape.

25. Eclectic Wood Panel Short Fence

garden edging ideas

This is one of the most versatile landscape ideas herein. It does well in any garden. Simply get some wood from a nearby junkyard of make some by painting some weathered pieces and sanding them down to act as chipped paint. Rough wood adds an eclectic twist to any landscape, making it stand out from the rest. You may need to apply them with varied colors for a unique effect. 

26. Pebble Moat Landscape Border Ideas

garden border ideas

If you wish to implement this landscape border idea, be keen to use different levels in this design to make it more eye-catching. A deck arising from the nearby pebbles make it resemble a pebble moat. The sleek lines and its palette of colors bring forth an almost artistic appeal. 

27. Decorative Plants

garden border ideas

This creates a focal point in your landscape and acts as a perfect way to edge your yard. Decorative plants entirely cover a large area; thus, you don’t have to have loads of plants to make a statement. We suggest that you consider having evergreen plants to let them look vibrant and healthy throughout the year. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these 27 fantastic landscape border ideas help you come up with something complementary and epic. Undoubtedly, each is a recipe for success in your landscape. 

We wish you well in your next landscape border project. We’ll be glad if you share your landscape border experience in our discussion box hereunder.

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